[How to make orange peel]_Orange peel_How to make_How to make

[How to make orange peel]_Orange peel_How to make_How to make

There are many ways to eat orange peel. They may be eaten in porridge, eaten in soup, eaten in tea, or even brewed into wine. In addition, people like to eatOrange peels make delicious dishes.

First, how to make orange peel and orange peel porridge: When cooking rice porridge, put a few pieces of orange peel before the porridge burns. After the porridge is cooked, the aroma is delicious and appetizing, and the person with full chest or abdomen or coughing up sputum, Can implement the role of diet therapy.

Orange Peel Soup: When making broth or pork rib soup, put a few pieces of orange peel, the soup tastes delicious, of which there is a slight orange flavor, without greasy feeling.

Orange Peel Tea: Cut the cleaned orange peel into shreds, dices or pieces. You can brew it with boiling water alone, or you can drink it with tea. It tastes fragrant and has appetizing, aerating and refreshing effects.

Orange Peel: Soak the dried orange peel in white wine, and it can be stored after about 20 days.

Orange wine has the effect of clearing the lungs and reducing phlegm.

If soaked for a longer time, the wine tastes better.

Orange peel: Soak fresh orange peel in clear water for 2 days, cut into thin filaments, and marinate with white sugar for 20 days to become a very delicious appetizer.

It tastes sweet and refreshing, and also has a hangover effect.

Second, spicy fried orange peel 1.

The orange peel is boiled with water and then bleached with cold water for a day.


Orange peel cut into small dices.


Heat the pan with cold oil and stir-fry the chili peppers.


Stir fry the orange peel.


Transfer in the right amount of soy sauce.


Mix in a small amount of salt and moderate MSG.

Tips: The orange peel must be cooked first and then rinsed with water, otherwise it will be bitter.

Third, sugared orange peel 1.

Orange peel rubs the surface with salt and soaks in water overnight.


Drain the soaked water, add water to the orange peel and simmer for 15 minutes on a low heat. Cook until the orange peel becomes translucent.


Pour off the water and rinse the orange peel with cold water.


Use a fruit knife to carefully remove the white crickets.


Rinse with water after cutting all.


Cut orange peel into shreds or dices.


Squeeze with half a lemon.


Add an appropriate amount of mineral water to the orange peel, just as long as the orange peel is fine.
Add 100g of rock sugar, lemon juice, and boil over medium heat.

Cook until the water is quick-drying, then reduce to low heat and simmer until the water completely evaporates, and the syrup is completely wrapped on the orange peel.


Until the orange peel is slightly dried and candied, it can be stored in a bottle after refrigerating.

Tips: Soak the orange peel overnight to remove the bitterness. The amount of sugar can be increased in moderation. The larger the amount of sugar, the longer the storage time will be.

[How many calories in a bowl of white rice]_energy_effect

[How many calories in a bowl of white rice]_energy_effect

A bowl of white rice can reach 232 calories in an instant, and it has no effect on our weight loss. We do not need to deliberately not eat rice, we can eat less to ensure the minimum calories required by the body every day.

The content of rice is mainly the crushing of starch. If you eat too much rice, it will easily cause too much. However, everyone who wants to lose weight can exercise methods and control their diet problems.

A bowl of rice transitions around 232 kcal.

Because the types of rice used in different households are different, the rise of rice grains is different, and the preference for eating soft and hard rice is different, so the amount of water added is different. Therefore, the weight of steamed rice is not accurate, or not.It is too general to be relatively accurate with raw rice.

Many nutrition recipes introduce a bowl of white rice with a degeneration of 300 kcal, and the average content of 100 grams (two or two) of steamed rice in “Chinese Food Grain Table” (2009 edition) is 116 kcal.

A bowl of rice (porcelain bowl) is about 200 grams.

Food packaging is labeled with 500kj, but energy, which is converted into calories, so divide by 4.

184, which is 500/4.

184 = 119.

5 calories, that’s its calories.

1 kcal = 1 kcal = 1 card, = 4.

184 joules kcal = card = kcal 1 kcal = 1000 kcal is a unit of energy and a card is a conversion unit, so to convert: 1 kcal / 1 kcal / 1 card = 4.

A sample of 184 kilojoules (kJ) with a food package labeled 500kj (this is energy, which is converted into calories, so divide by 4.

184 = 119.

5 calories, this is its calories) The energy package is marked on the food package (if it is followed by kj), then it must be divided by 4.

184, if it is followed by kcal, then there is no need to divide by 4.

184, because this is already a unit of calories 1 bowl of rice (porcelain bowl) (200 grams) 232 kcal (common bowl at home, Sheng rice 200 grams about 232 kcal) 1 box of rice (fast food lunch box) (300 g, A full box, flush with the height of the lunch box, compacted 348 calories) The nutrient content of the rice (per 100 grams): Transformation (calorie) 116.

00 Cobalt (g) 25.

90 Aunt (gram) 0.

30 protein (g) 2.

60,100 grams of rice is full of about 3 tablespoons (eating chaotic white ceramic spoons), the picture below (the weight of the plate has gone) so, a bowl of rice at home is about 232 kcal (up to), 1 bowl each at noon and eveningThe meal is only over 400 calories, plus the food to eat, a total of 1,000 calories at noon and night, plus the conversion in the morning, it is normal to eat some fruit during the day, reaching about 1500 calories, and it is also sureIt will not be fat, as long as you exercise more!

) Reproductive women need about 1,700 kcal per day for men to eat normally. At least 2,000 kcal for men.

Easily lose weight for forty minutes a day

Easily lose weight for forty minutes a day

Forty minutes a day to easily lose weight and lose weight are: 1.

10 minutes in the morning brisk walking 2.

Exercise 10 minutes after lunch 3.

10 minutes in the afternoon 4.

Thin belly at 10 minutes at night.


10 minutes in the morning brisk walking every morning from the doorstep to the bus station, do a group of 10 minutes to enhance the vitality of brisk walking-at 100 per minute?
Walk at a speed of about 120 steps to reach a point where you are slightly asthmatic and your heart rate is significantly accelerated.

  Effect: Brisk walking belongs to aerobic exercise, awakens your vitality, and makes your metabolism flourish. It not only burns the excess changes accumulated the previous day, but also makes you full of energy in the morning.

  Weight loss breakfast suggestions: A good breakfast should include three things: cereals (such as uncooked semolina bread, eight treasures porridge, black rice bread, wowotou, fennel wrap, etc.) fruits and dairy products.

It is best to drink milk with little aunt.

Whoever eats this kind of breakfast will kill three birds with one stone; rich in glucose, young aunt, rich in vitamins and minerals.

  Recommended breakfast recipes: black tea (bags), milk (fresh milk or boxed milk), Wangzi steamed buns, fruit.

  10 minutes of fitness and 30 at a time?
The 40-minute concentrated exercise method can reduce 30% more aunts and at the same time effectively enhance cardiovascular endurance.

Studies have also shown that women who are able to walk 10 minutes a day can eliminate double aunts than women who only do concentrated exercise.


Walk for 10 minutes after lunch and prepare a pair of flat heels in the office.

After lunch at noon, about 10 minutes, go outside the office and do a quick walk every 10 minutes burning; or climb the stairs for 10 minutes.

  If you are too lazy to exercise, you can also invest 30 minutes, in short, don’t sit still.

  Effect: 30 minutes after a meal is the time accumulated by the little belly aunt, exercise during this time can effectively reduce belly and legs.

  Weight Loss Lunch Suggestion: Full lunch, you can eat some fresh vegetables, fish and lean meat.

If you bring your own lunch, it is recommended that you bring your own fruit as a supplement every day, and it is best to eat it about 1 hour after lunch. Green leafy vegetables should be taken more for dinner.

According to the loved ones in the box lunch family, you can bring your own braised eggs, ready-to-eat soy products and fresh radishes, tomatoes, and cucumbers to supplement the lack of absorption of protein, minerals, vitamins and cellulose.


10 minutes in the afternoon. Take a break during busy work in the afternoon. Use two mineral water bottles to do 10-minute exercises for arm strength; it’s very simple. It’s like lifting a dumbbell. While watching the computer, you can lift it up and lower it.Exercise like dumbbells.

  Effect: Relax the pressure on the shoulder and cervical spine, and prevent occupational diseases of white-collar cervical spine.

At the same time, it can also shape the lines of the skull and arms, and subtract the excess.

  Afternoon Tea: If you get hungry in the afternoon and want a snack, you can have afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea must be paired like a dinner, and salty and sweet can be selected according to your own taste.

We can choose a biscuit, a cheese, a seasonal fruit, a cup of light tea, or a glass of mineral water with lemon . It will replace your regret of eating too little lunch and prevent hypoglycemia from causing fatigue,You can also stand up to the rumbling protest in the afternoon, keep the beautiful curve, and relax the fatigue that has accumulated throughout the day.


Thin belly at 10 minutes at night. Half an hour before bedtime at night. Do 10 minutes of abdominal fat reduction exercise.

  Specifically, you can do sit-ups, or various exercises for thin belly, such as lying on the ground, straightening your feet and then lifting, returning, do not touch the ground, repeat the action.

Don’t exercise too short before bedtime, just breathe a little.

  Effect: Effectively reduce abdomen.

Let your aunt continue to burn while you sleep.

  If you need more skinny legs, you can also do some skinny legs.
  Bedtime Diet: Not eating for three hours before bedtime is the golden principle of weight loss. Conversion, dinner should be as light as possible, more protein, less small amounts and traces.

Middle-aged test leg strength lying down and lift enough

Middle-aged test leg strength lying down and lift enough

Studies have found that long-term inactivity leads to muscle atrophy, which is the main factor that reduces the freedom of movement of middle-aged people.

As the saying goes, “the old leg is the oldest”. Weak leg muscles can cause unstable support, inconvenient walking, and even fall.

More strength training can effectively prevent osteoporosis and bone and joint degenerative fractures.

  There are two methods to test the leg muscle strength of the middle-aged people aged 40-59 years, which are lifting the legs in a few minutes and vertical strokes.

The former method is more suitable for women. The specific method is to lie flat on the mat, stretch your legs together and straighten, lift your legs straight to the ceiling, make the legs at an angle with your body, and then return to the starting position.

If you can do it more than 37 times in a minute, your leg muscles are very strong. If you can’t do it 15 times, it means you need to strengthen your exercise.

Men’s leg muscle strength can be tested by vertical jump.

The specific method is to first measure the height of the in-situ touch, and then jump hard to touch the high, where the difference represents the explosive force of the lower limbs.

If your touch height is above 56cm, it means that your muscles are explosive. If it is less than 27cm, your lower limb muscles may be aging.

  These tests can also build muscle strength in the legs.

For example, a supine leg can exercise the muscle strength of the waist, abdomen and lower limbs to achieve a shaping effect and also help digestion.

People with well-developed leg muscles are also more likely to suffer from diseases such as bone hyperplasia.

However, the elderly should pay attention to the gentle movements, not sudden force, to prevent strain.

Early summer sun protection must be on the agenda


Early summer sun protection must be on the agenda

If you want to have fair and energetic skin, you need to make full 360 degree sun protection from now on.

Preheating in the sun in spring, first teach you 11 terminology that you must know about sun protection.

These terms are very good guides for you to choose effective sunscreen products.

  Although the hot summer is still a little distant, sun protection is a course that MMs who love beauty should always do seriously.

Especially in spring, if you want to have fair and healthy skin, you need to make full 360 degree sun protection from now on.

Preheating in the sun in spring, first teach you 11 terminology that you must know about sun protection.
These terms are very good guides for you to choose effective sunscreen products.
  ● UVA: stands for long-wave ultraviolet.

If the long-wave ultraviolet light is directly irradiated, the skin’s response is to brown directly rather quickly, without causing erythema inflammation, that is, easy to tan without sunburn.

  ● UVB: stands for medium-wave ultraviolet.

After irradiation with medium-wave ultraviolet rays, skin cells are easily damaged due to the photochemical reaction, resulting in injury, resulting in erythema inflammation and sunburn.

  ● SPF: Abbreviation for SunProtectionFactor, the general translation is “sun protection factor”.

The sun protection factor is measured for UVB.

  ● MED: MED is the abbreviation of MinimalErythemaDose, and the Chinese translation is “Minimum Redness Dosage of the Skin”.

Refers to the dose at which the skin begins to develop reddish after receiving UVB radiation.

This dose varies from person to person.

  ● PA: A standard indicating the protection ability of sunscreens against UVA.

The effects of UVA are usually chronic and long-term. Compared with the purpose and standard of the test, the UVA just happens to be diverse, so there are more signs.

However, at present, the signs that can be seen in China are mainly PA values.

It is mainly divided into three levels: +, ++, +++.

More + signs indicate stronger defense capabilities.

For yellow people, above ++ is a better choice.

  ● SPF measurement: It is to first measure the MED that is deposited before applying the sunscreen product, and compare it with the MED that must be applied with 2 milligrams per square centimeter after use.

That is to say, the compression has been tanned 10 minutes before use, and it takes 150 minutes to tan red after using sunscreen, the MED increased 15 times before and after use.

This multiple is the SPF measured by this sunscreen product.

For example, if the SPF value is 15, it means that the skin will be red after 150 minutes; SPF30 means that the skin will be red after 300 minutes, and so on.

  ● Non-acne: This product does not cause acne. It is suitable for people with oily skin and prone to acne.

  ● Waterproof: It means that the sunscreen can ensure the sunscreen effect within 80 minutes after entering the water.

  ● Waterproof: It means that the sunscreen can ensure the sunscreen effect within 40 minutes after entering the water.

  ● Anti-sweat: Sunscreen products with anti-sweat effect, of course, some products are less waterproof than sunscreen products with water-proof effect.

  ● Hypoallergenic: Low sensitivity products.

Indicates that this sunscreen product is suitable for sensitive skin and children.

  ● Oil-free: A refreshing sunscreen that contains no oil.

As long as you apply the product lightly on the back of your hand or on the tiger’s mouth, if the skin can absorb it quickly, there is no sticky feeling, oily feeling, and it feels fresh and moist, you can basically identify the product as a qualified refreshing sunscreen.

  KPF: Short for KeratinProtectionFactor.

The new beauty term that appeared last year is a sun protection index specifically for hair, divided into 10 levels.

Many hairdressing products on the market are marked with SPF, which refers to the sun protection ability of the scalp layer.

  Tips: Tips for choosing sunscreen products When choosing sunscreen products, it is best to first try it on your wrist. If the skin appears red, swollen, painful, and itchy within 10 minutes, it means that you have an allergic reaction to the product.Products that are a multiple lower than the sun protection index, if you still have allergic reactions, you can only give up this brand of sun protection products.

Note: Excessive fluorine doping increases the chance of fracture

Note: Excessive fluorine doping increases the chance of fracture

Fluoride can prevent dental caries. It exists in many foods, beverages, toothpaste and other products. 46 major cities in the United States are supplying fluorine-containing tap water. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even lists fluorine-containing infections with vaccines and family planning.One of the 10 greatest health achievements of the 20th century.

However, the scientific community’s attitude towards fluorine-containing free radicals is changing. The National Research Council issued a report that in order to protect the health of children and adults, the US Environmental Protection Agency should reduce the level of fluoride in the reduction (currently 4 mm)./Rise).

  ”Global Science” magazine article pointed out that childhood is the key stage for permanent teeth to replace deciduous teeth. If the long-term continuous fluoride content of 4 mg / L of water, the color and shape of the newly-grown permanent teeth will be abnormal and become fluoride spots.Teeth; for adults, the same fluoride content of 4 mg / L affects physical health: the risk of fractures is increased, and even moderate fluorosis may be affected.

Although the content of fluorine in most calories is well below 4 mg / L, we cannot determine how much fluoride people also absorb from food, beverages, toothpaste and other daily items.

US experts have also noted that fluoride can also cause bone cancer, brain and thyroid damage.

Enchanting complex: women look forward to enchanting more because of fantasy and romance

Enchanting complex: women look forward to enchanting more because of fantasy and romance

There are often such plots in film and television dramas: a pair of men who do not know each other, meet by accident when traveling or going out, see each other at first sight, and have close contact.

This has great attraction for both men and women, and some people call this kind of psychology a “brilliant complex”.

  Yanyu complex is very common, some people are looking forward to a beautiful encounter, some people are looking forward to the careless male and female love.

In addition, women are more likely to expect romantic encounters because of their fantasy and romance.

  The reason for this is because there is no doubt that men and women, in the subconscious, want to be intimate contact with the sexy opposite sex.

However, in the process of growth, due to the continuous penetration and influence of social rules and cultural physics, people will gradually suppress these instinctual desires to the depths of their hearts and meet their instinctual needs in accordance with the requirements of realistic social culture.

However, these ideas will jump out from time to time, especially after marriage, people will imagine that there is an opportunity to break through the conventional constraints and achieve a physiological release and satisfaction.

  Of course, a rare encounter is impossible.

Even if they meet, most people will be emotionally restrained by their own culture and stop being polite.

Therefore, occasionally having such an idea is okay.

If you keep thinking like this, you need to adjust your mindset at the right time.

You can try to expand the scope of interaction with the opposite sex, and in a collective activity, reasonable and reasonable interaction with the opposite sex.

This will not only meet your own psychological needs, but also avoid the psychological conflict after “prohibition”.

Be careful with photosensitivity dermatitis in summer travel


Be careful with photosensitivity dermatitis in summer travel

Sunlight brings warmth and life.

It plays a pivotal role in maintaining skin health, but it is also the enemy of premature skin aging.

Photosensitive substances are its accomplices.


hzh {display: none; }  对皮肤有害的光线,主要是中波紫外线.

Its wavelength is about 290?
320 nm.

  It has a lot of energy.

It can penetrate through the skin and cause damage to people. It can easily lead to capillary congestion and make the skin red. It can also damage proteins, damage the skin’s elastic fibers, and make the skin lack of elasticity.

We know that medium-wave ultraviolet rays hit the ground through the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

When the sun is in the oblique direction, the medium-wave ultraviolet rays that hit the ground through the ozone layer of the atmosphere are the most and the strongest.

This time is approximately before 10am and after 5pm.

Trying to avoid this time and sunlight has practical significance for reducing and reducing light damage.

  For most people, completely out of the sun is unlikely.

But it is not difficult to do as little as possible.

However, once it is exposed to light-sensitive substances, even if it is only exposed to sunlight for a short period of time, it may react, or even react strongly, causing local skin swelling, pimples, edema, and even blood blister or skin necrosis.

Very few people are born with photosensitivity, but the light reactions caused by light-sensitive substances are often heard.

In order to protect the skin from photoreactive diseases, it is necessary to know that something can induce a response.

There are countless photosensitive materials, we can only give some common ones.


Common photosensitizers that cause photo-contact dermatitis: ① cosmetics, such as perfume, impure vaseline, etc .; ② dyes, such as Levnuff, beauty blue, eosin, etc .; ③ drugs, such as thiamine, topical antipruritic agents such asBenzocaine, etc .; ④ industrial products, such as asphalt; ⑤ sunscreen agents, such as p-aminobenzoic acid and its lipid compounds; ⑥ soaps-tritiated phenols, such as hexachlorophenol, tribromosalicylic acid, etc .;  Coumarins, such as methoxy psoralen, trimethyl psoralen, pekinin, etc .; fluorescein brightener.


Common drugs for radiation-induced drug eruption: ① sulfa drugs and their derivatives, oral hypoglycemic agents, such as sulfamethoxam, chlorosulfuramide, thimetocarbazone, etc .; ② antibacterials, such as tetracyclines, griseofulvin, naphthalenePhenolic acids, etc .; dimethylamine prescription thiazine drugs, such as chlorpromazine, alternative azines, etc .; ④ diuretics, such as diarrhea, dihydrogen urinary plugs, etc .; ⑤ antihistamines, such as diphenhydramine, chlorpheniramineDeminin, etc .; ⑥ anti-flu drugs, such as chloroquine, etc .; ⑦ tranquilizers, such as limienine; ⑧ salicylates, such as aspirin, sodium salicylate, etc .; oral contraceptives, estrogen, etc.。

Animals and plants that cause photosensitivity dermatitis: animals such as mud snails; plants such as gray cabbage, bayberry, pakchoi, amaranth, radish leaves, rapeseed, mustard, spinach, purslane, lettuce, figs and bamboo shoot parasites.


Chinese herbal medicines that cause photosensitivity dermatitis: nepeta, parsnip, ginseng, solitary living, chalky skin, pupa, psoralea, rue, Maoya and dragon bud grass.

Those with a history of light allergies, those with allergies, and those who are substitutes for outdoor activities in the near future, should be more vigilant and try not to touch, take or consume the above things.

Analysis of the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine


Analysis of the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine

The use of Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years in developing countries and has made great contributions to human health.

In the early days, the use of Chinese medicine was more widespread through the development of science and technology and the improvement and expansion of people’s health awareness.

Many doctors and patients believe that Chinese medicine has no toxic side effects, and in order to obtain better medical and health care effects, a large number of Chinese medicines and their preparations are used, resulting in cases of toxic side effects of Chinese medicine on humans.

This issue must be highly valued in order to have a correct understanding of Chinese medicine.

銆€銆€1 The toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine According to the “Huainanzi路Remediation Training” cloud: “Shen Nong tastes the taste of the grass, the water is bitter. The day is seventy.

This shows that our ancient ancestors realized that many Chinese medicines are toxic.

Generally speaking, the toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine can be divided into narrow and broad aspects.

The so-called narrow sense of toxicity refers to the direct harm of drugs to the human body.

Most toxic Chinese medicines are fierce in nature, and their effects are fierce and poisonous.

Its commonly used treatment volume is small or minimal, and its safety is low.

Such as: ochre, thousand gold, croton, aconite, horse money and so on.

If used improperly or exceeds the amount of treatment, it can cause harm to the human body.

Light ones hurt, and heavy ones die.

Just as in the Sui Dynasty, “The Sources of Diseases, Volume Twenty-six” cloud: “Where the poisonous and poisonous drugs can be disordered, they can kill people.

“The so-called general toxicity has two aspects.”


1 refers to the general name of the drug in the Ming Dynasty “Classes” volume twelve clouds: “Poisoners, the total drug bait relative, who can eliminate the disease, can be called poison.

“The physician’s decree for medical treatment, the poison is used for medicine.

“What we often say today is that the drug is three-pointed. This is what it means.”


2 refers to the drug’s biased drug can treat the disease, it is that it has a specific, different from other drugs bias.

Every time a doctor takes his bias to eliminate the disease and regulate the function of the organs, he can correct the ups and downs of yin and yang.

Adjust the tension of blood and blood, and finally cure the disease and strengthen the body.


These two aspects of drug toxicity are difficult to separate.

In theory, all drugs must be biased and biased to be called medicine.

Of course, the bias of the drug definitely has a dual effect on the human body: it can cure the disease and cause harm.

Such as: jaundice, berberine bitter cold clear vent, you can clear heat and diarrhea treatment of heat disease, but also can damage the stomach, causing cold evil endogenous or spleen and stomach injury.

Dried ginger, cinnamon powder, aconite heat, can dispel cold and warm yang, treatment of yang deficiency and cold, but also can help the fire to help the fire, causing fire evil endogenous or body fluid injury.

Everything is poisonous or toxic.

It includes both the meaning of the word “good and thick” and the meaning of the word “bad and thick”. Many Chinese medicines have a lot of detailed substitutions.

銆€銆€2 The basic factors of the toxicity of traditional Chinese medicines The toxicity of traditional Chinese medicines is viewed from the perspective of modern science and technology, mainly because it contains toxic components, whether the whole is toxic or not, and whether it is appropriate.

The nature of the drug itself is the most important factor.

Mainly can be considered from the following aspects.


1 Varieties and parts Due to historical reasons, the varieties of traditional Chinese medicines are quite confusing, and the sources of some Chinese medicine varieties are different. The composition and content of each variety vary greatly.

For example, Wujiapi has a north-south division, and Nanwujiapi is a Wujiake, which is replaced by a strong heart and is non-toxic. Beiwujiapi (also known as Xiangjiapi) belongs to the family Rosaceae, which contains cardiolipin and is poisonous.

Another example is the root of the bean, the root of the broad bean and the root of the north bean. The root of the broad bean family contains the matrine, and the root of the north bean belongs to the family, and the root of the bean is more than one.It is a traditional Chinese medicine that originates from the same variety. Its toxicity in different parts is also very different. For example, the scorpion is much more toxic than the body.

The whole plant is poisonous, but the fruit is more toxic than the whole grass, and the young leaves are more toxic than the old leaves.


2 The same source of Chinese medicine as the source.

The content of the ingredients varies greatly from place to place, and the toxicity is also very different.

According to the determination, the toxic component of Aconitum produced in southern Sichuan is produced in the toxic component of Aconite in Gansu.

2 times.

Some minerals such as gypsum and talc have a large difference in mineral content.

Clinically, it has been reported that 31 g of raw gypsum was killed, and the cause was found to be caused by excessive sodium content in the gypsum.


3 Collection time and storage conditions The roots and leaves of the plants, flowers and fruits, have certain growth, maturity, such as bitter buckwheat, the highest toxicity in spring collection (the active ingredient has the highest content of glycosides).

Improper collection time of some drugs also affects their toxicity.

Historical records indicate that toxic honey is prolific in the lunar calendar in July.

The reason is that at this time most plants have passed the flowering period, while the poisonous plants are competing for flowering, the bees recovering and not eating, and the nectar of the poisonous plants is brewed.

Therefore, as early as in the Tang Dynasty, the famous doctor Sun Sizhen once told the cloud: “Do not eat raw honey in July, it is violent.


“The toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine caused by improper storage is easy to understand, and the complications such as initiation and mildew are toxic.

In addition, some mineral drugs can undergo redox or decomposition chemical reactions when exposed to light, and the toxicity is greatly enhanced.


4 Influence of processing and processing methods Chinese herbal medicines are processed by processing, and various internal components undergo complex physical and chemical changes. A large number of Chinese medicines are processed and their toxicity is reduced or eliminated.

If the life is too poisonous in the summer, it can cause the person to throat and cause a loss of sound.

But through 115?
Toxicity can be eliminated by heating at 121 掳C or white water.

It is toxic, but after boiling and drying, the toxic protein is almost completely inactivated, and the toxicity is greatly reduced.

of course.

Some Chinese medicines also have increased toxicity due to improper preparation.

If the realgar is poisonous, it will form arsenic after calcination with fire, which will increase the toxicity. Therefore, we should comply with the processing specifications of Chinese medicine.

It should be clear that certain preparations of traditional Chinese medicines have their specific roles and uses, and those who change their dosage forms or methods of administration may also increase the toxicity.

Therefore, it is necessary to use the law and use it to ensure the safe use of Chinese medicine.

銆€銆€3 The use of toxic Chinese medicines caused by the use of methods, human environment and other factors is guided by the traditional Chinese medicine theory, reasonable compatibility, dialectical medication is the root of traditional Chinese medicine.

In the clinical practice of thousands of years, many doctors have created countless traditional Chinese medicines, and the classics and countless experience secrets have made an immortal contribution to human health.

At the same time, our predecessors have also summed up many examples of inappropriate compatibility of traditional Chinese medicines.

Such as the eighteen anti-Chinese medicine, nineteen fear.

Some non-toxic Chinese medicines are toxic due to their combination.

In addition, the expected route, the number of medications, the time of administration, the area of application, etc., are all related to the production of drug toxicity and should be recognized.

Human and environmental factors also have an important impact on the toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine.

People with strong physical fitness have strong tolerance to drugs, and people with weak constitutions are likely to cause toxic damage to drugs.

Of course, the factors of individual differences also have a big impact.

It has been reported that a unit was poisoned by eight people due to ingestion of the fairy. The maximum dose of poisoning is 30 g, the minimum amount is 15 g, and the difference is 1 time.

It can be seen that the human body is a complex, constantly changing organism. This changing physiological or pathological environment directly affects the body’s absorption, distribution, transformation and excretion processes, and of course affects the toxicity and presence of drugs.In addition, age, gender, ethnicity and other factors will affect the use of Chinese medicine.
It should also be pointed out that: precipitation, increased use of pesticides and the growth of industrialization, pollution of organic phosphorus and lead, chromium, impurities and other harmful metals may lead to certain toxicity of the original non-toxic Chinese medicine.

Modern scientific tests have shown that the current toxic pollution of traditional Chinese medicine is very prominent. If long-term use of contaminated traditional Chinese medicine will inevitably lead to accumulation of toxic poisoning, a variety of adverse reactions will occur.

銆€銆€4 Correct and rational use of traditional Chinese medicine, although it has certain toxicity, but the correct use, can effectively treat the disease, but also a good role for people’s preventive health measures.

In use, we can grasp the toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine from the following aspects.


1 toxic is a non-toxic poison to attack, is a common method of traditional Chinese medicine, but the amount is the key to the problem.

For the use of poisonous Chinese medicines, the dosage must be strictly controlled, starting from a small dose, gradually increasing the amount, and stopping the disease.

Can not be blindly served for a long time.

Some Chinese medicines are not toxic, such as rhubarb, cinnamon, ephedra, etc., but if they are used in large doses or mismatched, they can cause certain damage to the human body.

Therefore, the use must be in accordance with the basic theory of Chinese medicine as a guide, and reasonable use.


2 Strictly control the quality to ensure efficient and safe medication, and reorganize the poisoning of Chinese medicine to the human body. It must be taken from the source to strictly control the quality of Chinese herbal medicines and finished medicines.

Eliminate the flow of counterfeit and inferior drugs into the market.

Even from the cultivation, collection, processing, processing and other aspects of traditional Chinese medicine, quality standards and operating standards should be observed.

All proprietary Chinese medicines should be strictly tested in accordance with the Pharmacopoeia, and qualified medicines must be used correctly according to the doctor’s advice.


3 Dialectical use of drugs, rational use of drugs, is a necessary guarantee for attenuation.

The essence of Chinese medicine lies in dialectical treatment.

Whether Chinese medicine is toxic to the human body lies in its rational use.

Every doctor must have an understanding of the drug’s sexual effects, the degree of toxic, non-toxic or toxic, and the method of administration. It must also accurately identify the physique, age, sex, race, and skin of the drug.The situation as a basis for drug use can effectively reduce or prevent the poisoning of Chinese medicine to the human body.

Such as: the body spleen and stomach debilitation, use the bitter cold agent carefully to prevent injury to the spleen and stomach; Suffering from spleen heat and stomach fire, use the heat of the product with caution, so as not to help the heat to help the fire: the sinful slippery can not help but the evil is not exhaustedOr people who feel new evils, should not use the goods alone, in order to prevent the door from staying; the qi deficiency and yin deficiency, should not be used alone or a large number of hot products, in order to prevent further yin, and so on.


4 prevention of allergic allergy is also a response to the toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditionally, there are serious mistakes in thinking that Chinese medicine is safe and not allergic, so allergies of traditional Chinese medicine are often overlooked.

It is necessary to mention that allergies of traditional Chinese medicine occur sometimes. If the patient has clinical symptoms that are not associated with the disease, it should be recognized, and the details should be corrected and corrected in time.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that in recent years, allergic reactions to Chinese medicine injections have occurred repeatedly, and cases of allergic death have occurred from time to time, which has caused us to attach great importance.

Ten physiques of Chinese medicine, see you this?

With different physique conditioning methods!

Ten physiques of Chinese medicine, see you this?

With different physique conditioning methods!

With the rapid development of the society, the people’s living standards continue to improve, and there is more and more understanding of the quality of life and disease prevention, and the health care has become more and more attention!

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, let’s talk about how different constitutions should be healthy!

The TCM constitution is guided by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and studies the various physical characteristics of human beings, the physiological and pathological characteristics of the physical types, the laws of the defense, and the relationship with the disease, thus guiding a discipline of physical fitness, disease prevention and health care, and rehabilitation.

It is an important part of the life sciences that study human life, health and disease.

Understanding and mastering these laws and their relationship with health and disease play an important guiding role in health care and physical and mental health.

So, what are the classifications and characteristics of our TCM constitution?

Discriminating the type of constitution is mainly based on the characteristics of different physical constitutions, such as morphological structure, physiological function, psychological activity and adaptability, and is divided into different physical types.

Common TCM constitutions are mainly divided into peace and physique, qi deficiency constitution, yang deficiency constitution, damp heat constitution, qi stagnation, blood stasis, and special physique 10 kinds.

1, peace and fitness physique refers to the human body yin and yang temperament, the coordination of the five internal organs, the meridian smooth, the body shape is symmetrical, the disease is replaced by the main characteristics of the institutional state.

The reasons for its formation are mostly due to the good endowment and the health care of the day after tomorrow.

The physical features are mostly characterized by a well-balanced body.

It often shows visible complexion, ethnic moisturizing, thick hair, sleep and peace, good appetite, two normal, reddish tongue, thin white fur, veins and god.

2, qi deficiency constitution, it is characterized by qi deficiency, low breath, and low visceral function.

The reasons for its formation are mostly due to the lack of congenital endowment, and the loss of the day after tomorrow. For example, when the parents are weak, premature birth, improper artificial implantation, partial eclipse, or gas loss due to illness, old and weak.

Characteristics: The morphological characteristics of qi deficiency constitution are characterized by muscle weakness.

The main main performance is that the shortness of breath is short, lazy, tired, sweaty, reddish, fat, with scalloped teeth and imperceptible pulse.

Some of them can be seen with yellow, yellow or pale, pale mouth, hair, hair, dizziness, forgetfulness, or sticky notes.

It is recommended that this constitution should be qi and spleen.

Recipe: Shenqi Baizhu Pill, Buzhong Yiqi Decoction.

Formula: raw sun ginseng 12g, astragalus 30g, huangjing 15g, yam 15g, coix seed 30g, jujube 3, sputum 15g, fried atractylodes 12g.

Therapeutic side: steamed chicken soup.

Ginseng 15g, shiitake mushroom 15g, ham 20g, hen 1, seasoning amount.

Stewed together.

3, yang physique yang physique refers to the body’s lack of yang, resulting in a biased body, the body can not be warm and cold, the cold body and other cold phenomenon as the main characteristics of the physical state.

The reasons for the shape are mostly congenital deficiency or loss of support.

Such as when the parents are weak, or the elderly are born prematurely, or old aging.

Characteristics: The body is white and fat, the muscles are soft, and the meat is not strong.

Often expressed as: chills, cold hands and feet, hot diet, dark complexion, pale lips, easy to fall, easy to sweat, thin stools, long urine.

Psychological characteristics are more calm and introverted.

It is recommended that this constitution should be warmed to kidney (spleen) yang.

Recipe: Shenqi Baizhu San, Sishen Pill.

Formula: psoralen 10g, Eucommia 10g, Dodder 15g, Morinda 10g, Fried Atractylodes 12g Cinnamon 6g.

Therapeutic side: Angelica mutton soup, mutton 500g, angelica 15g, ginger 20g, add 500ml water, soup.

Warming the blood, the pain of cold.

4, blood deficiency constitution blood deficiency constitution refers to the body due to lack of blood or blood support function, resulting in physical bias, with blood deficiency can not support the body as the main feature of the institutional state.

Characteristics: The body is thin and the muscles are soft.His face is white, his lips are pale, his claws are pale, his eyes are dizzy, his limbs are numb, his tongue is pale, his veins are weak, his women have less menstrual flow, delays, and even amenorrhea.

Most of the psychological characteristics are introverted and calm.

It is recommended that this constitution should nourish Yin and blood, prescription: Guipi Decoction, Shiquan Dabu Tang.

Formula: Angelica 15g, Astragalus 30g, Ejiao 10g, Longan meat 15g, raw land 15g, Hawthorn 15g and other therapeutic side: Longan meat 15g, jujube 5, black sesame 10g honey amount, porridge, add Ejiao 5g melt.

5, yin deficiency yin deficiency physique refers to the body due to ejaculation or liquid breakthrough, resulting in physical bias, with less loss of Jin, yin deficiency, etc., the performance is lost in nourishment as the main feature of the physical state.

Characteristics: The physical features are mostly elongated and long.

Mainly manifested in the hands and feet heart heat, easy to dry throat, thirst like cold drinks, dry stool, red tongue, less Tsui, less moss, or flushing, both eyes dry.

Most of the psychological characteristics are irritable, extroverted and lively.

It is recommended that this constitution should nourish the liver and kidney.

Recipe: Zhibai Dihuang Pills, Liuwei Dihuang Pills.

Formula: Rehmannia Rehmannia 15g, Hawthorn 10g, Ophiopogon 15g, Radix Salvia 15g, Yam 30g, Raw Ground 15g, Zhimu 10g, Danpi 15g.

Therapeutic side: Tremella fuciformis, white fungus 50g, pear 2, rock sugar 200g, white fungus soaked, pear cut into pieces, add water 2000ml, simmer open, add rock sugar Serve.

6, phlegm and dampness physique refers to the physical state of the human body due to phlegm and dampness, which leads to physical bias, with the characteristics of body fatness, viscous turbidity and other phlegm.

Characteristics and performance: The physical features are more common in the body, and the abdomen is plump and soft.

The main performances are: sweaty and sticky, chest tightness and sputum, like eating fat, greasy tongue coating, pulse slippery.

The mouth is sticky or sweet.

Psychological characteristics: gentle personality, steady and courteous, open-minded, good at patience.

It is recommended that this constitution should be spleen and dampness.

Recipe: Shenqi Baizhu San, Cangfu guide soup.

Formula: Atractylodes 10g, Atractylodes 10g, 鑼嫇15g, Alisma 15g, Coix seed 30g, lentils 10g.

Therapeutic side: 100 grams of red beans, 4 red dates, 10 grams of dried tangerine peel, a squid, add 2500ml of soup, add the right amount of salt.

7, damp heat body damp heat constitution refers to the human body due to the heat and moisture in the body caused by the body bias, with the surface oil and light, yellow greasy moss and other wet heat performance as the main characteristics of the physical state.

Performance and characteristics: physical features often appear to be fat.

Common flat surface oily, easy to produce acne, tongue reddish yellow greasy, easy to mouth dry mouth, heavy and sleepy.

Men easily scrotal cysts, women are easy to bring a lot of more, more pulse see slip.

Psychological characteristics: character is irritable and irritable.

It is recommended that this constitution should be clear and hot.

Recipe: Longdan Xiegan Decoction.

Formula: gentian 10g, capillaris 15g, atractylodes 10g, Alisma 15g, raw land 15g, psyllium 15g, astragalus 10g.

Therapeutic side: the amount of mung bean, the amount of coix seed, add sugar to serve.

8, qi stagnation qi physique refers to the body due to poor mood or poor air movement caused by physical bias, the emotional depression caused by qi stagnation caused by the fragile, sensitive and suspicious performance as the main characteristics of the physical state.

Performance and characteristics: The physical features often appear as melancholy and melancholy.

Common chest fullness, or pain, more with good interest, foreign body sensation between the throat.

Breast pain, pale red tongue and thin white, thin veins.

Psychological characteristics: mostly introverted distortion, fragile and fragile, sensitive and suspicious.

It is recommended that this constitution should be relieved of liver and depression.

Recipe: Xiaoyao San, Chaihu Shugan San.

Formula: Bupleurum 12g, Angelica 15g, Green Skin 10g, Bergamot 15g, Sauteed with 10g, etc.

Therapeutic side: Erhua Liqi tea, rose 10g, rose 10g, black tea 3g, boiled tea.

9, blood stasis, blood stasis physique refers to the human body due to poor blood supply or the body’s blood to replace the dissipated to cause physical bias, with poor blood, dark purple and other blood stasis as the main characteristics of the physical state.Performance and characteristics: Physical characteristics often appear as thin people.

Common facial dull, dark skin or pigmentation, prone to freckle, prone to pain, dark purple lips, pale tongue with spots, thin white fur, pulse.

Psychological characteristics: mostly depressed, unhappy and prone, impatient and forgetful.

It is recommended that this constitution should promote blood circulation and phlegm, and the prescription: Xuefu Zhuyu soup, body pain and sputum.

Formula: safflower 10g, angelica 15g, fried peach kernel 10g, red peony 15g, notoginseng 10g, Zeeland 10g Bupleurum 12g.

Therapeutic side: bloody therapeutic tea.

Rose 15g Angelica 6g ginger 3 pieces of jujube 5, blood circulation and relieving pain.

10, special physique is allergic physique, refers to a physical state of the human body due to lack of congenital endowment value or due to changes in the physical function of the body and the external environment, resulting in changes in adaptive capacity.

Often due to allergies, it is manifested as allergy symptoms.

Performance and characteristics: Some of the physical characteristics of this system have no special performance, or have deformities, or have congenital physiological defects.

Or express hereditary congenital familial features.

Psychological characteristics: Different due to different endowments.

The above is the Chinese physique and health knowledge that we talk about. I believe that everyone should have some understanding of their physique and be able to maintain their health according to their own physique!

Finally, I wish you good health and longevity!

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