[How can I distinguish fake fish glue?

]_How to tell_How to tell

[How can I distinguish fake fish glue?
]_How to tell_How to tell

Fish gelatin can be said to be a very expensive supplement, but the price / performance ratio of fish gelatin is still very high. After eating, it is very good for your health. It can also supplement your skin’s collagen and make you younger and more beautiful.

But now there are many fake fish gels on the market, and many people have been cheated.

In this case, I will teach you how to distinguish fake fish gelatin today.

1. Lushan really uses rabbit ears to make fake gelatin. I believe everyone has heard about it for a long time. Rabbit ears make fake gelatin.

Once a month, a mother in Shenzhen bought this fake flower gel at a hawker in a market in Shenzhen. It cost 100 yuan per catty, revealing the true features of rabbit ear fake flower gel.

Generally, the appearance and color of this fake flower gum are similar to those of real flower gum. However, if you take a closer look, you will find hair, and you can see cartilage and ear canals.

It tastes particularly refreshing.

2. Squid is most commonly used for filling gelatin. They bought ordinary freshwater squid, dried it with coal, compressed it with a noodle press, dipped the squid with hydrogen peroxide and sulfur to dry, and finally filled it with seawater.Fish belly, then complete the fake process.

When sold to consumers, the price of squid immediately increased tenfold, or even a hundredfold.

After soaking, the “maw” is definitely not rotten after being boiled, and it is quite chewy.

3. The air-dried pork skin is swelled into “Maw” by frying. Sometimes it is fake Maw. No matter how thick the meat is, it will not rot if it is soaked in water.

If you ca n’t soak with water at the scene, then take the gel. The true collagen has a high collagen content. It can obviously trim its original connection. There is a phenomenon of breaking the silk, and the fake will be “fragile,Piece by piece.

“It turned out to be pig skin that we often eat. After stewing, it looks like eating fried pork skin. Look at the cross section for air holes.

Fishy smell is easy to forge, so it is not the standard to distinguish between true and false.

4. The raw rubber filling rubber used to make leather soles is the most outrageous on the market. Some people make the raw rubber filling rubber used in leather soles, which is very annoying. The raw rubber filling rubber has similar color and texture, and the degree of simulationVery high, not only outsiders, even insiders have been recruited.

But after the stew, there will be a rubbery taste, and the fakeness is immediately revealed.

5, translucent seawater smell of water to distinguish between genuine and false plastic glue male and female, males are curved, females are like flat, with obvious pineapple pattern.

Relative to pretty flower gel, it is called clear water gel. It is very clear under the light. If there is a shadow, it means that the quality is not good, and it will emit a bad smell when soaked.

Therefore, when people buy, they can put the glue close to them. If they smell the smell of seawater, they are real glue. In addition, they put the glue in the light, which is related to the high light transmittance of genuine glue.

However, some pectins with unique shapes are difficult to imitate artificially because of herringbone patterns and stomata on the surface, and the chance of counterfeiting is relatively relative.