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Choose a serum that suits you Q: How is an serum different from other skincare products?

  A: Essence is different from other skin care products. It can give skin special care.

The subtle molecular structure can help it reach the skin’s dermis effectively, while other skin care products only stay on the surface.

  Q: Why is a small bottle of serum several times more expensive than an equivalent volume of cream?

  Answer: Essence usually combines the most advanced scientific and technological research results. The most expensive skin care essence is a concentrated skin care essence that can improve the skin in essence.

Therefore, the price of serum is also the most expensive in skin care products.

  Q: Why choose a serum that suits you?

     Answer: Because the price of serum is expensive, it is more worthwhile for you to invest carefully.

We recommend that you choose only the right serum based on your skin condition.

Just add a small drop of serum between the conditioning and moisturizing steps every day, and your skin will be one step closer to perfection.

Refuse winter dull pink lips to make love _1

Refuse winter dull pink lips to make love

Winter’s dull hairstyles and dull outfits need makeup to help brighten up the overall look.

And rosy, bright pink lip makeup is the most effective weapon to add youthful vitality and healthy light!

No wonder fashion (microblogging) stars are falling in love with pink lip makeup this season!

  Style 1: fair skin x pink purple bright lip pink lip makeup and fair skin can be said to be a natural match for a good match, fairness can bring pink lip makeup to be more bright, which in turn can be white against pinkIt’s red.

  Star role model: Odette Annable’s model Odette Annable’s pink purple lip gloss, highlighting the bright eyes.

First apply a layer of pink-violet lipstick, then add a layer of transparent gloss lip gloss on the surface, accompanied by shiny curls to shine.

  Celebrity role model: Mila Jovovich also uses pink-purple bright lips to brighten fair skin. At the same time, Mila Jovovich’s make-up also uses light purple glitter powder to highlight highlights and eye shadows.Significant and bright.

  Style 2: The most versatile dark pink Deep pink is the most versatile choice-a little brighter than red, a little more elegant than light pink, and can be matched with various skin tones and base makeup.

Especially in autumn and winter, the deep pink with luster and warmth can help you break dullness.

  Celebrity role models: Rachel Zoe nude makeup or light brown foundation and blush can make dark pink lips look warm.

For example, this lip gloss by Rachel Zoe, with black eyeliner and blond hair, is full of vitality and charm of mature women.

  Celebrity role model: Ashlee Simpson’s short hair with red lips is a feminine mix-and-match solution in neutral and capable.

Ashlee Simpson chose a dark pink lip gloss similar to watermelon red to match the dark chocolate-colored small smoky eye makeup. Under the light-colored base makeup, the highlights of the lip and eye makeup are highlighted, giving a healthy youthful vigor.

  Style 3: Light pink matte lip makeup x darker skin tone Darker skin tone with lip makeup usually chooses a lighter color to brighten.

The light pink color that can increase the health of the woman and the charming charm of women naturally becomes one of the matching options for deep skin tone.

  Celebrity role model: Ciara brown Ciara chooses light pink to match nude base makeup.

The nude base makeup that is consistent with the race is retained, and only a lighter pearly highlight area is scanned out on the cheekbones and forehead.

The one-piece base makeup makes the light pink matte lip gloss stand out, without being too exaggerated.

  Celebrity role model: Jessica Szhor also has darker skin tone. Jessica Szhor also chose light pink and purple to match the healthy bronze skin tone.

Darker black hair and full black eyeliner are brightened and youthful with the addition of matte light pink lip makeup and bright white eye shadow.

  Style 4: Use pink lip gloss to create romantic peach blossom makeup. Bright pink lip gloss that is close to red can fill the entire makeup with a bright and charming young woman. Paired with pink blush or eye shadow, it is like a romantic peach blossom.

  Star role model: Taylor Swift is essentially Taylor Swift with a fair and healthy complexion. The choice of pink makeup is a perfect match.

The pink eye shadow and the pale pink blush of the cheekbone smile muscle, combined with the bright pink lip makeup, make the skin white and red, revealing a healthy luster, which not only retains the freshness of young girls, but also exudes elegant elegance.

  Celebrity role model: Katy Perry’s pink peach makeup is not a patent for fair complexion. Pairing with Katy Perry’s light brown complexion is also eye-catching.

The secret is to add shiny elements-eyeshadows and blushes are added with bright powder, and the surface of pink lipstick is also added with a layer of fluorescent bright lip gloss, while the shiny and shiny pink purple curls and bright diamond clothing perfectly match, sparklingShenghui.

  Style 5: Pink-purple lip makeup that helps to reduce age Pink-purple pink-purple uses the floor in autumn and winter, which can add red vitality to the dull shape, and at the same time, because of the mysterious dark purple component,Too exaggerated when paired with dark winter clothing.

Moreover, this mysterious color is very suitable for mature women to reduce their age.

  Star example: Nicole Richie adds a matte effect to the pink-purple lipstick. Nicole Richie cleverly uses lip makeup to help brighten her face, so that nude makeup can also be highlighted, and there are many bright spots in front of the camera.

  Star example: Margherita Missoni “Fashion Girl” Margherita Missoni uses a purplish pink lip gloss to match her dark brown hairstyle, which is quite warm in autumn and winterSense and romance.

On the surface of the pink lipstick, apply a thin layer of transparent lip gloss mixed with bright powder from both sides to the middle, which can be bright and bright no matter day or night.

Do n’t take coarse grains

Do n’t take coarse grains

Nutrition experts suggest that coarse grains should also be part of a daily supplement.

Coarse grains have two meanings: they refer to cereals and beans with less fine grinding, and cereals and miscellaneous beans other than white flour, including wheat, oats, corn, barley or red beans, mung beans, etc.

Insufficient “coarse grains” or whole grain foods can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, prevent constipation, moderately reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, and provide satiety for weight control.

But the cereals on the market are mainly refined grains, and whole grains only account for 10?

  Whole grains contain a whole grain-bran, germ and endosperm, but people often think that this is not processed food.

The refined grains became good food because of their good senses and good taste. However, the valuable supplementary fiber, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin B and other nutrients in the grain were removed during processing.You may eat nutritional diseases, so you don’t need to pursue “excellence” for the cereals you eat often.

  The “Guide to Food for Chinese Residents” issued by the Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that you pay attention to the thickness and thickness, and often eat some coarse grains and miscellaneous grains, preferably 50?
100 g.

You can use whole grains instead of some delicate grains, such as adding some flour such as rice, corn, oats, etc. to rice or porridge.

Good taste and good nutrition; or try half of whole wheat flour when making pasta; or choose snacks such as whole wheat crackers or whole grain crisps instead of unhealthy snacks.

Open your baby’s clenched fist in time

Open your baby’s clenched fist in time

Every baby is born, they will hold their little fists tightly.

Many mothers may not care about this phenomenon, but the pediatrician reminds you to open your baby’s small fist in time.

  The hand is closely related to the baby’s brain development. The movement of the hand can promote the development of the nervous system and play a substitute role in inducing the baby’s psychological development.

  After the fingers are separated, various objects can be manipulated at will, so that the baby can actively learn and engage in various activities, and develop consciousness and specific thinking skills.

  Through hand movements, the baby interacts with the environment, helping the baby to establish the concept of interaction with the environment. This interactive experience is of great significance to the future development of the baby.

  : Little fist, what should mother do in life, the market opens the baby’s clenched fists, which will make him feel relaxed and stretch his fingers; 别 Don’t forget to wash the baby’s little hand when taking a bath.

Gently put the tip of your finger into the palm of your baby’s palm, and gently rotate it back and forth in the palm of your little hand while massaging while washing;Touch it gently and shake it slowly; stroke it gently, open your baby’s fist, and let the little palm touch your mother’s breast and mother’s face; keep talking to your baby.

Sucking the mother’s milk, feeling the warmth of the mother’s skin, the baby is satisfied and comfortable.

Be wary of contraindications to taking cinnabar

Be wary of contraindications to taking cinnabar

Cinnabar is toxic, and those with liver and kidney dysfunction may easily cause toxic substances to accumulate in the body. Therefore, it is best not to take long-term or large amounts of Chinese medicine containing cinnabar; cinnabar can inhibit the central nervous system, reduce central excitability, cause sleep disorders, and memory loss.Dementia, etc.

  Cinnabar is toxic, and those with liver and kidney dysfunction may easily cause toxic substances to accumulate in the body. Therefore, it is best not to take long-term or large amounts of Chinese medicine containing cinnabar; cinnabar can inhibit the central nervous system, reduce central excitability, cause sleep disorders, and memory loss.Conscious dementia, etc., children and the elderly should not be taken for a long time; the spleen and stomach are cold, and those without heat syndrome should not use such drugs.

  Because cinnabar contains divalent mercury ions, it is not suitable to be equivalent to sodium bromide, potassium iodide, and iodine tube pieces. Mercury ions and bromide ions or iodine ions can react in the intestine to produce highly toxic mercury bromide orMercury iodide causes drug-induced enteritis or diarrhea-like stools, so avoid taking it together; replace it with western medicine with reducing properties such as ferrous sulfate and isoprene nitrite to reduce the divalent mercury ion to monovalentMercury ions, the toxicity also increases, so do not take the same; should not be used with sedatives, narcotics, so as not to aggravate central inhibition; should not be combined with enzyme-containing drugs such as pepsin, multi-enzyme tablets, etc., because mercury ions can inhibitEnzyme activity.

  When taking cinnabar drugs, do not eat foods containing iodine, such as kelp, seaweed, etc. You should also limit the amount of salt in food intake, because salt can increase the solubility of mercury salts, increase the absorption of mercury, and aggravate mercury poisoning.

Intimacy between Qiqing and Wuzhan

“Intimacy” between Qiqing and Wuzhan

Traditional Chinese medicine often puts people in two circles. The first circle is the natural circle. The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic says “the evil and the thief winds and avoids them sometimes.”Cold, summer, wet, dry, and fire is too or untimely, called “six sex” or “six evils”, that is, when there is no coordination between human and nature, disease will occur, which is the first of the diseaseReasons.
  The second circle is society. What is this circle talking about?
It talks about the relationship between human joy, anger, worry, thought, sadness, terror, and shock and human life and health.
Traditional Chinese medicine has a sentence in its health, called “Tian Dan Niu, Zhen Qi from it.”
That is to say, when your own mood is in a very calm state, your qi and blood will run normally.
This normal operation is an important function of maintaining your life activities.
Conversely, when your mood changes abnormally, it will make your qi and blood reversal and cause disease.
  The liver is angry, the liver is not easy to lose temper, and many lesbians are particularly angry, and when are lesbians angry?
It was around her period.
Because lesbians are based on blood and liver as the innate, when her menstruation is about to come and between menstruation, because her blood goes down, the blood goes down, and the air floats up, she is not bloody at this timeBalance, fire is more than anger, so love anger at this time.
Therefore, lesbians must pay attention to their emotions before and after their menstrual period. Don’t be angry, neither be angry, nor depressed.
Excessive anger and depression are not in line with normal physiological conditions. Over time, diseases will occur.
  In the outpatient clinic, I often said to lesbians, I said that if you quarrel with your husband, you must tell your husband, cry your anger and walk away, do n’t get half angry, your husband will run out, and you have to quarrel.
It ‘s because the liver is angry. When you are angry, the two of them quarrel, and you are full of anger. At this time, the anger is very strong. If he leaves at this time, your anger will be stagnant inside, and you ca n’t vent.If you don’t go out, the silt will heat up for a long time, and then come back and make a noise.
If you cry, just cry, what is crying?
Earlier we talked about the relationship between grief and lungs. When crying, the lungs become strong, and it flattens the liver qi, because Chinese medicine says that the five elements corresponding to the lungs and the liver are gold and wood, and they have mutual restrictions.In the relationship, when the lungs become strong, the liver qi will calm down. If you don’t believe it, you can try it.
When you are particularly depressed, you cry in a place where there is no one. After crying, you will feel comfortable immediately.
  We look at many patients with liver disease, and we especially like to lose our temper.
Because the liver is angry, and the liver is always hot, he gets angry every time.
Therefore, when you feel that you are particularly troubled and angry at any time for no reason, you have to let Chinese medicine adjust it for you. This liver is not the liver said by Western medicine, nor does it mean that you have hepatitis, but yourSomething went wrong.
This time requires a process of adjustment.
Because we know that there are many diseases, they all change from quantitative to qualitative. When the quantitative changes, you can’t find them. You go to the Western medicine for examination. The Western medicine says that you are not sick.
For example, some of us feel particularly uncomfortable, have a headache, and have a swollen head when you get angry. You go to the hospital for a check. Western medicine says that you are fine, and your indicators are normal.
But you just don’t feel well. If you take a little medicine for Pingganjiangni at this time, just adjust the traditional Chinese medicine.
  The heart is pleased, and the joy is dissipated. Do n’t overdo the heart. The joy is happiness. We all know that we say that the heart is full of bloom, but we do not say that it is full of bloom.
We also see a lot of elderly people who are patients with a bad heart. Why are they so happy when the children come back? Haha left with a smile?
Because joy dissipates, when he is too happy, his energy is lost.
So happiness is a happy thing, but excessive happiness may not be a good thing.
  The spleen thinks, thinking too much hurts the spleen and stomach, and the spleen thinks, “thinking” means people who are overly concerned, and spleen thinking means that people who are overly worried will have problems with their spleen and stomach.
Comrades who often use the brain have poor spleen and stomach functions. Why?
Because we all know that we have to eat every day. When we finish eating, the blood and energy of the human body go up to the stomach to help you digest it.
If your blood does not go to the stomach at this time, and it goes to the brain for a long time, then the function of the spleen and stomach will be affected after a long time.
  For example, there are many drivers, especially those who drive long distances have stomach problems. Why?
It is because of his professional habits. As long as he sits in the driver’s seat of the car, the blood will naturally go to his head. Over time, if you think about it, his blood is going up, and the food he eats is not enough.Digestion, then the disease in the body comes out over a long period of time, and the most typical are diseases such as gastric ulcers and gastric ptosis.
Therefore, Chinese medicine says that the relationship between thinking and the spleen and stomach is worrying and hurting the spleen, and thinking is angry. This is the truth.  Lung is in sorrow, too much is hurting. Lung is in sorrow. Everyone has seen “Dream of Red Mansions”. You see that Lin Daiyu must have lung disease.

Crying often, tears often thinking must be related to the lungs.

I saw an old man with diabetics a few days ago, and I saw him. He said, “Doctor, I don’t know how to do it. When I see you, I especially want to cry.

“I said,” This is because you have a problem with your lungs, because the emotion of lungs and grief is directly related.

“The kidney is the main fear, and the kidney qi and the kidney are the main fear. There is a direct relationship with the kidney.

In “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, Zhang Fei shouted on the Dangyang Bridge and scared the person beside Cao Cao to death. I think that person must have a weak kidney.

Frightened, the common people had a sentence saying that he was scared to urinate, and that the person who was going to be shot was incontinent.

Why do you lose incontinence when you are afraid?

Because the kidney is thought to have two stools, it is to control the two stools.

When a person is overly frightened, his kidney qi dissipates, the fixation function of the kidney is poor, and as soon as the fixation function of the kidney is poor, the incontinence becomes incontinent.

Therefore, the changes in emotions such as joy, anger, worry, thought, sadness, terror, and surprise are closely related to the human organs.

In fact, when we are reading historical novels, such people are everywhere.

Look at Wang Xifeng, why is she sick?

“The organs were too clever to calculate, but Qingqing’s life was mistaken.” She calculated to everyone, and finally she calculated her.

Lin Daiyu cried every day, cried every day, crying and crying, her tuberculosis came.

Everyone has seen “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, you see that Zhou Yu, Zhou Yu is so young, because he relies on virtuous abilities, and because his mentality is too imbalanced, I always feel that Zhuge Liang is smarter than him and unconvinced.

It is better to say that Zhuge Liang was mad at him.

4 eating habits are prone to heavy metal poisoning

4 eating habits are prone to heavy metal poisoning

All kinds of pollution in modern times are ubiquitous, and you may not even know when you have suffered from heavy metal poisoning.

What makes you unknowingly poisoned by heavy metals?

Poor diet is an important cause.


hzh{display:none;}  容易中毒的饮食习惯  一、爱吃海鲜  由于污染的蔓延,贝类和海鱼已经成为重金属汞、砷的最大来源,所以如果长期食用海鲜,会导致重金属等有毒有害物质在Accumulate in the body and endanger health.

  Suggestion: It is best not to eat more than one seafood, not more than 100 grams per day; try to eat small seafood.

Large-volume seafood is at the upper level of the food chain, and the critical length of body enrichment; do not eat or eat fish heads, skins, offal, fish eggs, and shark fins.

  Second, often drink Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine has always been known for its mildness and a small number. Therefore, some people take traditional Chinese medicine as a daily supplement. It is okay to take two sips.With cinnabar, cinnabar contains mercury, and realgar contains impurities. The long-term use of cinnabar and realgar can cause the accumulation of heavy metals such as mercury and impurities in the human body, so it must be used with caution.

  Suggestion: You should also follow the doctor’s advice when taking Chinese medicine. Change to whether this medicine is suitable for your physique, symptoms, and the most adequate treatment that can be taken, so as to properly exert the efficacy and avoid inappropriate taking.

  Third, love to eat animal viscera Animal viscera is more likely to have heavy metal deposits, because poultry is all taken up by industrial feed, these feeds have uncertainty. Once unsafe food is consumed by animals, some animals eat feed and drink waterIf it is contaminated by heavy metals such as cadmium, it must be metabolized by the internal organs, and some harmful substances such as heavy metals will be deposited in the internal organs.

  Recommendation: Eat animal viscera at most once or twice a week, and do not consume more than 50 grams at a time.

In addition, when eating animal offal, it is best to add some coarse grains and vegetables to supplement fiber.

  Fourth, love to drink cans Beverage cans are made of aluminum alloy. The inner wall of the can is coated with an organic coating to isolate the aluminum alloy from the beverage.

During the processing of some unqualified aluminum cans, it is likely that some places were not coated with protective coatings or were coated too thinly, causing the aluminum alloy on the inner wall of the cans to come into contact with the beverage.

  Over time, the aluminum element gradually dissolves in it, especially when the beverage in the can is acidic or alkaline.

According to a survey of 22 beverages by scientific researchers, it is found that aluminum content in canned beverages is 3% higher than bottled beverages?
6 times.

  Suggestion: Drink less canned beverages, switch to bottled beverages or use your own cups to put in plain water to be healthier.

Early summer sun protection must be on the agenda


Early summer sun protection must be on the agenda

If you want to have fair and energetic skin, you need to make full 360 degree sun protection from now on.

Preheating in the sun in spring, first teach you 11 terminology that you must know about sun protection.

These terms are very good guides for you to choose effective sunscreen products.

  Although the hot summer is still a little distant, sun protection is a course that MMs who love beauty should always do seriously.

Especially in spring, if you want to have fair and healthy skin, you need to make full 360 degree sun protection from now on.

Preheating in the sun in spring, first teach you 11 terminology that you must know about sun protection.
These terms are very good guides for you to choose effective sunscreen products.
  ● UVA: stands for long-wave ultraviolet.

If the long-wave ultraviolet light is directly irradiated, the skin’s response is to brown directly rather quickly, without causing erythema inflammation, that is, easy to tan without sunburn.

  ● UVB: stands for medium-wave ultraviolet.

After irradiation with medium-wave ultraviolet rays, skin cells are easily damaged due to the photochemical reaction, resulting in injury, resulting in erythema inflammation and sunburn.

  ● SPF: Abbreviation for SunProtectionFactor, the general translation is “sun protection factor”.

The sun protection factor is measured for UVB.

  ● MED: MED is the abbreviation of MinimalErythemaDose, and the Chinese translation is “Minimum Redness Dosage of the Skin”.

Refers to the dose at which the skin begins to develop reddish after receiving UVB radiation.

This dose varies from person to person.

  ● PA: A standard indicating the protection ability of sunscreens against UVA.

The effects of UVA are usually chronic and long-term. Compared with the purpose and standard of the test, the UVA just happens to be diverse, so there are more signs.

However, at present, the signs that can be seen in China are mainly PA values.

It is mainly divided into three levels: +, ++, +++.

More + signs indicate stronger defense capabilities.

For yellow people, above ++ is a better choice.

  ● SPF measurement: It is to first measure the MED that is deposited before applying the sunscreen product, and compare it with the MED that must be applied with 2 milligrams per square centimeter after use.

That is to say, the compression has been tanned 10 minutes before use, and it takes 150 minutes to tan red after using sunscreen, the MED increased 15 times before and after use.

This multiple is the SPF measured by this sunscreen product.

For example, if the SPF value is 15, it means that the skin will be red after 150 minutes; SPF30 means that the skin will be red after 300 minutes, and so on.

  ● Non-acne: This product does not cause acne. It is suitable for people with oily skin and prone to acne.

  ● Waterproof: It means that the sunscreen can ensure the sunscreen effect within 80 minutes after entering the water.

  ● Waterproof: It means that the sunscreen can ensure the sunscreen effect within 40 minutes after entering the water.

  ● Anti-sweat: Sunscreen products with anti-sweat effect, of course, some products are less waterproof than sunscreen products with water-proof effect.

  ● Hypoallergenic: Low sensitivity products.

Indicates that this sunscreen product is suitable for sensitive skin and children.

  ● Oil-free: A refreshing sunscreen that contains no oil.

As long as you apply the product lightly on the back of your hand or on the tiger’s mouth, if the skin can absorb it quickly, there is no sticky feeling, oily feeling, and it feels fresh and moist, you can basically identify the product as a qualified refreshing sunscreen.

  KPF: Short for KeratinProtectionFactor.

The new beauty term that appeared last year is a sun protection index specifically for hair, divided into 10 levels.

Many hairdressing products on the market are marked with SPF, which refers to the sun protection ability of the scalp layer.

  Tips: Tips for choosing sunscreen products When choosing sunscreen products, it is best to first try it on your wrist. If the skin appears red, swollen, painful, and itchy within 10 minutes, it means that you have an allergic reaction to the product.Products that are a multiple lower than the sun protection index, if you still have allergic reactions, you can only give up this brand of sun protection products.

Looking at Yoga Diet Conventions from Three Strengths

Looking at Yoga Diet Conventions from Three Strengths

Miss Chen Xueyan is a multi-life yoga instructor. This beautiful coach with Indian descent has been learning yoga from an Indian since she was 6 years old. What is her diet plan for the day?

Look at her menu: Drink 2-3 glasses of purified water immediately after getting up in the morning to help drain away the accumulated waste overnight.

After proper breathing exercises, start to eat breakfast, which is usually milk and two slices of oat bread.

At noon, I usually eat the right amount of rice and fish, chickens, and fruits and vegetables. Because of the relatively large amount of exercise, a certain amount of starch should be added.

The dishes at night are basically the same as lunch, but the amount of starch is relatively reduced, and the variety and quantity of fruits and vegetables are increased.

  When encountering a social dinner that required entertainment, the reporter asked with a smile, if she would put a bowl of water or paper towels in front of herself to absorb and absorb the extra oil, Ms. Chen replied, in fact this effect was not great.

In the cooking process, the meat has absorbed too much oil, and the surface is washed away. Also, you ca n’t wash it once and the waiter needs to change the water. The act is just to give yourself a psychological comfort.It’s better to control your food intake, eat more white meat, vegetables and fruits, eat less fried foods, and more importantly exercise more.

  Regarding her diet secrets, Miss Chen said with a smile that it was actually quite simple, and the key was to stick to it.

She imitates that it is best to choose a variety of fruits and vegetables to eat, and the color should be omitted. For example, the yellow type can weaken skin pigments, the red type is rich in vitamins A and E, and the green type has weight loss and depression.When cooking white rice, it is best to eat it with millet or oats, such as coarse fiber cereals.

She also recommends to readers an easy-to-use and vitamin-rich fruit juice drink, which is 8-in-1 fresh vegetable juice.

Carrots, apples, oranges, pears, celery, cucumbers, mangoes, and tomatoes, according to the proportion, and determine the amount of fruits and vegetables, it is one person, just a small portion of each is enough.

For the family, it may be the whole thing.

The taste is quite delicious. In fact, the matching of this juice is not static. It is best to match it according to the market situation of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

  And for some white-collar workers who are too superstitious about vitamins, Miss Chen Xueyan does not agree. She thinks it is better to absorb from natural foods. In today’s society, absolutely pollution-free foods are actually quite difficult to find.Good natural and pollution-free, it is difficult for you to verify.

  The power of transgender yoga promises to minimize contact with irritating foods such as: shallots, garlic, tea, coffee, nicotine, too salty foods, snacks and fast food.

Refined sugars, sodas and chocolates also belong to foods with decomposition power.

Conservative power can interfere with emotions and make people uneasy or excited.

And it destroys the spirit and is easy to be unhappy.

  Degenerative behavior: Degenerate food causes excessive stimulation of the physiology and easily causes neurological disorders.

  Denatured foods: acidic, bitter, salty, pungent foods that are too dry or burnt can cause disease.

  Inert power reduces the consumption of food with inert power, because the body becomes heavy and tired after eating.

Meat, fish, eggs, drugs and essences are all inert foods.

Roasted, fried, spoiled, preservative food is also included, and Ru also falls into this category.

  Inert behavior: Inert food is harmful to the body, it becomes lazy, slow, and loses motivation.

Overeating is also one of the inert behaviors.

  Inert foods: rotten, off-flavor, unclean foods are loved by people with an inert nature.

  Pleasant Power Foods Pleasant Power Foods are foods that stabilize mood and increase brain power, and are nutrient-rich, natural, and contain no preservatives or artificial flavors, such as: fresh fruits, juices, lettuce salads, cereals, beans, seeds, Milk, etc.

Pleasant food is easy to digest, and it can provide a lot of energy, make people energetic, healthy and uplift, reduce fatigue and work stress.

  Pleasant behavior: Pleasant diet can not only purify the mind, but also stabilize the mood and nourish the body.

It can increase pleasure and maintain a psychological and divine balance.

  Pleasant food: The delicious and delicious food is loved by those with a pleasurable nature. It can prolong life, purify life, and make people healthy and happy.

Cold stomach cold 5 warm stomach soup in winter

Cold stomach cold 5 warm stomach soup in winter

Wenwei Decoction: Five types of Guizao, Chinese Yam Soup, Red Dates (12), soften, peeled yam (300g), diced, add water to boil, cook until soft, add seasoning meat and sugar.

After the longan meat has been cooked, it can be eaten off the heat.

Yam has the function of nourishing the spleen and stomach; longan and red dates are beneficial to qi and blood, and spleen and stomach.

  Wash mutton soup (750 g), cut into thick pieces, and wash white radish (500 g) into pieces.

Simmer in the pot and pour in the base oil. Add the ginger slices and stir-fry. Add the boiling water, add salt, chicken essence, cooking wine, and pepper to taste. After the water is boiled, add the lamb and cook, then add the white radish and turn to low heat.After the radish is stale, sprinkle with scallions and parsley leaves to serve.

This soup replenishes qi, warms the stomach and dispels cold.

  Pepper pork belly soup first wash the pork belly (add salt, vinegar and wash with boiling water), fill the pot with water, put pork belly pieces (or silk) into the pot, add white pepper, cook for about two hours, the soup is thickAdd salt, cooking wine, and MSG to serve.

This soup can be retired before meals.

Pepper is warm and has the effect of dispersing cold in the middle temperature; pork belly has the effect of strengthening the stomach and nourishing the stomach.

  Shizu ginger red jujube soup 10 grams of fresh basil leaves, 3 pieces of ginger, 15 grams of red dates, wash the red dates first, remove the date core, and cut the ginger into pieces.

Cut fresh basil leaves into shreds, add ginger slices and red dates to a casserole filled with warm water and cook over high heat. After the pot is opened, simmer for 30 minutes.

Then remove the basil leaves and ginger slices and cook for 15 minutes on low heat.

This soup has the effect of warming the stomach and dispersing cold, helping digestion and qi.

  Cod Fish Soup with Cod Fish, Codonopsis 15g, Grass Fruit 1.

5 grams, 3 grams of tangerine peel, 3 grams of cinnamon, 6 grams of dried ginger, 10 grains of pepper, onion, sauce, refined salt.

Remove the scales, gills and viscera, then wash the codonopsis, grass fruit, citrus peel, cinnamon, dried ginger, and pepper, put them in the pot together, add the right amount of water, boil quickly, then simmer on low heat, etc.Cook, add onion, sauce and refined salt, cook a little, serve with meals, eat soup with fish.

This soup has the effect of warming the spleen and stomach.