Cold hands and feet?

Seven tricks to prevent easily

Cold hands and feet?
Seven tricks to prevent easily

If it is caused by a disease, naturally the disease needs to be treated first.

For the cold hands and feet that are not the cause of the disease, we must start from all aspects of daily life, and quickly start exercise, diet, medicated food, bathing, massage . naturally the limbs will be warm and ruddy.


Keeping warm and beautiful “freezing” people must.

Pay special attention to keeping your legs and feet warm. If you keep your lower limbs warm, your whole body will feel warm.

Do not wear clothes that are too tight, as clothes that are too tight can interfere with blood circulation.

Before going to bed at night, remember to soak your feet. It is easier to fall asleep when your feet are hot.


Get up early in the morning to do exercise, to speed up blood circulation and metabolism, will be full of energy throughout the day, not easy to get cold.

Simple climbing stairs, jumping in place, etc. all enhance and strengthen the body’s temperature regulation ability.


Dietary vitamin E supplementation; eat more foods containing niacin and B vitamins, which can expand peripheral blood vessels; eat warm foods such as nuts and carrots, avoid eating cold foods, ice products or cold drinks; eat spicy foods appropriatelySuch as chili, pepper, mustard, etc. can promote blood circulation.


Taking traditional Chinese medicine has a fixed prescription for treating cold hands and feet, such as Shiquan Dabu Decoction, Bazhen Decoction, Siwu Decoction, Lizhong Decoction and so on.

These traditional Chinese medicines are usually more suitable for people with debilitating constitution.

However, it is better to ask a Chinese medicine practitioner to prescribe medicine.


Do n’t eat partial meals on time. Excessive weight loss. Let your body store some proper aunts to help maintain your body temperature.

If you know in advance that you can’t eat on time due to busy work today, you can prepare some cookies, bread, or ginseng tea.


Adding ginger or chamomile, cinnamon powder, rosemary and other essential oils to hot water in a bath, and bathing agents such as pepper can promote blood circulation and keep the body warm.

  The Tai Chi Tibetan Medicine Fire Dragon Bath recently launched by Assen Barrel is a meridian fire dragon bath performed with Tibetan medicine-added wooden barrel baths, Tibetan medicine-soaked fire dragon meridian strips, aromatic essential oil meridian detoxification, ear candle craniocerebral decompression, etc.A half-hour operation improves yang qi, and eliminates disease and prolongs disease.


Massage Yangchi points can warm up Yangchi name means hoarding the sun’s trajectory.

The Yangchi acupoint is on the back of a person’s hand, and the position is exactly where the bones between the back of the hand meet.

The way to find it is to tilt the back of the hand first, there will be a few wrinkles on the wrist, and the wrinkles will be shifted near the back of the hand, and a tender point will be found at the center. This point is Yangchi.
Yangchi acupoint is an important acupuncture point for the systemic blood circulation and hormone secretion.

As long as this acupuncture point is stimulated, the blood circulation is quickly and smoothly, and the body is gentle.

  Stimulating the Yangchi acupoint should be carried out slowly, for a long time, and slowly.

It is best to use both hands, first with the middle finger of one hand and hold the other side of the Yangchi acupoint, then use the middle finger of the other hand to stop the Yangchi acupoint of this hand.

This posture can naturally make the power pass from the middle finger to the Yangchi acupoint without the help of others.

Women who have chills in their hands and feet generally only need to keep stimulating the Yangchi point, and once they are not worried about the coming of winter.

  In addition, pressing Yongquan Point, Laogong Point, Qi Chong Point, and tapping Shenshu Point all have certain effects.

Lipstick is attractive but it is best to control the amount


Lipstick is attractive but it is best to control the amount

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have tested the content of nine heavy metals in 32 lipsticks and lip glosses produced in the United States, and found that some may cause metal emissions to exceed the absorption health standards set by the California Environmental Protection Agency and remind consumers to reduce their use.

Chromium, copper, manganese and other metals are essential trace elements of the human body, but whether it is good for replacement.

Researchers say that cadmium implanted by the digestive tract affects the kidneys and bones.

Chromium is a known carcinogen and has been linked to gastric cancer.

Long-term exposure to manganese in the professional environment can affect the central nervous system.

In addition, the toxicity of metals is different.

Very high levels are not necessarily highly toxic to certain aluminums.

The content of lead is relatively low, but the toxicity is very high, especially for children.

  However, consumers do not have to worry about panic, and how much to use is not harmful, and further data and research support are needed.

For those who use lipstick and lip gloss 10 times a day, each time they use very thick and heavy, it is best to pay attention to reducing the number and dosage.

Abnormal love, degenerate my youth for ten years

Abnormal love, degenerate my youth for ten years

When she lived with him, she didn’t know that he was a married woman. After knowing the truth, she had suffered or even committed suicide, but she still didn’t leave him.

She was a “third party” for ten years and gave birth to a son, but eventually returned the man to his wife.

  Story: Jiayan (pseudonym) Gender: Female Age: 31 Education: Vocational high school Occupation: Individual writing: Chu Tianshi Daily News reporter Bi Yun, correspondent Wang Hanling Jiayan (pseudonym) wears a dark green skirt, with a very quiet temperament; she is very thinThe laughter was hearty.

坐定后,她语速很快地说:“你一定很希奇为什么我这个‘第三者’还可以笑出来吧,其实我为了这个错误,付出了很大的代价,我这几年是在Tears came over.

If I knew he was married, I would never be with him.

“It seems Jiayan is a very talkative woman.

  I was born in Chongqing and gave up my dream of art. Although my family was in the countryside, my parents saw me as the pearl of my palm and my mother was a kindergarten teacher.

At the age of six, the mother was unfortunately seriously ill and exhausted all her savings at home.

  In 1992, I was admitted to the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, but the tuition fee was too high, so I had to give up.

I was very sad. I went to the karaoke room to sing alone, and wanted to vent all the unhappiness in my heart.

The owner of the singing hall is a vocal teacher of the Conservatory. When I was about to leave, he stopped me, said that he would accept me for free as a student, and introduced me to the teacher college to repeat it.

I lived up to the expectations of my teacher and successfully passed the music department of Sichuan Normal University.

But the tuition for the music department was still too expensive, and I had to give up my ideals again.

Later, I became a singer in the karaoke room opened by the teacher.

  One night, when I sang Teresa Teng’s “Cloud River”, I saw a man sitting in the corner. The jeans on his body were dirty and he leaned weakly against the back of the chair.

No waiter is willing to bring him tea, because the waiter can tip the guests for tea, but he looks very downcast, who wants to take care of him?

I gave him a cup of tea after I sang the song, and kindly advised him not to come to such a high-consumption place. He looked at me silently and left without saying a word.

  The next day, I received the first call in my life. He called me. On the phone, I knew his name-Yonghao (pseudonym).

He asked with concern why I worked there.

I don’t know why, I have told all the bitterness of these years to this stranger who has only one side to meet.

  That afternoon, Yong Hao appeared in front of me again, and he asked me to go to him if he was in trouble.

I am very touched.

In the future, he will often call to greet me. When the weather changes, he will definitely call to remind me to focus on keeping warm.

Growing up this way, no one except my parents cares about me so much, and is considerate to me. At a young age, I slowly moved on him.

  First love, I fell in love with a husband and wife. I took Yonghao home. My parents liked him very much.

Yonghao told us: His father died when he was very young, but he was very upset and had a stable job in the city.

  We lived together after the flight.

One day, his fellow countryman accidentally said that Yonghao was married in his hometown, and had two children. I was so excited that I could not drink. I poured a bottle of white wine. After waking up, I found Yonghao staying at the bed.Arguing with him, he didn’t say a word.

I was so angry that I rushed out of the house without even wearing my shoes and jumped to the river without thinking.

Maybe I shouldn’t die, an old fisherman saved me.

  I went back to my parents.

I wanted to break this relationship, who knew that Yonghao repeatedly assured me that he had no relationship with his wife Fangping, and would definitely divorce his wife.

I had to go back with him first.

  Yong Hao and Fang Ping talked for a long time, and finally they decided to divorce, and I waited for them to return at Yong Hao’s grandmother’s house.

However, when they returned, they told me that the marriage was not divorced. Fang Ping took away all the belongings of me and Yonghao, and said to me, “Let ‘s go, I do n’t want this man.

“We were penniless and had to walk back from the village to the city on foot.

  Because of our business, Yonghao resigned.

Yonghao came to Wuhan to do fishing gear business with the help of his fellow villagers.I wanted to take advantage of this separation and completely replace him, and then I hid it. Later, I heard that he came back to find me for seven days and seven nights. I relented and met him again.

He knelt in front of me, crying, and asked me to come to Wuhan with him. I was moved again by him. In October 1995, I came to Wuhan with him.

  Jiayan no longer smiled, and was sad and despicable: “Actually, when I did n’t know he was a married woman, he really loved him. He was very tall, well-organized, and thoughtful to me.

For a girl who is only 21 years old and love is beginning, he is the “Prince of White Horse” in my mind, but this “Prince” has deceived the innocent “Princess”.

“Shameful, embarrassing triangle relationship. After we rented the house, we had no savings. We could only work in a fishing gear shop in his hometown. With the efforts of two people, we saved a little later.

In 1996, we started our own fishing gear business.

Business is good, life seems a little dawning, but Yonghao’s wife, Fang Ping, has found Wuhan. My life suddenly turned cloudy, and even worse, I was pregnant with Yonghao’s child.

  I decided to quit and let the couple do the fishing gear business together.

But no one dared to rent a house to a single pregnant woman in the field, but I had no choice but to return to Yonghao and wait for the child to be born. The three of them lived under the same roof awkwardly.

  In March 1997, I gave birth to a son. The child looks beautiful.

Despite my poor health, I wanted to leave with my child as soon as I finished confinement.

Surprisingly, Fang Ping didn’t agree, so she didn’t let me go.

  I said I couldn’t understand it. Jia Yan smiled bitterly and said, “Maybe it’s because Fang Ping has no culture. She is afraid that if I leave, this fishing gear business will not continue.

Fangping took a sum of money from home to join the store.

She said that as long as Yonghao did not divorce her, she would not care about Yonghao and me.

I think waiting until I teach her to do fishing gear business may be a little compensation for her.

  I taught her for three full years, the business in the store became very popular, and several stores around were forced to close.

Later, the daughters of Yonghao and Fangping also came to Wuhan after graduating from junior high school.

见她们母女俩学得差不多了,我就自己在外开了一个零售店预备和他们一家彻底分开,我对芳萍说:“以前是我做了‘第三者’,现在你们一家人团圆了I return you a complete home. I do n’t want a penny of property over the years. Even if it is my compensation for destroying your family, I hope you do n’t come to me again.

“I left Yonghao with my son, but Yonghao kept coming to me.

In October 2002, I asked him how he wanted to resolve this embarrassing triangular relationship, but he did not expect that he would say, “Just go through it, there is nothing bad, no need to divorce.

“For this man, I was completely desperate.

  I accepted my boyfriend Cheng Jie (pseudonym) introduced by my friend. He is very honest and willing to accept our mother and son.

But my relationship with him soon let Yonghao know, and he threatened me not to deal with Cheng Jie.

Later, Yong Hao took my son away from me and sent him back to his native village in Chongqing to prevent our mother and son from meeting.

  Now I am dreaming about my son. When I have a certain financial ability, I will take over my son. I have to cultivate him well. I did not realize the ideal. I hope my son can achieve it for me.

  Jiayan has always been calm, as if she was talking about other people’s affairs. This calmness surprised me. Has the suffering of life already worn away the last passion in her heart?

Before leaving, Jiayan sighed and said, “I really did not expect that the most precious youth time of my life was spent in this wrong love. The beautiful ideals that I had in the beginning could not be achieved. If I could do it again,我决不会做‘第三者’。Like all women, I long for a secure home.

“Reporter’s note: Improper” third party “listening to Jia Yan, I always have a kind of melancholy in my heart, I don’t understand that such a woman, looks, IQ, and character are not bad. Why did it end like this?

  Think calmly, Jia Yan’s love is bound to be a tragedy.

When she was familiar with Yonghao ten years ago, the tragedy began. Now she left Yonghao, and a long and tedious tragedy finally closed.

The cause of Jiayan’s tragedy is because she fell in love with a married woman, but was unable to become the other party’s legitimate wife. After ten years of affection and youth, she eventually got nothing but the name of a “third party”.

  To enjoy one’s love, but to bear more hate, the identity of the “third party” is really embarrassing, and the feeling of love and hate cannot be avoided.

The problem is that when it is inappropriate to be a “third party,” it is entirely possible for you to choose.

At the beginning, when the tragedy began, Jia Yan found that the people around her were married people and decided to leave. Will her life be brighter now?

If the two of them renamed and rebuilt their families according to law in the name of love, how could there be a deformed family of “three coexistence” in this world?

  Human civilization ultimately chose a monogamous marriage system, which makes sense, because it is the most stable and most in line with human nature.

If you fall in love with the people in the siege, you must choose again as soon as possible, and don’t put yourself in the embarrassing “triangle”.

Learning music can enhance language skills

Learning music can enhance language skills

A US study found that learning musical instruments can change the brain, and music training can improve speaking and foreign language skills.

  Although in the past some people thought that listening to Mozart or other classical music could become smarter, there is not enough evidence that music can improve intelligence.

  Not long ago, a study by Northwestern University in the United States supported the data and analyzed related research on the effects of music training on language, speech, memory, attention, and even emotional expression.

  The researchers said in a research report: “This effect of music training shows that, just as physical exercise has an impact on physical health, music can enhance brain vitality and make hearing more acute.

Therefore, it is necessary for our society to recognize the role of music in personal development.

“Studies have found that playing musical instruments can enhance the brain’s ability to distinguish corrective information in a complex process that may include reading, notation, timing, or cooperating with other musicians.

  Researchers analyzed previous research data and found that music-savvy people are better at spelling the best words into a new language than people who are not trained in music.

Autumn fitness attention to four defenses

Autumn fitness attention to four defenses

In the autumn season, if you adhere to proper physical exercise, you can not only adjust your heart and lungs, but also improve the function of internal organs, and it will help enhance the immune function of various tissues and organs and the body’s ability to resist external cold stimuli.

However, due to the large temperature difference between morning and evening in autumn and the dry climate, you must pay attention to the four defenses: to prevent sports strains because human muscles and ligaments will reflect blood vessel constriction and stickiness under high temperature conditions.Increased hysteresis, decreased contraction, increased joint motion range, decreased nervous system command of muscles, and inadequate preparations before exercise can cause joint ligament strains and muscle strains.

The time and content of preparation activities may vary from person to person, and it is generally advisable to achieve physical fever.

  Preventing excessive exercise is a good season for exercise, but at this time, because the body’s yin and yang are in the stage of convergence and internal support, exercise should also follow this principle, that is, the amount of exercise should not be too large to prevent excessive sweating, yangFor air loss, exercise should be easy and gentle, with little activity.

  Prevent colds and colds In the early morning in the autumn, the temperature is low. Do not wear single clothes for outdoor activities. You should increase or decrease your clothes according to outdoor temperature changes.

It is not advisable to take off too much at the time of exercise. You should take off too much clothes after your body becomes hot.

Do n’t wear sweaty clothes in cold wind after exercise to prevent your body from getting cold.

  Anti-autumn autumn, dry climate, and rising temperature are the seasons when the liver qi is strong and the liver qi is weak. It is easy to cause dry throat, less tongue, dry lips, nosebleeds, constipation and other symptoms.

For athletes, they should eat foods that nourish yin, moisturize the lungs, and replenish fluids, such as pears, sesame, honey, white fungus, etc. after each exercise.

  Drink plenty of water after exercise and eat more soft foods such as sugar cane, pear, apple, milk, sesame, fresh vegetables, etc. to maintain the normal secretion of the upper respiratory tract mucosa and prevent sore throat.

If you sweat too much during exercise, you can add a small amount of salt in boiling water to maintain the acid-base balance in your body and prevent muscle spasm. Take a small amount, multiple times, and slow drink as the standard when you add it.

In addition, if you are doing long-distance running exercises, you should also add an appropriate amount of boiling water to prevent hypoglycemia, dizziness, sweating, and limb weakness.

Interpreting the Aerobics Movement

Interpreting the Aerobics Movement

With the continuous development of China’s economy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, health has become the most concerned issue for people in pursuit of alternative lives. Especially since the implementation of certain national fitness programs, more and more people have participated in sports activities.Since then, fitness has become an integral part of people’s lives.

  As a very promising sport, aerobics occupies a very important part of the national fitness activities above. It is a very, very popular sport.

  Aerobics originated in the United States in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Its original English name was “Aerobics”, which means “aerobics”. The name “Aerobics” was just when it just reached the expected time. According to itThe Chinese name for the sports feature.

  Aerobics is a type of aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise is relative to anaerobic exercise. The exercise provided by the human aerobic system is characterized by long activity time and low intensity, which mainly affects the cardiopulmonary function of the practitioner and is the basis of endurance.

  In fact, from the perspective of improving health, only aerobic exercise can well affect the human body and achieve the purpose of exercising.

Aerobic exercises include jogging, cycling, swimming, and all other long-lasting, low-intensity sports activities. Aerobics is just one of them.

  Therefore, from the English original name of aerobics (aerobic exercise), we can trigger such a posture. The basis and essence of aerobics is aerobic exercise, and the specific characteristics of aerobics itself last for a certain period of time.Low-intensity systemic activity.

  Over the years, due to differences in development history and fitness concepts, we have had some misunderstandings about aerobics.

For example, if aerobics is mistaken for aerobic exercises based on joint activities, a longer jumping exercise is added to increase the amount of exercise. Now it seems that this understanding only overlaps the external performance of aerobics and beauty without graspingIts inner essence and essence.

  Judging from the current development of aerobics in foreign countries, the activities of all joints are only part of the warm-up (preparation) of aerobics exercises, and continuous jumping exercises should be avoided due to great damage to the knee joints of the human body.The aerobic exercise part is the most important part of aerobics that affects the human body.

  Another misconception is about strength exercises.

Due to the differences between eastern and western concepts, many women think that large muscle masses affect appearance, so most previous aerobics classes focused on complex upper and lower limb coordination; 动作 the main purpose of improving body coordination, especially upper limb strengthLack of practice.

In fact, strength exercises are also aerobic exercises. A proper amount of strength exercises can increase muscle elasticity, shape the body, and delay aging. It is an important part of aerobics exercises.

As long as you master the right method, muscles can only become more beautiful, making people easier and younger and more energetic.

  Aerobics is divided into two categories, fitness aerobics and competitive aerobics.

Competitive aerobics is developed on the basis of fitness aerobics, and it is an inevitable result of fitness aerobics development to a certain stage, so that aerobics has become a real sport.

  The main purpose of competitive aerobics is to “compete”. During the competition, athletes must complete many difficult technical movements with music within 1 minute and 45 seconds. Therefore, the overall physical fitness and technical level of athletes have high requirements.Here we can grind competitive aerobics, which is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, which is not suitable for us as a means of exercising.

  The main purpose of fitness aerobics is “fitness”, so the movements are relatively simple, the speed of music is slow, and the physical fitness of the practitioners is not high. It is suitable for most people to practice, plus the variety of movements, strong sense of rhythm, canAll aspects of the body are affected. Fitness aerobics is loved by more and more people and has a very broad mass base.

  At present abroad, through the rapid development of aerobics and the continuous change of people’s needs, many new forms of aerobics exercises have emerged, such as: pedal exercises that increase the amount of exercise without increasing the burden on lower limb joints; suitable for the elderly and injuredWater aerobics for practitioners recovering from illness; young favorite combat aerobics; female cognition yoga aerobics to adjust body balance, improve body posture, and aerobics with many different characteristics, suitable for different objects.

  The emergence of these different forms of aerobics has increased the diversity of aerobics exercises, so that people with different needs can find aerobics exercises that are suitable for them, thereby attracting more participation in aerobics and promoting bodybuilding.Further development of aerobics.

  At present, in large and medium-sized cities with good aerobics foundations in some countries, new forms of aerobics exercises have also been introduced, such as pedal aerobics, boxing aerobics, etc., and they have gradually become international in the choice of content and practice methods.Moving up, such as using step-based cycling exercises, increasing the strength of strength exercises, especially the strength of upper limbs, etc., make the internal aerobics movement more international and scientific.

  The main purpose of people participating in aerobics exercises should be fitness and entertainment.

Here we have a better understanding of the fitness functions of aerobics, but we have a different understanding of entertainment.

  In fact, any sports activity is related to entertainment. Seeking happiness is human nature and natural psychological needs. It is the best way to achieve fitness while having fun while achieving fitness.

  Therefore, the aerobics exercise must first aim at the psychological and emotional experience of the practitioner, so that the enthusiasm and vitality, happiness and self-confidence shown by the practitioner, and the sense of accomplishment of self-realization.

  Since everyone’s physical condition and level of exercise are different, participating in aerobics exercises should exclude the idea of competition based on individual differences and self-feeling, based on the principles of safety, non-injury, and self-suitability as standards, and must require too high technologyAnd body posture, entertainment physiology is the first factor we have to consider.

5 Xingzizi prescriptions for treatment of acute mastitis with soy juice

5 Xingzizi prescriptions for treatment of acute mastitis with soy juice

Cocklebur, also known as Hu Lizi, cattle lice, freesia, etc., temperature, taste, bitterness, small poisons, enter the lungs, liver meridian, with scattered wind, dampness, analgesia, nasal pass, insecticideEfficacy can be used for complications such as cold headache, rhinorrhea, runny rhinitis, pruritus, and dampness restraint syndrome.

Modern pharmacological studies of cocklebur seeds have shown that cocklebur seeds contain cocklebur compounds and leaves contain cocklebur alcohol, isoxanol, and cocklebur esters.

Xanthium in vitro test has an inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus. Xanthium tincture can enhance the respiratory movement of frogs, and large doses can inhibit breathing.

  There are many clinical effects of cocklebur seeds, but this drug is toxic and used with strict caution: for chronic rhinitis: 160 grams of cocklebur seeds, 16 grams of Xinyi, 1000 ml of sesame oil.

After warming the sesame oil, add the crushed cocklebur and Xinyi, soak it for 24 hours, and then boil it with a gentle fire until it boils to about 800 milliliters, cool, filter, and bottle for later use.

Nose drops three times a day, two drops each time.

  Treatment of diseases: 100 grams of fresh cocklebur, washed and smashed, fry with water for 15 minutes to remove residue, beat eggs 2?
3, cooked, take the liquid medicine with eggs before elimination, can take 2?
5 agents.
  Treatment of acute mastitis: with cocklebur 7?
8 capsules, put in a bowl, pour a bowl of boiled soybean juice, drink soup.

  Treatment of toothache: 6 grams of cocklebur, roasted and shelled, grind into fines, mix well with an egg, not put oil and salt, and cook it.

Take 1 dose daily, and even take 3 doses.

  Treatment of lower extremity ulcers: Cocklebur 60?
120 grams, stir-fried yellow ground powder, add hog suet 120?
180 grams, mashed like mud, wash the sore surface, apply a paste after drying, and apply a bandage.

How to choose which brand of treadmill is good

How to choose which brand of treadmill is good

Due to the stress of urban life, more and more young people are keen to relieve stress through fitness, and many people gradually buy home fitness equipment to exercise at home. For example, the most common fitness equipment is a treadmill.

So, what brand of treadmill is good?

How is the running posture correct?

Let’s take a look together!

  What brand of treadmill is the best? The treadmill is a very good fitness equipment, not very occupying space, it is also very convenient to use, exercise on the treadmill can consume excess energy in our body, the effect is very good, and the whole bodyExercise makes people do more with less.

Today, running has become a mass fitness exercise for millions of people at home and abroad, and is welcomed by people. It is regarded as the best fitness method and “the most perfect fitness exercise”.

Easy aerobic exercise at home, without having to go outdoors due to weather, traffic, exhaust and other environmental restrictions.

For women, insisting on treadmill exercise can indeed build body and body, and diet can reduce weight and legs; adhere to exercise can be physically pleasing, reduce stress, build self-cultivation, and integrate family relationships.

  Brands Treadmill brands like King Smith, BH (Beijing), Aikang, Xingchi, Yijian, Biqu, SOLE, Shuhua, Qiaoshan, Uber, Huixiang and other brands are all good.

  A good brand of treadmill is very important. It ‘s become a habit of too many modern people to look at brands to buy products. Big brands can indeed bring us consumers better quality assurance, safety guarantee, andPerfect after-sales service can make us feel relieved too much, but with the continuous development of treadmill brands, there are more and more treadmill brands, and there are only a few big brands that can be trusted.You have to go to a mall store to buy. Many people choose to order treadmills online, which is also a very good choice!

  Suspension effect The biggest advantage of using a treadmill over running outdoors is that the treadmill provides shock absorption effects, which greatly eliminates the impact of each step, and protects your joints such as compression and reset.

The original method of shock absorption for treadmills usually uses elastic rubber pads to move the treadmill and base frame forward to make the treadmill in a suspended state and generate vibration absorption to achieve the effect of shock absorption, but this method cannotThe ideal effect is fully achieved, so the fourth-generation treadmill uses a car suspension system to more effectively avoid damage to the body’s bones, heart, and brain caused by running vibration.

  Control Panel Many people do not understand the control panel. In fact, when we buy a treadmill, we need to see whether the panel design is user-friendly. What does this mean?

When we exercise on a treadmill, we need to pay attention to our situation at all times. At this time, whether the panel design of the treadmill is ergonomic is enough.

The control panel of a standard running platform should have at least the basic display functions mentioned above, and the Chinese buttons can be configured with a blue light display.

  Correct running posture 1.

The outside of the heel touches the ground first, then quickly passes into the heel, then to the forefoot, and finally the forefoot is off the ground.

Do not excessively invert and eversion, otherwise it will cause contraction joint damage; when the foot hits the ground, the tremor of the lower limb joints is also wrong, and it is easy to damage the joints and knees.


The knee joint is aligned with the toes.


Hip joints should be relaxed, thighs drive the calf.


Swing arm style, loose shoulders, elbows, half fists.

The arm movement is based on the shoulder joint as the axis. The hand can approach the upper side, but it cannot exceed the midline of the body. When swinging back, you can approach the height.


Hold your head high.

Lift your chest and abdomen, reduce the load on the spine and hip muscles, and keep your eyes straight.


When we use a treadmill to run, we need to control the stride and speed. The feet should be directly under the body. The steps should not be too large or too small. Excessive meetings will increase the center of gravity of the body and increase the reaction of the lower limb joints.Causes a fatal braking effect and easily leads to knee injury.

If the stride is too small, the frequency will be large, and it cannot be unified with the speed of the treadmill. It will also waste energy and physical energy, causing knee injury.

  The best exercise intensity for a treadmill running: Target heart rate In life, the simplest way to divide the aerobic exercise intensity is to understand the heart rate during exercise to determine.

Aerobic exercise heart rate has a specific range. During exercise, it is best to keep the heart rate within this specific range and continue for a certain period of time to obtain the ideal effect of exercise. This specific range is the target heart rate.

If the heart rate is too slow, the fitness effect is poor; if the heart rate is too fast, there is a threat to health.

  Maximum heart rate: 220-age.

  Resting heart rate: Resting heart rate, also known as quiet heart rate, refers to the number of heartbeats per minute in a quiet state of sobriety and inactivity.

  Resting heart rate + (maximum heart rate-resting heart rate) * 60% ≤ target heart rate ≤ resting heart rate + (maximum heart rate-resting heart rate) * 80%.

  The coach specially reminded that before running, be sure to do warm-up exercises, stretching and twisting the body, splitting the possibility of injury.
The treadmill is an electrical device, and there is a possibility of failure. Therefore, before the treadmill starts, step on two feet on the other side of the running belt, and wait for the treadmill to run smoothly before moving on.
  The above introduces which brand of treadmill is good for you. In fact, when we buy a treadmill, we mainly look at whether it is suitable for you and the quality of the treadmill. Do not take the price as the standard so that you can buy a treadmill that suits you.

I hope this article will help you choose the right treadmill for you.

Are you communicative?

Are you communicative?

The famous national educator Carnegie once pointed out that only 15% of a person’s career success is determined by his professional skills, and the other 85% depends on interpersonal relationships.

Are you communicative?

Please answer the following questions: 1. A friend invited you to (his) her birthday.

However, you do n’t know any of the guests: a You refused, telling (him) she said, “I have been invited by another friend that day”.

  b You are willing to go a little early to help (he) prepare her birthday.

  cYou are happy to take a trip to meet them.

  2. On the street, a stranger asks you the route to the train station.

It is difficult to explain clearly, and you have urgent matters: a You ask him to ask a policeman in the distance.

  b You try to tell him simply.

  cYou lead him in the direction of the train station.

  3, your cousin came to your house, you have not seen him for two months.

However, there was a wonderful movie on TV that night: a You leave the TV on, and cousin.

  bYou convince your cousin to watch TV with you.

  cYou turn off the TV and let your cousin see the photos from your holiday.

  4, your father sent you money: a you set aside the money.

  bYou buy something, such as: oil painting, a beautiful lamp, to decorate your bedroom.

  c You and your friends have a small feast.

  5. Your neighbor has to go to the movies and let you take care of their children.

The child woke up and cried: a You closed the bedroom door and went to the dining room to read a book.

  bYou see if the child needs anything.

If he cries for no reason, you let him cry, after all, he will stop.

  cYou hold the child in your arms and hum the song to make him sleep.

  6. If you have leisure, what do you like to do?

  a Stay in the bedroom and listen to music.

  b. Go shopping in the store.

  c Watch movies with friends and discuss with them.

  7. When a colleague around you is sick and stays in the hospital, you often are: a visit when you are free, do n’t go if you are not available

  b. Visit only those close to you.

  c Actively visit.

  8. When you choose friends, you find that: a. You can only get along with people who have the same interests as you.

  b. People with different interests and hobbies can occasionally talk.

  c Generally speaking, you can get along with almost anyone.

  9. If someone asks you to play or sing at a party, you often: a flatly reject.

  b Make an excuse to quit.

  c was pleased to be invited.

  10. How do you feel about others’ dependence on you?

  a Keep away, I don’t like to make friends who are too strong.

  b Generally speaking, I don’t mind, but I hope my friends can have some independence.  c is good, i like to be dependent on others.

  Explanation: 1?
10 questions: a is 1 point, b is 2 points, and c is 3 points.

   25-30 points: You are very communicative, your partners love you very much, you are always smiling, you think more about others than you think about yourself, your friends feel lucky to have a friend like you.

  15-25 points: You don’t like to be alone, you need friends around.

You really like helping out-if it doesn’t cost you too much.

  Below 15 points: Be aware that you are out of the crowd and live only for yourself.

You are a egotist.

To wonder why you have so few friends, come out of your shell

It’s enough to make my wife happy

It’s enough to make my wife happy

Exaggerating the wife’s response to each other to make his wife happy not only to make concessions, but also to make his wife feel fulfilled and able.

  Husbands and wives spend a lot of time together each day. They must show loving care to each other and enjoy quietly. They must take the initiative to express their satisfaction and thanks for the enjoyment.

Do not consider yourself an old man or wife, and take care of everything.

To underestimate the affection of love and ignore the expression of gratitude, it is not far from the days of losing this sincere love.

  Love needs a response.

When you take the cup that your wife handed over and let you drink water, in addition to returning a gentle look, saying a simple “thank you” is a simple thing that everyone can do, but it is often ignored.

  When your wife takes the initiative to cook and ask you to eat, when you sit at the table and see the delicious food, take the initiative to praise one’s craftsmanship, or tell your wife that “this is what I like the most”.
But these simple sentences are often drowned out by the monotonous life that has been used for decades.

Really, these few words are not too many, but they are the key to the other party’s happiness.

It can not only activate the dull atmosphere in the home, but also inspire the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the wife to cook.

Make sure you do better next meal.

  If your wife takes the initiative to do household chores and take the initiative to care about your life, it is your blessing.

Husband and wife are to appreciate each other, everyone needs the affirmation and encouragement of others.

There must be mutual communication, appreciation and love between husband and wife.

If there is a love response, love will be magnified indefinitely.

  Cherish the people around you, cherish every day in front of you, take the initiative to care for each other, and actively respond to the love that each other gives.

Transform the love habit into praise, break the dull atmosphere, talk and laugh and praise.

Although it’s been a long time, the lover around you must still be the most beautiful. Ta is always your best loved one.

  The love that responds is the warmest, because the love that is responded can be perceived by you and me.

  Face to face When a wife is regretful, the right choice for ordinary men is to be a cross talk actor.

Just say these words repeatedly, pay attention to the rhythm, don’t say too much: ah?




and after?

Is that so?

It’s so outrageous!

You’re right!

I support you!

  Bottom line: when they are depressed, just listen patiently.

However, this is extremely difficult for most men.

If you come up with a solution, she will not be able to bear it any more, and she will even blame you, crying and crying, saying that you don’t understand her at all, making you deeply hate why you talk.

  Finding problems, clarifying problems, and finding solutions are the thinking of men.

And a few women do not follow this routine, and how to solve problems, their own feelings are more important.

What she needs is not a method, or you need to know how uncomfortable she is at this moment, and how much she has been hurt inside.

On the girl’s side, when she feels wronged and sad, she will naturally think that she should be in the center of the stage.

The spotlight fell, and from now to forever, it was her monologue time.

As a male, you might as well be the cross talk actor.  Deceptive happy to take three steps to sincerely identify and affirm.

For example: “I know that you have suffered a lot of wrongs and paid a lot for me (some specific examples can work better here), and many women are unable to do so.

At this time, even if the wife is extremely angry, she will suddenly quiet down at this moment, and even skip the tears of love and hate.

No man or woman is affirmed and understood to be a good medicine to drop vigilance and anger. There is no one.

  Expressing pain and understanding and distressing about her sadness.

Such as: looking at her eyes firmly and tenderly, slowing down, “I love you very much and am willing to do anything for you.

I know you’re sad, but I’m sadder when I see you sad . take positive action.

If the woman’s attitude is loose and her eyes are relaxed at this moment, don’t twist it, hug her and be more affectionate.

The intensity went from shallow to deep, first being careful not to touch, then transitioning to re-entering, as if she would fly back to the sky as soon as she let go.

Remove the clouds and rain and clear the sky.

Even if she is struggling, as long as she doesn’t lay you with one foot, it is basically an outright resistance.

A heart-warming hug is essential.