Health diet expert – Zhang Wu


Health diet expert – Zhang Wu

Sorry, everyone has forgotten this Zhang Wuben, a pseudo-health diet expert, and has a best-selling book, “Returning the disease to eat,” and in February 2010, after the guest of Hunan Satellite TV “Encyclopedia”, its popularity has also increased rapidly.

In May 2010, there were media reports of suspects with academic falsification. The book 鈥淢ung Bean Governance Law鈥?triggered the price increase of mung beans in the market, and its therapeutic concept was also questioned by experts.

On May 26, 2010, Zhang Wuben announced a press conference in Beijing to question the media. He presented a sample survey and analysis report on the treatment of the Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Cooperation Center of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.

However, the director of the “Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Branch” and the “Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Cooperation Center of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences” are alleged to have been identified by the above two units.

With the development of the economy, the awareness of human health is becoming more and more powerful. It is also the first choice for everyone to enhance their physical fitness through diet therapy. However, there are so many scammers who swindle consumers in the name of health diet and Zhang Wuben as the most successful wealth at that time.Fake academic qualifications, qualifications, family background and media marketing have become a health diet master to treat myopia?



It’s not a matter of time to drink a bowl of mung bean soup. It’s a matter of time before the Jingcheng bean expensive was thoroughly investigated and proved that everything is a fake 鈥淲u Bentang鈥?tree. It was dismantled overnight. If he did not forget that he would not be blinded by the immediate interests.Maybe it’s a little more beautiful. If consumers can learn more about the channels of knowledge, maybe he won’t be so crazy. We advocate eating. But should we choose scientific basis or more routine?

When women use condoms for contraception, don’t ignore these three alternatives and have a better experience.


When women use condoms for contraception, don’t ignore these three “alternatives” and have a better experience.

Life is fast and stressful, and it is the main theme of modern life.

Many families may not want to become pregnant or directly “Dink” for various reasons.

And how to contraception becomes an important task for these couples.

Perhaps most women do not want to choose contraceptive ring contraception, causing great physical harm, there will be a variety of “sequels”.

Others choose contraceptives, but how much harm this is to the body.

At this time, condoms have become the preferred method of contraception for many couples, but condoms are often used. Do you know that these three kinds of substitutions will be caused?

Let’s take a look at it.

When women use condoms for contraception, don’t ignore these three “alternatives”, there will be a better experience. 1. Unintentionally attracting gynecological inflammation. Couples after marriage, the right amount of husband and wife will benefit each other’s physical health and emotional warming.

We all know that some secretions in the same room process have superior bactericidal ability. If you use condoms for a long time, you may feel uncomfortable in your husband’s life and may cause female gynecological diseases.

Because condoms limit the normal transfer of secretions in women, over time, women’s physical growth is gradually slow, affecting women’s self-cleaning function.

2, quality problems lead to allergies. We combine two categories. One is that each person’s physique is not the same, and some are naturally allergic, it is more difficult to adapt to the layer of fat on the surface of the condom, and some condoms are notFully able to pass the quality.

Choosing inferior condoms, which are mixed with many harmful bacteria, and some unknown hidden dangers, so for women, don’t use condoms to damage your body.

And don’t talk about women, men will cause too much health damage.

3, easy to breed virus bacteria condoms are mostly rubber, and in the process of condom production, the surface will add a lot of oil, once left in the female body, many years will lead to the production of certain bacteria, only in couplesAfter living together, timely urination is an effective way to remove bacteria.

Be careful not to over-clean because of this grease. Otherwise, some beneficial bacteria in the body will be lost, which will seriously distort the balance of bacteria in the body.

Therefore, it is not only convenient to use it for a moment, but to use the condom freely and forget to clean it. Modern women are not easy to live in, and then they have lost their health for such a small matter.

Usually strengthen the exercise, enhance physical fitness, and do not covet the cheap choice of inferior condoms, but it is really harmful to others.

Some vegetables can lose weight, these five vegetables are good for weight loss.


Some vegetables can lose weight, these five vegetables are good for weight loss.


Cabbage cabbage is cool, sweet, into the lungs, stomach, large intestine, bladder.

In addition to sugar, protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, carotene and calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other minerals, is the best weight loss green leafy vegetables.


Celery celery has two kinds of celery and cress, which is cold and cold, sweet and bitter, into the liver, stomach, bladder, containing protein, carotene, vitamin A / B / C / P and a variety of amino acids, minerals, etc.
From the point of view of weight loss, it has the effect of lowering blood pressure and lowering blood pressure, softening blood vessels, and has auxiliary effects on obesity, coronary heart disease and diabetes.


Spinach spinach is cold, sweet, into the lungs, stomach, liver, large intestines.

Sugar, protein, vitamin K, minerals, etc., the most abundant iron.

Its vitamins are second only to cabbage, used to prevent obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and so on.


Amaranth amaranth is warm, the taste of the raw person is spicy, the taste of the acquaintance is sweet, and the lungs, stomach, liver and kidney are the crude fiber foods. They quickly expand after the water is absorbed into the injection channel, which can not only improve the satiety, but also reduce the food intake.It can also relax the bowels and excrete excess nutrients in the body, which has a role to play in weight loss.

Rapeseed, cauliflower, and spinach contain low conversion, which is not conducive to slight formation, and is also an ideal diet vegetable.


Lettuce lettuce contains mannitol to promote the circulation of human blood. Chlorophyll and a large number of supplemental fibers can promote digestion and digestion. Regular consumption can supplement nutrition and supplement slimming health.

Chinese medicine formula: self-administration tea dialysis hypertension


Chinese medicine formula: self-administration tea dialysis hypertension

In medicine, the ideal blood pressure is 120 / 80mmHg, the normal blood pressure is below 130 / 85mmHg, 130-139 / 85-89mmHg is the critical hypertension, the normal high limit; 140-159 / 90-99mmHg is the high blood pressure I,At this time, the body does not have any organic lesions, just pure hypertension; 160-179 / 100-109mmHg for hypertension II, at this time there are left ventricular hypertrophy, heart and brain damage and other organic lesions, but the function is stillRepayment status; 180 / 110mmHg or more for hypertension III, at this time there are complications such as cerebral hemorrhage, heart failure, renal failure, has entered the period of decompensation, and may be life-threatening at any time.

In addition to adhering to medical treatment, patients often use Chinese medicine to alternate with tea to help a good adjuvant treatment.

銆€銆€Gegen tea Gegen tea has the effect of improving blood circulation in the brain. It has better alleviation effects on headache, dizziness, tinnitus and backache and leg pain caused by high blood pressure. It is often cured that Gegen tea has obvious curative effect on treating hypertension.

The preparation method comprises the following steps: washing the pueraria root into a thin slice, 30 grams per day, adding water to boil the offspring tea.

銆€銆€The infusion and decoction of lotus leaf lotus leaf tea have the effect of expanding blood vessels, clearing away heat and lowering blood pressure.

At the same time, the lotus leaf is also a good medicine for reducing fat and fat.

An alternative method for treating high blood pressure is to wash and chop the fresh lotus leaves in half, add appropriate amount of water, and boil off the cold to replace the tea.

銆€銆€The scented tea will take off the dried flowers and soak them in boiling water. It has a unique therapeutic effect on hypertensive patients.

At the same time, silk flower also has the effect of contracting blood vessels and stopping bleeding.

銆€銆€Lotus seed heart tea lotus heart refers to the green and green germ in the middle of the lotus seed. Its taste is extremely bitter, but it has excellent antihypertensive effect.

Lotus seed heart 12 grams of boiling water, drink once a day in the morning and evening, in addition to lowering blood pressure, there are heat, soothe the nerves, strong heart effect.

銆€銆€Corn mustard tea must be 25-30 grams of tea, not only has a good blood pressure lowering effect, but also has the effect of stopping diarrhea, stopping bleeding, diuresis and nourishing the stomach.

In clinical application of corn must be treated for edema and hypertension caused by nephritis, the effect is particularly obvious.

銆€銆€Cassia tea Chinese cassia has the effects of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, clearing liver and improving eyesight.

Every day, 15-20 grams of cassia seed soaked in water instead of tea, is not a cure for high blood pressure, dizziness, and unclear.

銆€銆€The chrysanthemum used in chrysanthemum tea should be chamomile, and its taste is not bitter. Especially, the white chrysanthemum or white chrysanthemum produced by Suhang area is the best, and it has significant curative effect on patients with hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Each time, about 3 grams of tea is used, 3 times a day.

Chrysanthemum and honeysuckle can also be used, and licorice is mixed with fried tea, which has the special effects of Pinggan Mingmu and Qingrejiedu.

銆€銆€Mulberry parasitic tea Chinese herbal medicine mulberry parasitic for kidney and blood.

The clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine shows that the use of mulberry parasitic decoction for tea has a significant auxiliary effect on the treatment of hypertension.

The method of making mulberry parasitic tea is: 15 grams of dried mulberry parasitic products, mixed for 15 minutes after boiling, once every morning and evening.

銆€銆€Shouwu tea Shouwu has the effect of lowering blood fat and reducing thrombosis.

Those who have increased blood lipids, the benefits of drinking Xuwu tea are very obvious.

The preparation method is as follows: 20-30 grams of Shouwu, and boiled for 30 minutes with water, and when the tea is warm, it is placed once a day.

銆€銆€The ingredients contained in Hawthorn Tea Hawthorn can help digestion, dilate blood vessels, lower blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

The method of incorporation is: incorporation of 1-2 pieces of fresh hawthorn fruit.

銆€銆€Of course, hypertensive patients have to supplement their diet from diet, reduce sodium salt, reduce the amount of supplements, and supplement the right amount of high-quality protein, pay attention to calcium and potassium, eat more vegetables and fruits, quit smoking and alcohol, scientific drinking water.

Ten physiques of Chinese medicine, see you this?

With different physique conditioning methods!

Ten physiques of Chinese medicine, see you this?

With different physique conditioning methods!

With the rapid development of the society, the people’s living standards continue to improve, and there is more and more understanding of the quality of life and disease prevention, and the health care has become more and more attention!

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, let’s talk about how different constitutions should be healthy!

The TCM constitution is guided by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and studies the various physical characteristics of human beings, the physiological and pathological characteristics of the physical types, the laws of the defense, and the relationship with the disease, thus guiding a discipline of physical fitness, disease prevention and health care, and rehabilitation.

It is an important part of the life sciences that study human life, health and disease.

Understanding and mastering these laws and their relationship with health and disease play an important guiding role in health care and physical and mental health.

So, what are the classifications and characteristics of our TCM constitution?

Discriminating the type of constitution is mainly based on the characteristics of different physical constitutions, such as morphological structure, physiological function, psychological activity and adaptability, and is divided into different physical types.

Common TCM constitutions are mainly divided into peace and physique, qi deficiency constitution, yang deficiency constitution, damp heat constitution, qi stagnation, blood stasis, and special physique 10 kinds.

1, peace and fitness physique refers to the human body yin and yang temperament, the coordination of the five internal organs, the meridian smooth, the body shape is symmetrical, the disease is replaced by the main characteristics of the institutional state.

The reasons for its formation are mostly due to the good endowment and the health care of the day after tomorrow.

The physical features are mostly characterized by a well-balanced body.

It often shows visible complexion, ethnic moisturizing, thick hair, sleep and peace, good appetite, two normal, reddish tongue, thin white fur, veins and god.

2, qi deficiency constitution, it is characterized by qi deficiency, low breath, and low visceral function.

The reasons for its formation are mostly due to the lack of congenital endowment, and the loss of the day after tomorrow. For example, when the parents are weak, premature birth, improper artificial implantation, partial eclipse, or gas loss due to illness, old and weak.

Characteristics: The morphological characteristics of qi deficiency constitution are characterized by muscle weakness.

The main main performance is that the shortness of breath is short, lazy, tired, sweaty, reddish, fat, with scalloped teeth and imperceptible pulse.

Some of them can be seen with yellow, yellow or pale, pale mouth, hair, hair, dizziness, forgetfulness, or sticky notes.

It is recommended that this constitution should be qi and spleen.

Recipe: Shenqi Baizhu Pill, Buzhong Yiqi Decoction.

Formula: raw sun ginseng 12g, astragalus 30g, huangjing 15g, yam 15g, coix seed 30g, jujube 3, sputum 15g, fried atractylodes 12g.

Therapeutic side: steamed chicken soup.

Ginseng 15g, shiitake mushroom 15g, ham 20g, hen 1, seasoning amount.

Stewed together.

3, yang physique yang physique refers to the body’s lack of yang, resulting in a biased body, the body can not be warm and cold, the cold body and other cold phenomenon as the main characteristics of the physical state.

The reasons for the shape are mostly congenital deficiency or loss of support.

Such as when the parents are weak, or the elderly are born prematurely, or old aging.

Characteristics: The body is white and fat, the muscles are soft, and the meat is not strong.

Often expressed as: chills, cold hands and feet, hot diet, dark complexion, pale lips, easy to fall, easy to sweat, thin stools, long urine.

Psychological characteristics are more calm and introverted.

It is recommended that this constitution should be warmed to kidney (spleen) yang.

Recipe: Shenqi Baizhu San, Sishen Pill.

Formula: psoralen 10g, Eucommia 10g, Dodder 15g, Morinda 10g, Fried Atractylodes 12g Cinnamon 6g.

Therapeutic side: Angelica mutton soup, mutton 500g, angelica 15g, ginger 20g, add 500ml water, soup.

Warming the blood, the pain of cold.

4, blood deficiency constitution blood deficiency constitution refers to the body due to lack of blood or blood support function, resulting in physical bias, with blood deficiency can not support the body as the main feature of the institutional state.

Characteristics: The body is thin and the muscles are soft.His face is white, his lips are pale, his claws are pale, his eyes are dizzy, his limbs are numb, his tongue is pale, his veins are weak, his women have less menstrual flow, delays, and even amenorrhea.

Most of the psychological characteristics are introverted and calm.

It is recommended that this constitution should nourish Yin and blood, prescription: Guipi Decoction, Shiquan Dabu Tang.

Formula: Angelica 15g, Astragalus 30g, Ejiao 10g, Longan meat 15g, raw land 15g, Hawthorn 15g and other therapeutic side: Longan meat 15g, jujube 5, black sesame 10g honey amount, porridge, add Ejiao 5g melt.

5, yin deficiency yin deficiency physique refers to the body due to ejaculation or liquid breakthrough, resulting in physical bias, with less loss of Jin, yin deficiency, etc., the performance is lost in nourishment as the main feature of the physical state.

Characteristics: The physical features are mostly elongated and long.

Mainly manifested in the hands and feet heart heat, easy to dry throat, thirst like cold drinks, dry stool, red tongue, less Tsui, less moss, or flushing, both eyes dry.

Most of the psychological characteristics are irritable, extroverted and lively.

It is recommended that this constitution should nourish the liver and kidney.

Recipe: Zhibai Dihuang Pills, Liuwei Dihuang Pills.

Formula: Rehmannia Rehmannia 15g, Hawthorn 10g, Ophiopogon 15g, Radix Salvia 15g, Yam 30g, Raw Ground 15g, Zhimu 10g, Danpi 15g.

Therapeutic side: Tremella fuciformis, white fungus 50g, pear 2, rock sugar 200g, white fungus soaked, pear cut into pieces, add water 2000ml, simmer open, add rock sugar Serve.

6, phlegm and dampness physique refers to the physical state of the human body due to phlegm and dampness, which leads to physical bias, with the characteristics of body fatness, viscous turbidity and other phlegm.

Characteristics and performance: The physical features are more common in the body, and the abdomen is plump and soft.

The main performances are: sweaty and sticky, chest tightness and sputum, like eating fat, greasy tongue coating, pulse slippery.

The mouth is sticky or sweet.

Psychological characteristics: gentle personality, steady and courteous, open-minded, good at patience.

It is recommended that this constitution should be spleen and dampness.

Recipe: Shenqi Baizhu San, Cangfu guide soup.

Formula: Atractylodes 10g, Atractylodes 10g, 鑼嫇15g, Alisma 15g, Coix seed 30g, lentils 10g.

Therapeutic side: 100 grams of red beans, 4 red dates, 10 grams of dried tangerine peel, a squid, add 2500ml of soup, add the right amount of salt.

7, damp heat body damp heat constitution refers to the human body due to the heat and moisture in the body caused by the body bias, with the surface oil and light, yellow greasy moss and other wet heat performance as the main characteristics of the physical state.

Performance and characteristics: physical features often appear to be fat.

Common flat surface oily, easy to produce acne, tongue reddish yellow greasy, easy to mouth dry mouth, heavy and sleepy.

Men easily scrotal cysts, women are easy to bring a lot of more, more pulse see slip.

Psychological characteristics: character is irritable and irritable.

It is recommended that this constitution should be clear and hot.

Recipe: Longdan Xiegan Decoction.

Formula: gentian 10g, capillaris 15g, atractylodes 10g, Alisma 15g, raw land 15g, psyllium 15g, astragalus 10g.

Therapeutic side: the amount of mung bean, the amount of coix seed, add sugar to serve.

8, qi stagnation qi physique refers to the body due to poor mood or poor air movement caused by physical bias, the emotional depression caused by qi stagnation caused by the fragile, sensitive and suspicious performance as the main characteristics of the physical state.

Performance and characteristics: The physical features often appear as melancholy and melancholy.

Common chest fullness, or pain, more with good interest, foreign body sensation between the throat.

Breast pain, pale red tongue and thin white, thin veins.

Psychological characteristics: mostly introverted distortion, fragile and fragile, sensitive and suspicious.

It is recommended that this constitution should be relieved of liver and depression.

Recipe: Xiaoyao San, Chaihu Shugan San.

Formula: Bupleurum 12g, Angelica 15g, Green Skin 10g, Bergamot 15g, Sauteed with 10g, etc.

Therapeutic side: Erhua Liqi tea, rose 10g, rose 10g, black tea 3g, boiled tea.

9, blood stasis, blood stasis physique refers to the human body due to poor blood supply or the body’s blood to replace the dissipated to cause physical bias, with poor blood, dark purple and other blood stasis as the main characteristics of the physical state.Performance and characteristics: Physical characteristics often appear as thin people.

Common facial dull, dark skin or pigmentation, prone to freckle, prone to pain, dark purple lips, pale tongue with spots, thin white fur, pulse.

Psychological characteristics: mostly depressed, unhappy and prone, impatient and forgetful.

It is recommended that this constitution should promote blood circulation and phlegm, and the prescription: Xuefu Zhuyu soup, body pain and sputum.

Formula: safflower 10g, angelica 15g, fried peach kernel 10g, red peony 15g, notoginseng 10g, Zeeland 10g Bupleurum 12g.

Therapeutic side: bloody therapeutic tea.

Rose 15g Angelica 6g ginger 3 pieces of jujube 5, blood circulation and relieving pain.

10, special physique is allergic physique, refers to a physical state of the human body due to lack of congenital endowment value or due to changes in the physical function of the body and the external environment, resulting in changes in adaptive capacity.

Often due to allergies, it is manifested as allergy symptoms.

Performance and characteristics: Some of the physical characteristics of this system have no special performance, or have deformities, or have congenital physiological defects.

Or express hereditary congenital familial features.

Psychological characteristics: Different due to different endowments.

The above is the Chinese physique and health knowledge that we talk about. I believe that everyone should have some understanding of their physique and be able to maintain their health according to their own physique!

Finally, I wish you good health and longevity!

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What kind of food can the office workers eat? These six kinds of foods are indispensable.


What kind of food can the office workers eat? These six kinds of foods are indispensable.

Fish is one of the foods of choice for promoting mental development.

It is rich in lecithin in the fish head. It is an important source of neurotransmitters in the human brain. It can enhance people’s memory, thinking and analysis ability, and can control the degeneration of brain cells and delay the aging of sputum pumps.

Fish is also an excellent source of high-quality protein and calcium, especially with a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids – 3 fatty acids, which are especially important for the normal development of the brain and eyes.

Walnut walnut is recognized as a traditional Chinese brain-healing food because of its own unsaturated fatty acids. I hope that children will eat it.

2 per day?
3 walnuts are suitable, persevere, in order to strengthen the memory and eliminate brain fatigue by nutrition brain.

But you can’t overeating. If you eat too much, you will have dry stools and nosebleeds.

Milk is a high quality protein, riboflavin, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin B12.

An excellent source of vitamin D, these nutrients provide the brain with the variety of nutrients it needs.

Egg and egg protein is a high-quality protein. Egg yolk is rich in lecithin, triglyceride, cholesterol and vitellin, which plays an important role in the development of nerves. It has the effect of enhancing memory and brain and brain.

Pumpkin squash is an excellent source of beta-carotene. Vitamin A in pumpkins outweighs green vegetables and vitamins C, zinc, potassium and cellulose.

Chinese medicine believes that: pumpkin tastes sweet and flat, has a clear-hearted 缁?anisine 锜捐湇 function, can treat dizziness, upset, thirst and other yin deficiency fire.

Therefore, people with neurasthenia and memory loss will eat pumpkins for cooking once a day, and the treatment course is not limited, and there is a better therapeutic effect.

Sunflower seeds are rich in iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements and vitamin E, so that sunflower seeds have a certain brain and brain function.

Practice has proved that people who like sunflower seeds, in addition to the skin is ruddy, delicate, and the brain is quick-thinking, memory is strong, and the conversation is methodical.

Woman, do you know why you are getting fat?


Woman, do you know why you are getting fat?

Many women in the body like this vortex will not necessarily be thin, but eat a little will definitely not eat fat, a pound, eat a pound of fat, ten pounds, as long as they don’t move, they feel that they are really wanting to exchange with people who are not fat.The body causes obesity in women’s obesity. Stress and bad emotions Face a lot of pressure in life. Many women simply find a way to release them. These stressful emotions are silent in the heart and cannot be released for a long time.

Many women choose to overeating in order to release stress, hoping to seek some comfort from the diet.

The amount of exercise is much lower. Women are sub-healthy, and most of the reasons for this are due to the small amount of exercise, which also leads to weight gain.

This will accumulate over time and will have a great impact on physical health.

Alcohol leads to the need to play in the face of work, and there is always something like alcohol.

There are a lot of involuntary people in the workplace, and drinking is also an important indicator of success for the list, and the work of alcohol makes many women feel good.

Insufficient sleep less than 6 hours of sleep, the number of fat people is obviously insufficient, to ensure extra sleep.

Adults must be guaranteed for 8 hours, children and children for 10 hours, so that the body can achieve a scientific balance.

Insufficient sleep can lead to internal secretion disorders.

The human body undergoes its own metabolic regulation during sleep, restores balance, and enables these functions to achieve healthy and scientific metabolic status.

Salty foods eat too much sodium salt implanted in the body, which will cause sodium water to flow, leading to the silky fat of the Chinese medicine, that is, converted into sputum.

This condition is also likely to cause heart disease and kidney disease.

The World Health Organization clearly stipulates that salt intake should not exceed 6 grams per day. Relevant nutrition reports show that Chinese people are overeating, basically more than 12 grams per day.

This phenomenon is very serious and needs to be highly recognized by residents.

Reasons for getting fatter in middle age are physiological factors Physiological factors are one of the reasons for getting fat, when people have reached 30?
At the age of 35, the various biological functions inside the body begin to decline, such as the respiratory system, the heart function, etc. will go downhill, the corresponding metabolism will be affected, the body energy consumption will be reduced, so that a lot of small accumulation can not be accumulatedConsumption, and will mainly accumulate in the bones, top and most.

At 30?
At the age of 80, 40% of the muscle mass of the human body will disappear, muscle fibers will decrease, and the remaining muscles will become weak.

Similarly, the strength and quality of bones will lose 1% every decade after age 30.

Psychological factors refer to the comfortable life mood.

After a woman has given birth to a child or married, her living environment has changed and her mood has changed.

Most of them live happily, relax, and have a comfortable state of mind. It is easy to relax and lazy in a long time. Relaxing the strict requirements on the body before marriage is one of the important factors of obesity.

The decrease in exercise volume increases the growth of age, the amount of activity in middle-aged and old people, and the amount of exercise are reduced to varying degrees. If the nature of work changes, and a large number of people change to a relatively easy job or retreat to the second line, life tends to be stable.The level of mental stress is also relaxed, so that the meal is fragrant and eaten a lot. The amount of insertion in the invisible exceeds the required amount, and the long time will cause obesity.

Dietary factors Most housewives and mothers have a common problem. After taking the child, they have time to eat. At this moment, the body consumption is low, which may be a huge problem for weight loss.

Basically, most diligent middle-aged women are used to eating things that their children have not finished eating, and inadvertently eat more.

Moreover, some people feel very poor and feel that their desire to eat is not satisfied.

And international research proves that not enough will cause the brain to direct our behavior and continue to eat.

Women’s weight loss method life articles 1, diet regulations strictly adhere to and develop the “early eat, eat in the afternoon, eat less late” diet, which “eat less late” is the key to weight loss!

There are three points to note here: First, you must have breakfast.

People who do not eat breakfast are prone to gain weight.

2, adhere to an hour after a meal, quickly walk a lot of people too much part of the buttocks and abdomen, such people have a common feature, either long-term military work, or do not love activities.

Before the distal end is placed, before the computer, before the TV, the excess volume can not be consumed, and it is converted into trace deposits at the sleeve and the end.

Diet articles 1, sputum edema weight loss diet breakfast: 1 bowl of glutinous rice porridge, 1 cup of cucumber, 鏋告潪 30 grams of soaked in water.

銆€銆€Coming soon: 1 dish of daylily, 1/2 bowl of rice.

銆€銆€Dinner: 1 serving of vegetable soup, 1 small bowl of rice, and 30 grams of soaked in water.

2, protein protein is a necessary component of the human body, is the material basis of all life activities, essential.

However, in the process of protein intake, attention should be paid to half of animal and plant proteins, and attention should be paid to 1 kg per kg of body weight.


The amount of 5 grams.

銆€銆€Animal protein: low-fat dairy products, eggs, lean meat, deep-sea fish, etc.
銆€銆€Vegetable protein: beans, cereals, nuts, etc.

Exercise 1, doing strength training twice a week and doing 15 minutes of weight lifting twice a week can restore the metabolic rate to the past.

The calories burned by the muscles are 9 times the amount of calories.

Regular strength training is enough for your metabolic rate from 6.

8% increased to 7.


This means that if you train your muscles to increase your weight, you still weigh 55 kilograms, or even do nothing, you can consume about 100 calories a day.

Buy a beautiful little dumbbell and start tomorrow!

2, the correction of sit-ups and the previous sit-ups are different: the feet should be raised higher than the body level; hands are placed in front of the body; each time the body relaxes and rests flat, only step on the ground, can not step on the ground.
Make sure to exhale when contracting, inhale while relaxing, aim at the angle, and the angle between the thigh and the body is 90 degrees.

These are the tips to help you stay away from abdominal obesity.

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Female plump and obese

Female plump and obese

Young girls like to be slim, often have a slight increase in weight, or some parts of the body are slightly plump, they are considered obese, and they want to slim down through weight loss measures.
In fact, according to the survey, more than half of the girls who think they are obese are normal in weight and size.
銆€銆€Girls from 13-18 years old are puberty. During this period, the body will change a lot. The average height will increase by 6-8 cm per year, even 10-13 cm; the weight will increase accordingly, and the annual increase will be 5-6 kg.Even up to 10 kg.
Not only the reproductive organs develop very quickly, but also the development of women’s secondary sexual characteristics is very rapid, such as the chest becomes full, the pelvis widens, and the subcutaneous fat increases, especially in the chest, back, breasts, buttocks, thighs, etc.
This distribution has obvious characteristics of sexual characteristics, showing the unique body shape of the girl.
As the saying goes: “The 18th National Women’s Congress” refers to the developmental changes of this period. This normal fullness and obesity are fundamentally different.
銆€銆€In addition, some young women are physically strong, heavy, and not obese, but because their muscles are more developed.
Most of this is related to regular physical exercise, high labor intensity, genetic factors or high levels of androgen in the body.
Females contain certain androgen, which is mainly produced in the adrenal cortex.
After the girl’s puberty, the hair and pubic hair are caused by androgen in the body.
Because androgen can promote protein anabolism, these girls have more developed muscles, which are common in the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, which is not obese.
銆€銆€Modern medicine believes that the actual weight does not exceed 20% of the standard weight is not obese, called “overweight”; more than 20-30% is mild obesity; more than 30-50% is moderate obesity; more than 50%Severe obesity.
銆€銆€Therefore, young girls do not think that they are fat and worried about one-sidedness; let alone blindly adopt the “diet” measures to lose weight without medical examination and guidance, because this kind of weight loss that violates the normal physiological development law, the lighter is harmful to health, and the other is serious.There is life worry.

8 major considerations for summer decoration


8 major considerations for summer decoration

Note 1: The summer decoration safety is higher in summer and summer, the climate is dry, and the materials on the construction site are stacked. From the safety point of view, the materials are placed in a cool place to avoid the internal fire due to the lack of air and the temperature is too high.

Summer materials should also be minimized at the construction site, which can reduce the hidden dangers of accidents. In addition, the electrical appliances and tools should be kept at a distance from the materials during the operation. Try to keep away from the materials when working. It is best to make the working area and material area aReasonable division.

銆€銆€Note 2: Service ventilation, prevent pollution caused by decoration In order to avoid damage in the 鈥渉igh-risk period鈥?of summer decoration pollution, in addition to trying to choose non-toxic and less toxic decorative materials, please do not need to install the home improvement company.Good renovation of the room for ventilation and air purification.

If possible, allow the room to be ventilated as much as possible; if not, use indoor ventilation and an air purifier that reduces harmful gases in the room.

銆€銆€Note 3: moisture-proof, anti-explosive summer purchase of wood products including construction main material large core board, accessories white wood strip, Yin corner line, door edge line, window frame line and skirting board under the wall, etc., need to detect the gap of wood productsrate.

In the building materials market, general wood products franchise stores should have a measuring instrument for the slenderness of wood.

According to national regulations, the volume ratio of standard plates should not exceed 12%.

Experts suggest that when purchasing materials during the rainy season, it is appropriate to choose a dry one. When the material comes into the field, it will be placed for a day or two, so that it is the same as the surrounding humidity, so it is more suitable to use.

銆€銆€In addition, the board should be protected from strong sunlight; if it is wet in rainy days, it should be protected from moisture and deformation when stored.

Do not put the plates and wood in a room exposed to direct sunlight, and the sun-exposed wooden products decorate the paint and glue to accelerate aging.

It is also necessary to prevent the wooden products with excessive rain from causing swelling and deformation, and even mildew, so pay special attention to daily life.

銆€銆€Note 4: Wallpapers, paints should be natural dry paint and wallpaper is a commonly used wall material.

In the spring, because of the air circulation, in order to allow it to dry as quickly as possible, the doors and windows are wide open and ventilated.

Summer is different, because it is dry, so the wallpaper should be soaked in water before being laid, and then brushed.

If you want to open the doors and windows at this time, let the wallpapers that have just been paved blow “wearing the wind”, the wallpaper will shrink and deform due to the rapid loss of water.

銆€銆€Note 5: Remove the musty smell In the home decoration, you will often encounter latex paint because it is slow to dry, and it will be mildewed and odor in hot and humid weather.

The general method of the decoration company is to open the air conditioner to dehumidify and remove the moisture in the air; the furniture cabinet door is not closed and kept ventilated.

After the renovation, there will be problems with various odors that will not be able to go out, affecting people’s health.

The decoration company’s suggestion is to put more green plants after the decoration, or put two or three lemons, oranges and bananas in the room to achieve a quick taste.

銆€銆€Note 6: Rainy days do not paint experts suggest that for wood products, whether it is brush varnish or mixed oil, remember not to brush in the rainy days.

On rainy days, please ask the construction team to do some other work first, or even temporarily stop working for two days, and don’t do paint work on rainy days.

銆€銆€Note 7: Step by step, do not rush to repair the spring air humidity, wall, floor, wooden furniture contains more water.

In the summer, the air gradually becomes dry. At this time, some problems may occur due to seasonal changes, temperature and humidity. For example, the wooden floor shrinks, the gap between the board and the board increases; the wall and the door frame are different materials.The shrinkage rate is different, there is a gap; the wall is cracked. These are the normal phenomena that appear in the conversion conversion.

At this time, the water will continue to volatilize and the wall may continue to crack.

You should wait until the wall moisture and the outside climate are suitable for another repair, so the effect will be better.

銆€銆€Note 8: The heating sheet should be considered inside. Although you will not use heating in the hot summer, you will feel the importance of heating in the gradual living.

And the home renovation project is “non-repeatable”, so you should take into account the replacement of the heating whenever you renovate.

In the current home decoration, replacing the traditional cast iron radiator with a new type of steel tube radiator with good heating effect and beautiful appearance has become a popular trend.

However, you should greet the relevant departments.