0 to 3 year old baby’s physical and mental growth foundation period

0 to 3 year old baby’s physical and mental growth “foundation” period

The psychological and physiological development of children aged 0 to 3 is very important for a person’s future growth.
The upbringing process of life requires mind-body synchronization, but the latter is sometimes ignored by parents.
In the first year after birth, the feelings for loved ones are the basis for future interactions. If the uterus provides the necessary living conditions for a person’s embryonic physical development, then the embrace of the mother (caregiver) is a hotbed for future mental health development.
In the first year after birth, the baby is absolutely dependent on the mother.
The emotion of attachment is the foundation of his future communication and emotional development.
If you pay attention to the baby over 4 months old, you will find that the little guy’s gaze can follow the mother, and when she sees the mother, she will look happy and exuberant, increase her body movements, and smile on the face.
The babies at 6 or 7 months long for the embrace of their mothers, making them appear comfortable and quiet when in contact.
Babies around 10 months have been able to distinguish who is close, especially attached to the mother (or caregiver).
The formation of baby attachment emotions depends on the nature and solidity of the relationship with the caregiver. This is the baby’s initial social relationship.
The satisfaction of attachment emotions makes babies experience safety. They will appear quiet, cheerful, interested in the outside world, and eager to try. Otherwise, they will be restless, lonely, and intermittently crying.
Another aspect related to attachment is separation. Even a brief separation experience can make your baby feel emotionally strong.
In the future life process, positive emotions such as safety, stability, trust, respect, and friendship are the basic guarantees for children to maintain their mental and physical health.
Active children have more imagination and creativity in the future. Children’s early psychological development mainly relies on the development of perception.
Usually, parents will arrange the small space of baby’s life into colorful, hanging toys that are within reach, and feel the existence of various stimuli.
For more than 6 months, the baby can sit firmly on the back of the object, and two little hands that have been “liberated” can freely pick up the objects around them and play.
After 8 months, the infant started to learn to crawl, and was able to move the body by itself to have more space for movement and freedom of movement.
The development of human actions is rule-based and follows the law of whole to differentiation: on the one hand, it gradually changes from systemic, general, and loose to local, accurate, and specialized actions;It is from top to bottom, from head-up, sitting, standing and walking.
Children’s limb movements begin with the movement of the body muscles and limbs, and then the development of fine movements of the hands, which are increasingly flexible and accurate.
Active children can try more exploration and experience, and have more imagination and creativity in the future.
Self-awareness is a manifestation of resistance and human beings. Standing and walking do not need to be taught, and they can be done at the appropriate age.
But standing on a spiritual level is different and requires parental help, that is, giving the child appropriate space and freedom.
During the development of independent consciousness, it is common for children to show resistance.
There are many internal conflicts in a person’s growth, but the “breakthrough” for resolution often chooses to resist.
We might as well watch the scene of children over 1 year old playing. When they are playing with toys, they often hesitate, pause, remove the repeated actions, and sometimes even show an impatient appearance.The anger vented on the toy.
Another embodiment of self-awareness is that children have their own opinions.
Young parents feel that their baby is arguing “come by themselves” in everything, whether it works or not.
This is often referred to as the “first resistance period.”
Of course, the baby is still young, and it means willpower to reflect independence. If it is not easy to grasp, willpower is determined to insist on unreasonable requirements, and it is a deformed manifestation of independence.
Before the age of 3, the independence and willfulness of the child “coexisted”.
Parents should teach their babies to establish a code of conduct, which includes: developing good habits of eating regularly and regular defecation, imitating an adult learning politeness, and feeling, experiencing, and controlling various emotions.
In short, the baby begins to walk between natural instincts and rules and constraints-freedom and restraint, freedom and compliance, enforcement and obedience, control and control, and all education related to growth opens the curtain.
Group play Little “activists” form the embryonic form of social interaction. The 3-year-old is the age when children start group play, and they start to move from social activities to social activities—from playing alone to finding partners, forming the rudiment of baby social interaction.
Some babies can easily enter the group, take the initiative to approach their friends, and have fun.
And some babies will show shyness or avoidance, always stand on the sidelines, or ask parents to participate with them.
Play is a learning process. In this process, children gradually understand various communication skills such as domination, cooperation, pleasing, accommodation, compromise, compromise, exchange, etc., maintaining their relationship with their surrounding friends, and being isolated.The experience of social frustrations such as being bullied and being bullied will make children very sad.
Parents need to be keenly aware of whether their children have such emotional states and just provide opportunities for children to interact.
The feeling that people get when they first interact with the outside world may be hidden or present throughout their lives.
The important feelings in life that affect health are the sense of intimacy (loved by others), the sense of security (a stable relationship with the outside), the sense of value (meaningful, needed), and the sense of self-affirmation (good, I can do it).On the road of children’s growth, parents need to learn to play their own roles, and to lay a solid foundation for their children.

Diabetic nephropathy recipe imitation

Diabetic nephropathy recipe imitation

Breakfast sample Ⅰ: ① 70 grams of rice porridge, 1 poached egg, 8 grams of cooking oil, pickles instead.

 60 grams of rice porridge, 30 grams of cooked peanuts, seasoned with pickles.

 90 grams of cut noodles, 25 grams of shredded pork, 100 grams of spinach or chicken feathers, 5 grams of cooking oil.

 ④ 200 grams of soy milk, 70 grams of bread or steamed bread, 1/2 egg, 10 grams of flour or ice cream.

 ⑤ 200 grams of milk, 50 grams of flat cakes or buns, 1 stick of fritters.

 Lunch or dinner: ① 105 grams of rice, 40 grams of beef, 150 grams of celery, 100 grams of tomatoes, 1 egg, 16 grams of oil for soup pot, 200 grams of watermelon.

 105 grams of rice, 85 grams of fish, 200 grams of Taikoo dishes, 20 grams of cooking oil, 75 grams of apples.

 105 grams of noodles, 65 grams of chicken, 200 grams of Chinese cabbage, 22 grams of cooking oil, 110 grams of pear.

 ④ vegetable meat buns (105 grams of flour, 50 grams of lean pork, 25 grams of dried tofu, 200 grams of Chinese cabbage, 7 grams of vegetable oil), 80 grams of citrus.

 ⑤ vegetable meat dumplings (150 g of coriander skin, 50 g of lean meat, 25 g of dried tofu, 200 g of green vegetables, 7 g of vegetable oil), 100 g of oranges.

 Recipes Ⅱ Breakfast: (1) 75 grams of rice porridge, 1 poached egg, 6 grams of cooking oil, seasoned with pickles.

 (2) 65 grams of rice porridge, 30 grams of cooked peanuts, seasoned with pickles.

 (3) 95 grams of cut noodles, 30 grams of beef slices, 100 grams of spinach or chicken feathers, 3 grams of cooking oil.

 (4) 200 grams of soy milk, 75 grams of bread or steamed bread, 1/2 egg, 6 grams of dough or ice cream.

(5) 200 grams of milk, 55 grams of buns, and 1 stick of fritters.

Lunch or dinner: (1) 130 grams of rice, 30 grams of shredded beef, 150 grams of celery, 100 grams of tomatoes, 1 soup of eggs, 9 grams of cooking oil, and 20 grams of watermelon.

 (2) 130 grams of rice, 75 grams of fish, 200 grams of Taikoo dishes, 13 grams of cooking oil, 75 grams of apples.

(3) 105 grams of noodles, 55 grams of chicken, 200 grams of Chinese cabbage, 15 grams of cooking oil, and 110 grams of pears.

 (4) Vegetable meat buns (130 grams of flour, 30 grams of lean meat, 30 grams of dried tofu, 200 grams of Chinese cabbage, 5 grams of vegetarian oil), 80 grams of candied orange.

 (5) Vegetable meat wonton (180 g of coriander skin, 30 g of dried tofu, 30 g of lean meat, 200 g of green vegetables, 5 g of vegetable oil), 100 g of oranges.

[Note]① If you do n’t eat fruit, you can convert the 20 grams of starch in the lunch and dinner into 1/2 pure grain snacks and eat them in the afternoon or evening.

Because 100 grams of beef contains 20 grams of protein, slightly 10 grams, as a base when using other foods to convert a lot of convenience.

Pay attention to eye protection to prevent eye diseases

Pay attention to eye protection to prevent eye diseases

Watching TV has become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Some people watch it for a few hours, especially the elderly have nothing to do, do not like activities, and prefer to spend time sitting in front of the TV.

As a result, dizziness and bloating caused fatigue and weakness, and the medical profession called it “television disease”.

  Watching TV for too long is also bad for the eyes. Some people have done experiments. If you watch TV continuously for 4 to 5 hours, your vision will temporarily decrease by 30%, and you can recover after you restart.

If you continue to watch TV continuously, your vision will not be restored and you will have long-term vision loss.

Especially when watching a color TV, due to the large consumption of rhodopsin in the cylindrical cells on the retina, vision decline and recovery.

  Watching TV after drinking is more detrimental to the eyes, because alcohol can hurt the eyes, make the eyes congested, and the optic nerve atrophy, which can seriously lead to blindness.

Watching TV after drinking is equivalent to pouring oil on the fire, which is harmful to vision.

Therefore, it is not advisable to watch TV after drinking, and it is not advisable for most people to watch TV for too long.

  Everyone can’t live without the TV and the computer when watching the TV with the lights off. The TV and computers all need to have high concentration of eyes. As time goes by, many people have different degrees of eye fatigue, especially among white-collar workers who deal with computers all day.More than 90% have different degrees of eye fatigue symptoms.

  Some people like to turn off the lights next to them when watching TV or using a computer, leaving only the bright light on the screen.

Ophthalmologists point out that this is wrong. At this time, the light alignment will be particularly high, and the eyes are particularly prone to fatigue. Over time, it will affect vision and even damage the eyes.

  People who watch TV continuously change channels know that the continuous eye fatigue caused by watching TV continuously affects vision.

However, according to a recent survey by researchers, the coefficient of eye damage caused by changing channels is constant compared with the proportion of long-term watching TV.

The moment you watch a TV change, it is the time that stimulates your eyes the most, because most TVs have a black screen and suddenly brighten at the moment of changing the channel. At this time, the light suddenly changes, causing some eye irritation.Too much can easily cause eye fatigue.

  Researchers point out that it is best to close your eyes before watching TV, or to blink a few more times after changing channels, because this can stimulate the secretion of the lacrimal glands of the eyes or exercise the muscles around the eyes to avoid eye fatigue.

In addition, watching TV for more than half an hour, it is best to look into the distance and let the eyes rest.

  Watching TV on a tourist car Many TVs now have TVs, as long as tourists pass the boring time during the ride, the TV is generally installed in the front of the car, and the car will play some TV programs or videos during the drive.

It stands to reason that this is a manifestation of quality service.

However, when people watch TV for hours, many people will experience swelling and dryness of their eyes, and even dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

  Due to car vibrations and limited car space, only 14-inch TVs can be installed in the car.

However, most of the coaches are long, and the distance and angle of watching TV in the car are not ideal.

A more scientific argument is that when watching TV, the distance between the person and the TV should be 4 diagonal of the screen?
6 times, the angle of looking at left and right of the screen is less than 45 degrees.

However, in the coach, most passengers in the front and middle positions are only 0 from the TV.

At 5 meters, the viewing angle of the passengers on the front and back seats is less than 30 degrees, while the passengers sitting in the back row are too far away to see the image.

Watching TV under improper distances and angles can easily hurt your eyes.

And because the car constantly vibrates while driving, the TV image is blurry, and over time, eye swelling and pain, blurred vision, even uprightness, chest tightness, nausea and other discomforts, so you should watch less TV on the coach.

  Watching TV on the bus Nowadays, buses in many cities can be equipped with mobile TV equipment. During the boring journey, rich TV programs have become the only pastime for many passengers.

However, most people will stare at the TV screen for a long time while riding a car, which is actually unscientific.

  When the human eye looks at a relatively fixed distance object, the contraction and extension of the ciliary muscle can be kept relatively stable, and the eye will not feel tired in a short time.

On buses, penetrating bumps and shakes often occur, and the TV screen will tremble along with the carriage. In order to see the images and subtitles on the screen, the ciliary muscles are forced to adjust continuously, which is easy to produce vision.fatigue.
  In addition, due to the limited space on the bus, when there are many people on the bus, some people will stand in front of the TV, and some people are far away. In order to see the image clearly, the adjustment of the eyes is often in a state of tension; there are people standing and the screenIf you look at a place with a large deflection angle, it is more likely to cause visual fatigue. Some people just sit under the TV and look up at the TV for a long time. In addition to hurting the eyes, the muscles will also feel sore and tired.

  Beyond these improper practices, it is easy for people to have uncomfortable symptoms such as dry eyes, soreness, and pain, which will aggravate myopia and even induce acute glaucoma attacks.

  Therefore, on a bus, it is best not to watch the TV screen continuously.

You can look for a while, then close your eyes and rest for a while, or look at the view from the car window to relax your eyes.

  How do I protect my eyes when watching TV?


Location and distance of the TV: The TV should be placed in a corner with soft light, and the height should be appropriate. It should not be too high or low. The center of the TV’s screen should be at the same level with the eyes or lower.
When watching TV, the eye muscles are in a tense state. The distance between the eye and the screen should be appropriate. The distance is too close, it looks blurry and easily causes visual fatigue, and the distance is too long, it is difficult to see clearly, and you cannot watch TV lying down.
In fact, the distance between the TV and people should be 4 diagonal of the screen?
6 times, you can also use the replacement method to measure, straighten one hand forward, palms horizontally, close one eye, if the palms just cover the TV screen, this distance is more suitable.

In addition, when watching TV, it is best to sit directly in front of the screen. If you sit on the side, the viewing angle shift is less than 45 degrees.


The brightness of the TV and the brightness of the room: The height of the TV is too large, the brightness of the light is uneven, the vision is concentrated, and it is easy to cause eye fatigue.

The contrast is too small, the color of the image is not clear, and it is not easy to see clearly.

Some people like to watch TV like to turn off the lights in the room, so that the brightness of the screen and the surrounding dark environment form a sharp contrast, staring at it, the eyes are very uncomfortable.

Conversely, if the light in the room is bright, the image on the screen will be dim and unreadable.

Therefore, when watching TV, the light in the room should not be too dark or too bright. You can turn on a small soft lamp or a red light bulb in the room so that your eyes will not easily fatigue.


Control TV time: Watch TV for too long, especially for teenagers, with 1?
2 hours is appropriate.

During the watching process, close the eyes while taking a break between the program or the advertising program, or take a short look at the distance, so as not to over-fatigue the eyes and affect eyesight.


In order to protect the eyes, usually eat more vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, bean sprouts, oranges, mandarin oranges, red dates, etc., have a certain effect on eye protection.

Easily lose weight for forty minutes a day

Easily lose weight for forty minutes a day

Forty minutes a day to easily lose weight and lose weight are: 1.

10 minutes in the morning brisk walking 2.

Exercise 10 minutes after lunch 3.

10 minutes in the afternoon 4.

Thin belly at 10 minutes at night.


10 minutes in the morning brisk walking every morning from the doorstep to the bus station, do a group of 10 minutes to enhance the vitality of brisk walking-at 100 per minute?
Walk at a speed of about 120 steps to reach a point where you are slightly asthmatic and your heart rate is significantly accelerated.

  Effect: Brisk walking belongs to aerobic exercise, awakens your vitality, and makes your metabolism flourish. It not only burns the excess changes accumulated the previous day, but also makes you full of energy in the morning.

  Weight loss breakfast suggestions: A good breakfast should include three things: cereals (such as uncooked semolina bread, eight treasures porridge, black rice bread, wowotou, fennel wrap, etc.) fruits and dairy products.

It is best to drink milk with little aunt.

Whoever eats this kind of breakfast will kill three birds with one stone; rich in glucose, young aunt, rich in vitamins and minerals.

  Recommended breakfast recipes: black tea (bags), milk (fresh milk or boxed milk), Wangzi steamed buns, fruit.

  10 minutes of fitness and 30 at a time?
The 40-minute concentrated exercise method can reduce 30% more aunts and at the same time effectively enhance cardiovascular endurance.

Studies have also shown that women who are able to walk 10 minutes a day can eliminate double aunts than women who only do concentrated exercise.


Walk for 10 minutes after lunch and prepare a pair of flat heels in the office.

After lunch at noon, about 10 minutes, go outside the office and do a quick walk every 10 minutes burning; or climb the stairs for 10 minutes.

  If you are too lazy to exercise, you can also invest 30 minutes, in short, don’t sit still.

  Effect: 30 minutes after a meal is the time accumulated by the little belly aunt, exercise during this time can effectively reduce belly and legs.

  Weight Loss Lunch Suggestion: Full lunch, you can eat some fresh vegetables, fish and lean meat.

If you bring your own lunch, it is recommended that you bring your own fruit as a supplement every day, and it is best to eat it about 1 hour after lunch. Green leafy vegetables should be taken more for dinner.

According to the loved ones in the box lunch family, you can bring your own braised eggs, ready-to-eat soy products and fresh radishes, tomatoes, and cucumbers to supplement the lack of absorption of protein, minerals, vitamins and cellulose.


10 minutes in the afternoon. Take a break during busy work in the afternoon. Use two mineral water bottles to do 10-minute exercises for arm strength; it’s very simple. It’s like lifting a dumbbell. While watching the computer, you can lift it up and lower it.Exercise like dumbbells.

  Effect: Relax the pressure on the shoulder and cervical spine, and prevent occupational diseases of white-collar cervical spine.

At the same time, it can also shape the lines of the skull and arms, and subtract the excess.

  Afternoon Tea: If you get hungry in the afternoon and want a snack, you can have afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea must be paired like a dinner, and salty and sweet can be selected according to your own taste.

We can choose a biscuit, a cheese, a seasonal fruit, a cup of light tea, or a glass of mineral water with lemon . It will replace your regret of eating too little lunch and prevent hypoglycemia from causing fatigue,You can also stand up to the rumbling protest in the afternoon, keep the beautiful curve, and relax the fatigue that has accumulated throughout the day.


Thin belly at 10 minutes at night. Half an hour before bedtime at night. Do 10 minutes of abdominal fat reduction exercise.

  Specifically, you can do sit-ups, or various exercises for thin belly, such as lying on the ground, straightening your feet and then lifting, returning, do not touch the ground, repeat the action.

Don’t exercise too short before bedtime, just breathe a little.

  Effect: Effectively reduce abdomen.

Let your aunt continue to burn while you sleep.

  If you need more skinny legs, you can also do some skinny legs.
  Bedtime Diet: Not eating for three hours before bedtime is the golden principle of weight loss. Conversion, dinner should be as light as possible, more protein, less small amounts and traces.

Practicing Yoga to achieve the best condition

Practicing Yoga to achieve the best condition

Parthagali’s yoga system includes both mental and physical aspects. Therefore, Parthagali’s self must take care of both aspects.

In other words, in order to get a person’s physiology to a good state, not only to acquire specialized knowledge, but also manual yoga exercises.

This combination of knowledge and practice allows people to gain a strong body and maintain mental and physical coordination.

  Parthagali involves both knowledge and behavior, so his methods include all the ways to achieve this intended purpose both physically and mentally.

There are eight branches of these pathways (the eight branch method has been described, refer to the previous article).

  Since the Yoga Sutra does not fully expand the tandem branches, they need to be further subdivided.

According to the Yoga Sutra, yoga is divided into four categories: Wisdom Yoga: Desire Control and Follow, which is a doctrine of gaining specialized knowledge.

  Hatha Yoga: Asana and Qi, a doctrine of physical practice.

  Karma Yoga: a doctrine that restricts behavior.

  Wang Yoga: Including wakefulness, meditation, and sanmadi, is a meditation doctrine.

  It is important to make it clear here that not all types of mental illness can benefit from yoga.

It is necessary to explain this limitation, because people who practice yoga in the army must be mentally and understand the principles, methods, and abilities of yoga, and they must also be engaged in even very simple conditions in their physical state.

  If a person does not have these basic requirements physically and mentally, then it is difficult for him to achieve the corresponding results through yoga practice.

After understanding this, we will introduce the methods and essentials of treatment.

  It is recommended that you understand the fundamental meanings of Intellectual Yoga and Karma Yoga.

Both types of yoga are related to the doctrine of gaining expertise and behavior.

  These yogas include understanding certain basic concepts, theories, principles, and perspectives related to the self, society, and nature.

Understanding these basic concepts can help you recognize the cause and development process of mental distress, so that you can understand and achieve the effect of improving yourself, you must take correct measures.

These two kinds of yoga are very important, and you should know about them while practicing Hatha Yoga.

decisive battle!

How to easily enter the college entrance examination room

decisive battle!
How to easily enter the college entrance examination room

“Now 70% of candidates are overusing the brain and doing more physical exercise can not only relieve tension, but also increase the coordination of hands and feet, so that candidates can better enter the examination state.

Seeing that the college entrance examination is near, the reporter learned from the psychological clinics of various hospitals yesterday that the hospital has recently received a large number of candidates who substitute for the college entrance examination every day. The doctor said that most of the candidates are psychologically nervous and are afraid of facing the upcoming college entrance examination.Wait.

  Excessive use of the brain before the test does not prevent you from doing more exercise. Associate Professor of Psychology, Senior Psychological Counselor of East China Normal University, Li Guorui believes that many candidates will beat their hearts every time they think of the upcoming college entrance examination.Thoughts are disturbing and focus on concentration.

This is a typical symptom of excessive worry before the test.

Candidates have anxiety before the exam. Tension is a normal phenomenon. Moderate anxiety may be concentrated and not disturbed by the outside world.

However, if you worry too much, it will affect the lectures and review, and then you will perform the review.

To overcome the above symptoms, you can try the following small strategies: 1. Increase exercise: Take a certain amount of time a day to do some aerobic exercise. This is a very effective way to alleviate excessive worry, because exercise can make the body’s beneficial neurotransmitter secretion.Increasingly, these neurotransmitters can alleviate excessive concerns and improve learning efficiency.

  2. Learn to relax yourself: In the process of psychological therapy, relaxation training is a commonly used method to cope with over-anxiety, because when the human body is in an over-anxiety state, it usually appears that the breathing becomes shallower, faster, muscles are tight, and the brain is blank.And other phenomena, therefore, abdominal breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagination and other relaxation training are often used in the process of psychotherapy.

  3. Reasonable increase in nutrition: Physical condition and mental state affect each other. A healthy body can effectively bear a certain psychological load, and worry about emotions.

Properly supplement some high-quality protein foods, such as eggs, lean meat, liver, milk and soy products, etc. Families with conditions can supplement their children with some natural nutritional chicken essence, one bottle per day, which can effectively reduce ground fatigue and reduce human body.Related substances that cause tension — Concentration of leather alcohol, improve excessive worry and relieve stress.

  4, psychological cues: For the excessive worry and tension of the exam, teach students to use positive self-psychological cues, try to avoid negative psychological cues, which can alleviate the effect of psychological anxiety.

For example, “I’m fully prepared, I just need to play normally.

I can do it this time!

“Don’t say,” I’m not nervous, I can’t be nervous.

“It’s just a negative hint.

Of course, parents can tell their children that certain diets have great benefits for the test, and let the children accept this suggestion, so that they can have a certain placebo effect.

  If a candidate is very worried, they can seek help from a psychologist and get relevant professional guidance.

  Experts remind: five things to note during the college entrance examination: “Parents and children should not pay attention to the college entrance examination, candidates should not answer the questions .” College entrance examination expert, Professor Wang Jisheng of the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reminded parents of five issues during the college entrance examination.

  Parents are reminded: parents should not accompany the entrance examination during the college entrance examination, should be based on the individual circumstances of the candidates.

Some children believe that if parents stay with them, they can feel more confident and relieve their excess.

However, some candidates intervened independently and the parents followed, which in turn caused him to feel depressed and uncomfortable.

In short, when deciding whether to send a test, parents should follow the child’s own opinions, and even the test sender should be “chosen” by the child.

  Remind parents: Mo Q & A questions parents ’emotional stability through infection, suggestion and other psychological mechanisms to promote candidates’ emotional stability.

Parents fluctuate emotionally and feel nervous, which is not conducive to the establishment of a good mentality for candidates.

For two days, parents should not ask their children to take the college entrance examination at any time, and don’t ask their children how well they did.

  Remind candidates to take a nap for half an hour. After the morning exam, take a break and have lunch.

Don’t go to bed right after lunch, do a little activity, take a walk, listen to music.

Take a nap of 30 to 40 minutes.

Parents must remind candidates to avoid being late for the exam.

  Remind candidates: Do n’t complete the exam after the exam, do one exam less than one, do not correct the question, do not discuss with your classmates whether the answer is right or wrong.

If classmates take the initiative to discuss with you, it is best to decline politely, this is good for both sides to stabilize emotions.

  Remind candidates: After paying attention to each subject in the next subject, it is necessary to sum up the experience in a timely manner, adjust the test strategy and the mentality of the test, so as to facilitate another battle.

If you have done well in the exam, you must prevent pride and complacency. Do not think that “this is the case for the college entrance examination. There is nothing great.” This will be taken lightly and affect the next exams.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t do well in the exams. There are still several courses at the back.

Middle-aged test leg strength lying down and lift enough

Middle-aged test leg strength lying down and lift enough

Studies have found that long-term inactivity leads to muscle atrophy, which is the main factor that reduces the freedom of movement of middle-aged people.

As the saying goes, “the old leg is the oldest”. Weak leg muscles can cause unstable support, inconvenient walking, and even fall.

More strength training can effectively prevent osteoporosis and bone and joint degenerative fractures.

  There are two methods to test the leg muscle strength of the middle-aged people aged 40-59 years, which are lifting the legs in a few minutes and vertical strokes.

The former method is more suitable for women. The specific method is to lie flat on the mat, stretch your legs together and straighten, lift your legs straight to the ceiling, make the legs at an angle with your body, and then return to the starting position.

If you can do it more than 37 times in a minute, your leg muscles are very strong. If you can’t do it 15 times, it means you need to strengthen your exercise.

Men’s leg muscle strength can be tested by vertical jump.

The specific method is to first measure the height of the in-situ touch, and then jump hard to touch the high, where the difference represents the explosive force of the lower limbs.

If your touch height is above 56cm, it means that your muscles are explosive. If it is less than 27cm, your lower limb muscles may be aging.

  These tests can also build muscle strength in the legs.

For example, a supine leg can exercise the muscle strength of the waist, abdomen and lower limbs to achieve a shaping effect and also help digestion.

People with well-developed leg muscles are also more likely to suffer from diseases such as bone hyperplasia.

However, the elderly should pay attention to the gentle movements, not sudden force, to prevent strain.

5 key points to know for safe wintering

5 key points to know for safe wintering

People are born with the spirit of heaven and earth. The law of four o’clock is formulated.

Therefore, the health in winter should conform to the natural climate.

Winter is a season when life is lurking and everything is hiding.

At this time, the water is cold and the ground is cracked. People should go to bed early and wake up late, and it is better to get up when the sun shines.

Don’t disturb yang easily, and take care of yourself.

To keep your mind deep and quiet, to avoid the cold, to get warmth, and not to let the skin vent and lose the yang energy continuously. This is a way to maintain the body’s hiding function in order to adapt to the winter climate.

The closed-air gas that violates the winter order will injure the kidneys, so that the conditions provided for the spring gas will be insufficient, and the spring will become ill.

From the following five points, the main points of conventional winter health.

  Prevent and treat diseases according to the doctor’s advice. After the winter, heavy snow fell in many parts of the country. The coldness of winter has already appeared. Skin skin is tightly closed.

In particular, middle-aged and elderly people with chronic diseases such as hypertension, hypertension, hypertension, chronic branch, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, diabetes, etc., should pay close attention to changes in their condition, and appropriately adjust the dosage and takeway.

For those who are suitable for Chinese medicine, they should use Chinese medicine.

Suitable for western medicine, we must use western medicine.

Those who simply use traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine with poor results, or whose condition has changed, must be treated with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine cannot cure all diseases, nor can Western medicine fight the world.

The combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine has better curative effect.

It is impossible to doubt the disease and avoid medical treatment. It is self-righteous that you must consult a specialist as soon as possible if you have any problems in the body to prevent them from happening before they become ill.

  In the past 20 years, with the development of income economy, the improvement of people’s living standards, changes in lifestyles and habits, some metabolic diseases have become richer and richer, such as diabetes, high blood lipids, high blood viscosity, high blood pressure,Coronary heart disease, etc., is increasing.

In short, it all comes down to a close relationship with a long-term irrational diet.

  From the perspective of human physiological structure, a person has 32 teeth, 28 of which are molars and can eat vegetarian food; 4 of which are canine teeth and can eat meat.

Therefore, people’s diet should be mainly vegetarian, supplemented by meat.

Today people’s diets are dominated by various types of meat, and they do not even eat staple foods.

This breaks our physiological balance, and diseases occur.

  So, how should the correct winter diet be arranged?

Simply put, it is good for breakfast, full for lunch, and small for dinner.

  First of all, at 7-9 am, the stomach meridian is on duty and has breakfast.

Nutrition is easily absorbed at this time, which lays a solid foundation for work and daily life.

Breakfast should pay attention to comprehensive nutrition, vegetarian food is the best, such as soy milk, pasta, porridge, fruits and other types of food.

At 9-11 o’clock, the spleen is on duty.

  Time, lunch can pay more attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, more meat and less meat, grain-based, five fruit is sufficient.

  Finally, at 5-7 pm, the renal meridian is on duty. Pay attention to nourish the kidney.

Winter is the best time to tonic. The key to tonic is tonify the kidney.

At this time, you can eat more black foods, such as black sesame, black beans, black soybean milk and so on.

  Regarding the sleep adjustment with the day, you need to pay attention to abide by the principles of early bed and late rise, and sync with the sun.

Modern people get sick mainly because they can’t rest and don’t know how to sleep.

At 9-11 pm, the three joules are on duty, and the three joules can pass through many pulses.

Sleeping at this time is not only good for health, but also especially good for the skin.

Without any cosmetics, the powder is transparent and the powder is red.

This is the secret of ancient health.  Inner mental illness Anlai now has fierce social competition and tense survival pressures. People are often exhausted, toiled, and emotionally in a state of mobility.

The “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” states: “If the righteousness is in the house, the evil cannot be done; if the evil is put together, its qi will be empty;

“Only when the state of mind is peaceful and the five internal organs really communicate, one is peaceful and one will not get sick.

Forget grudges, forget age, and maintain emotional stability, such as listening to light music and soothing melodious classical music, is one of the effective ways for many friends to keep in good health in winter.

  It is not suitable to do the above-mentioned activities during the winter season. The general activities are also best performed after the sun rises and the yang develops.

And pay attention to avoid the cold and warm.

In particular, old friends with respiratory problems need to pay special attention to reducing or pausing morning exercises when the weather changes.

  In short, the health in winter must be kept in advance: prevention before illness, prevention of disease change; reasonable diet, early to bed and late to get up; peaceful mood, more quiet and less movement.

Mastering this 24-character motto, winter health, can be complete.

In the face of cleverness and loyalty the boss chooses another

In the face of cleverness and loyalty the boss chooses another

Today, I would like to share with you that in the workplace, one’s ability and loyalty are important.

  Everyone values competence, but no matter what you do, success must be accompanied by loyalty.

Without loyalty, capacity is insignificant.

  Russian President Putin is a very capable person. He is a former Soviet-era intelligence officer and a head of state capable of driving fighter jets. But he is also a very loyal person.

In 1970, Putin was admitted to the Faculty of Law of Petrograd University, and Sobchak was his professor of economics.

After graduation, Putin worked for the Soviet National Security Council.

Sobchak also abandoned politics and became mayor of St. Petersburg in 1989.

At this time, Putin, who has worked in the KGB for more than ten years, also thought of a career change.

He found Sobchak, and the teacher agreed to transfer him to be the mayor’s assistant without saying a word.

  Russian President Yeltsin gained state power, and Sobchak and Yeltsin were political opponents and were placed under house arrest.

At this time, Putin showed a student, his loyalty to his teacher and superiors, resigned without a word, and said a word widely reported by the Russian media: “I would rather be hanged for loyalty than forBetrayed by stealth.

After spending a few years with Sobchak, Putin listened to his counsel and went to Moscow to find a job and become secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, which was appreciated by Yeltsin.

  In September 1997, Putin recognized Yeltsin’s impending Sobchak prison.

He took the initiative and risked sending the mentor secretly abroad. The next morning, he came to Yeltsin’s office and “confided himself”.

Unexpectedly, Yeltsin instead entrusted him with a heavy responsibility because of his loyalty to his friends.

  A global survey of more than 4,000 white-collar workers shows that the people who are ultimately promoted are often not the most capable employees but more loyal to the company.

American psychologist Roberts Simm said that in the face of smartness and loyalty, the boss’s choice is always another.

So don’t be smart yourself, think that as long as you do a good job, you can get a promotion.

  A person with professional ethics must have a rule in his heart: do and not do.

The credo that needs to be upheld is: never choose to give up loyalty.

To do things, we must consider from a collective standpoint. We must try our best to maintain and ensure the image of the team, and sometimes we need to be patient with the criticism and preaching of the boss.

If you think that your evaluation is indeed inconsistent with the team, you should also think about it, communicate with the leader, and then leave in peace. There must be no change in people or even revenge.

For the boss, adversity is the best time to test whether a person is loyal.

When the company encounters a breakthrough, you can stick to your position and share your concerns with your boss. There is no behavior such as running away from danger or falling into trouble, and you will be rewarded when the company returns to normal.

In real life, many companies eventually go out of business, and the boss will regain his last strength and find a way out for the employees who stick to it.

  Most companies do not have capable people, but the total is people who are absolutely loyal to the company.

Companies can’t do without the loyalty of their employees. Employees can’t do without their loyalty. Only employees who have both personal ability and high loyalty can make great progress in their own business. Therefore, don’t settle yourselfFrom the outside, do business as your own business, and strive to cultivate your own loyalty and dedication.

  I hope that everyone will be loyal in the workplace and wish you a smooth workplace life.

Argument: White hair turns white has nothing to do with wisdom

Argument: White hair turns white has nothing to do with wisdom

A group of scientists from Europe has solved a question that has long been suspected of humans: Why does hair turn white?

Despite the view that white hair is a symbol of wisdom, these researchers believe that white hair has nothing to do with wisdom.

  Hydrogen peroxide is the initial hair follicle abrasion of the hair to produce a large amount of hydrogen peroxide, which is the leading cause of hair whitening.

Because the peroxide oxides normally synthesize melanin, the natural pigment of hair.

  Gerald, editor of FASEB Magazine?

“It’s not just blonde girls who use hydrogen peroxide to color their hair,” Weissman said.

Each of our hair cells produces a small amount of hydrogen peroxide.

However, as we get older, the “small amount” gradually turns into a “large amount”.

The pigment begins to bleach inside the hair, and slowly our hair gradually turns gray and white.

It can be said that this research has taken an important step for us to investigate the root cause of the problem.

  Researchers have made the discovery by observing the cell culture of human hair follicles.

They found that the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide was caused by a reduction in enzymes (catalase).

Enzymes break down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

They also found that the hair follicles were unable to repair the damage caused by hydrogen peroxide, because the levels of enzymes usually responsible for this step were low.

The more complicated problem is that a large amount of hydrogen peroxide and a small amount of enzymes disrupt the production of caseinase, which can guide the production of melanin in hair follicles.

Melanin is responsible for the color of the hair, skin and eyes.

Researchers believe that if similar damage occurs in the skin, it may cause white spot disease.

  Weissman added: “A lady with blue hair can testify that sometimes hair dyes do not work as expected.

This research provides us with an example: basic biological research can benefit humans in unimaginable ways.