[How to make chicken feet simple and delicious]_How to make_How to make

[How to make chicken feet simple and delicious]_How to make_How to make

Chicken paw, also called slit claw, has a certain therapeutic effect. Although it has a small amount of meat, it has a chewing head and is popular with many people. It is especially suitable for drinking. As a casual food, it is sometimes made.There are many ways to make chicken feet. To make them delicious and simple, you must first choose fresh chicken feet, and then prepare the right ingredients. Let’s find out how to make chicken feet simple and delicious.

How to make chicken feet Simple and delicious ingredients: chicken feet (phoenix feet), shallots, ginger, garlic, red pepper, star anise, cooking wine, soy sauce, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate.

Method: 1. Wash the chicken feet, add water, boil, and cook in an open pan for 2 minutes; 2. Rinse the cooked chicken feet in cold water and drain the water; 3, raise the oil pan, and heat the oil,Stir-fried onion ginger garlic, red pepper and star anise; 4, stir-fry chicken feet, cook cooking wine and soy sauce, and fry until coloring; 5, add a can of beer, add an appropriate amount of water, just pass, after boiling, Turn to low heat; 6. When the soup is over half, add an appropriate amount of salt, sugar and MSG to taste; 7, the soup is basically dried, just out of the pot.

How to choose chicken feet When buying chicken feet, the skin of the feet must be white and shiny with no residual yellow crusts. The feet must be tight and elastic, with a slightly dry surface or slightly moist and non-sticky hands.

If the color of the chicken feet is dull and the surface is sticky, it means that the chicken feet have been left for too long and should not be purchased.

How to store chicken feet Chicken feet are best made into fresh vegetables. Generally, they can be kept in the refrigerator for 1-2 days without deterioration.

If you need to keep raw chicken feet for a long time, you can wash the chicken feet, apply yellow wine on the surface, wrap them in plastic wrap, and put them in the refrigerator freezer to keep them frozen. After taking them out, you can thaw them naturally.

[Can chestnut skin be eaten]_Recommended diet

[Can chestnut skin be eaten]_Recommended diet

Chestnut is a relatively common food, which can be eaten raw or fried, and can also be replaced. It has a good health care and health care function. When eating chestnut, it is more troublesome to pick the shell.If the peel is not good, it is easy to break the flesh inside. After picking the shell, you will find a layer of red fur inside. Can the chestnut skin be eaten?

Let’s take a look at this.

Chestnut cannabis can be eaten, and eating a small amount will not cause adverse effects, but if you eat too much, it will cause symptoms of dry itching in the throat, so it is generally not recommended to eat, but the shell of the chestnut is relatively hard, the shell isNot edible.

In terms of nutritional benefits, the main value of chestnut lies in the flesh of chestnut, which plays a better role in regulating gastrointestinal and nourishing qi and blood, and it is also more effective in preventing some cardiovascular diseases. It is also effective when eating.It should be noted that, whether it is raw chestnut or cooked chestnut, you cannot eat too much at one time. Too much can easily cause indigestion.

Chestnuts can also make more foods. They can be either fried chestnuts, crispy chestnut cakes, or chestnut ribs, which have good nutrition and health benefits.

Chestnut contains riboflavin and vitamin c and vitamin b2, which has a very good effect on preventing mouth sores, especially for children, which can easily cause the symptoms of mouth sores. Eating some properly has obvious effects.

I just learned that chestnut skin can be eaten?

The skin of chestnut mainly refers to the outer skin and bladder. The bladder is edible, but you can’t eat too much. Eating too much can easily cause sore throat. The outer skin is relatively hard and you can’t eat it.

[Benefits and disadvantages of eating sweet potatoes]_Sweet potatoes_Efficacy_Impact

[Benefits and disadvantages of eating sweet potatoes]_Sweet potatoes_Efficacy_Impact

Sweet potatoes are a kind of coarse grains. Consumption of sweet potatoes can pass through the bowel and laxative effect, and it is also beneficial to our health. Also, eating sweet potatoes can help us lose weight, prevent high blood pressure, and lower blood pressure.Bake thoroughly and cook before eating.

1. Favorable weight loss Only 0 per 100 grams of fresh sweet potatoes.

2 grams of aunt, produces 99 kcal of heat energy, about 1/3 of rice, so it is a good low aunt, low-calorie food, if you use it as a staple food, you can effectively reduce the intake of other foods, it seems to achieve weighteffect.
2. Preventing hypertension is too high. The sweet potato’s effect on inhibiting hypertension is 10 times that of other foods.

So if you have high cholesterol, you can eat two more sweet potatoes.

3. Auxiliary blood glucose control studies have found that patients with type 2 diabetes have improved their insulin sensitivity after taking white sweet potato extract, which helps control blood sugar.

4, reducing the risk of stroke Sweet potato is the absolute “high potassium and low sodium” king.

Studies have found that potassium-rich foods such as sweet potatoes can reduce the risk of stroke by 20%.

5. The auxiliary antihypertensive effect of the sweet potato that assists in lowering blood pressure is mainly attributed to the aforementioned potassium element.

Because potassium and sodium are important elements that affect the level of blood pressure, if the body supplements enough potassium, it will promote the excretion of excess sodium in the blood; eating potassium supplemented food will promote the balance of mineral levels in the body, and eventually start to reach a certain levelAuxiliary antihypertensive effect.

6, the disadvantages of eating roasted sweet potatoes must be steamed and cooked before eating, because the starch particles in sweet potatoes are not destroyed by high temperature, it is difficult to digest.

Diabetic nephropathy recipe imitation

Diabetic nephropathy recipe imitation

Breakfast sample Ⅰ: ① 70 grams of rice porridge, 1 poached egg, 8 grams of cooking oil, pickles instead.

 60 grams of rice porridge, 30 grams of cooked peanuts, seasoned with pickles.

 90 grams of cut noodles, 25 grams of shredded pork, 100 grams of spinach or chicken feathers, 5 grams of cooking oil.

 ④ 200 grams of soy milk, 70 grams of bread or steamed bread, 1/2 egg, 10 grams of flour or ice cream.

 ⑤ 200 grams of milk, 50 grams of flat cakes or buns, 1 stick of fritters.

 Lunch or dinner: ① 105 grams of rice, 40 grams of beef, 150 grams of celery, 100 grams of tomatoes, 1 egg, 16 grams of oil for soup pot, 200 grams of watermelon.

 105 grams of rice, 85 grams of fish, 200 grams of Taikoo dishes, 20 grams of cooking oil, 75 grams of apples.

 105 grams of noodles, 65 grams of chicken, 200 grams of Chinese cabbage, 22 grams of cooking oil, 110 grams of pear.

 ④ vegetable meat buns (105 grams of flour, 50 grams of lean pork, 25 grams of dried tofu, 200 grams of Chinese cabbage, 7 grams of vegetable oil), 80 grams of citrus.

 ⑤ vegetable meat dumplings (150 g of coriander skin, 50 g of lean meat, 25 g of dried tofu, 200 g of green vegetables, 7 g of vegetable oil), 100 g of oranges.

 Recipes Ⅱ Breakfast: (1) 75 grams of rice porridge, 1 poached egg, 6 grams of cooking oil, seasoned with pickles.

 (2) 65 grams of rice porridge, 30 grams of cooked peanuts, seasoned with pickles.

 (3) 95 grams of cut noodles, 30 grams of beef slices, 100 grams of spinach or chicken feathers, 3 grams of cooking oil.

 (4) 200 grams of soy milk, 75 grams of bread or steamed bread, 1/2 egg, 6 grams of dough or ice cream.

(5) 200 grams of milk, 55 grams of buns, and 1 stick of fritters.

Lunch or dinner: (1) 130 grams of rice, 30 grams of shredded beef, 150 grams of celery, 100 grams of tomatoes, 1 soup of eggs, 9 grams of cooking oil, and 20 grams of watermelon.

 (2) 130 grams of rice, 75 grams of fish, 200 grams of Taikoo dishes, 13 grams of cooking oil, 75 grams of apples.

(3) 105 grams of noodles, 55 grams of chicken, 200 grams of Chinese cabbage, 15 grams of cooking oil, and 110 grams of pears.

 (4) Vegetable meat buns (130 grams of flour, 30 grams of lean meat, 30 grams of dried tofu, 200 grams of Chinese cabbage, 5 grams of vegetarian oil), 80 grams of candied orange.

 (5) Vegetable meat wonton (180 g of coriander skin, 30 g of dried tofu, 30 g of lean meat, 200 g of green vegetables, 5 g of vegetable oil), 100 g of oranges.

[Note]① If you do n’t eat fruit, you can convert the 20 grams of starch in the lunch and dinner into 1/2 pure grain snacks and eat them in the afternoon or evening.

Because 100 grams of beef contains 20 grams of protein, slightly 10 grams, as a base when using other foods to convert a lot of convenience.

How to make an affair an emotional new life

How to make an affair an emotional new life

A female writer in Taiwan once had a very incisive quote: An affair, the most fearful of human conflict, and the most likely to cause painful “betrayal” complex, will bring huge psychological trauma that is difficult to heal.

Indeed, betrayal is precisely the transmission of the worst and most difficult to believe that the code of conduct of spiritual beliefs may overwhelm.

The meaning of marriage originally lies in absolute trust and mutual dependence.

A pair of left and right conjoined sisters, each exerting all their strengths, overcoming each other’s deficiencies, coping with life and coping with life-when we set foot on the red carpet of marriage, we mostly think so.

  This exposes us to an undefeated weakness. When an affair comes, many people cannot face the betrayal of “one-piece sisters”, which will cause a series of crazy behaviors.

According to an analysis by a professor of psychology, knowing that when they become a member of the marriage and are abandoned, people often first torture themselves in an attempt to evoke the love of the other party; then they commit suicide to make the other party regret for life, and they ca n’t even suffer in the future., So they took them to Huangquan together.

Only those with a mature personality can more easily emerge from such a huge psychological blow, without causing harm to themselves and not helping.

  Therefore, you must remember to open one eye, as if to give your emotions (emotion blog, emotions say) and life to plant a cowpox to enhance a immunity.

In this way, once “things” happen, they cannot hurt our life beliefs and survival confidence.

Let’s open our eyes like this: Many consultants who encountered the “affair” incident said, “How can I be so unlucky and make me encounter such a thing?”

In fact, the crisis in marriage is not the only unfortunate thing you have encountered alone. It has changed the times. The number of affair incidents has greatly increased compared with the past. It has become a large number of serious family problems that disturb the society.It’s easy to see; When you find that the other party is having an affair, people who are not mentally prepared are likely to be anxious. If you occasionally have some abnormal behaviors, don’t cause them to feel ashamed. This is a normal reaction, just like emotional imbalances need to use crying to vent.

People fight without declaration, find another new love, do not hesitate to annihilate the peace and quiet of the once loved ones, what are we doing to vent our monitoring and anger?


However, we must also pay attention to keeping calm and constantly reminding ourselves how to minimize the disaster so as not to harm others. 人 Carefully evaluate your marriage, can there be any salvation?

If there is still salvation, and you are willing to salvage yourself, then work hard for it.

Don’t hesitate.

This effort will have two benefits. One is the possibility to restore the integrity and affection of one’s family situation, and the other is that when the other party is still determined to leave, he can see the true face of the matter, so that he does not hesitate now and he will not regret it in the future.; If the other party has indeed empathized with love, don’t get caught in the troubles of love and hate, love and hate, bravely give up him, get out of this marriage, and don’t forget that you have countless beautiful tomorrows.

The best way to punish the other party is to make yourself better; accept the reality of failure, and in the mood that you are not willing to let him go, you will only handle things worse, let the other party go further, or vainLooking at the joke proved how justified his departure.

Let us tell ourselves: this marriage has failed, but it does not mean that your life has completely failed; If you feel extremely distressed, go to an expert and consult with a specialized agency. Now there are many marriage and counseling hotlines and clinics in your area.When you talk, your thoughts will clear up quickly.

Believe that having an affair not only brings crisis to the marriage, it may also bring you vitality.

Open your baby’s clenched fist in time

Open your baby’s clenched fist in time

Every baby is born, they will hold their little fists tightly.

Many mothers may not care about this phenomenon, but the pediatrician reminds you to open your baby’s small fist in time.

  The hand is closely related to the baby’s brain development. The movement of the hand can promote the development of the nervous system and play a substitute role in inducing the baby’s psychological development.

  After the fingers are separated, various objects can be manipulated at will, so that the baby can actively learn and engage in various activities, and develop consciousness and specific thinking skills.

  Through hand movements, the baby interacts with the environment, helping the baby to establish the concept of interaction with the environment. This interactive experience is of great significance to the future development of the baby.

  : Little fist, what should mother do in life, the market opens the baby’s clenched fists, which will make him feel relaxed and stretch his fingers; 别 Don’t forget to wash the baby’s little hand when taking a bath.

Gently put the tip of your finger into the palm of your baby’s palm, and gently rotate it back and forth in the palm of your little hand while massaging while washing;Touch it gently and shake it slowly; stroke it gently, open your baby’s fist, and let the little palm touch your mother’s breast and mother’s face; keep talking to your baby.

Sucking the mother’s milk, feeling the warmth of the mother’s skin, the baby is satisfied and comfortable.

Nine behaviors that affect relationships

Nine behaviors that affect relationships

If there is a good thing, do n’t report the items sent in the unit, receive bonuses, etc. You know first, or have already received it, put it there silently, like nothing, never tell everyone, some things can be collectedYes, never help anyone.

After a few times like this, others will naturally have an idea that you are too gangless and lack a common sense and spirit of collaboration.

In the future, if they know in advance, or if they get something first, they may not tell you.

If this continues, the relationship between each other will not be harmonious.

  Knowingly and arguing that my colleague went on a business trip, or went out for a while, at this time someone happened to come to him, or just called to find him, if the colleague did not tell you when he left, but you know, you do not prevent telling them;I do n’t know, you might as well ask someone and then tell them to show your enthusiasm.

You know it clearly, but you call it unknowingly. Once you are known, your relationship will be affected.

Outsiders look for colleagues, no matter what the situation, you must be sincere and enthusiastic. In this way, outsiders will feel that your colleagues have a good relationship even if they have no practical effect.

  Do not tell each other in and out if you have something to go out for a while, or leave for work. Although it is the leader who approves the leave, you’d better talk to colleagues in the office.

Say hello to colleagues even if you go out half an hour temporarily.

In this way, if leaders or acquaintances come to you, you can also let colleagues explain.

If you do n’t want to say anything, there are mysterious things in and out, and sometimes it ‘s just a matter of importance that people ca n’t say, and sometimes you ‘re too lazy to say that it ‘s probably you who are affected.

Informing each other is both the need to work together and the need to connect feelings, and it shows that the two sides have mutual respect and trust.

  There are some private things that can’t be said, but some private things are not bad.

For example, your boyfriend or girlfriend’s work unit, education, age, temperament, etc .; If you are married and have children, there will be topics related to love and children.

By the way, you can talk by the way, it can enhance understanding and deepen the relationship.

If these contents are kept secret, and you never say to others, how can this be considered a colleague?

If you don’t say anything, it usually indicates the depth of the relationship; if you don’t say something, it naturally shows the alienation of interpersonal distance.

You take the initiative to talk to others about personal matters, others will tell you, and sometimes you can help each other.

You don’t say anything and you don’t know anything. How can people trust you?

Trust is based on mutual understanding.

  It is right to refuse to ask colleagues for help if there is something.

Because asking for help always causes trouble for others.

But everything is dialectical, and sometimes asking for help can show your trust in others, rapport, and deepen your feelings.

For example, if your health is not good and your colleague’s lover is a doctor, you don’t know it, but you can find it through a colleague’s introduction. The armor can be diagnosed quickly and the diagnosis can be made more carefully.

If you are unwilling to ask for help, colleagues know that, instead they will feel that you don’t trust others.

If you do not want to ask others, they will be embarrassed to ask you; if you are afraid of trouble, they think you are also afraid of trouble.

Good interpersonal relationship is inevitable to help each other.

Therefore, asking for help is generally possible.

Of course, we must pay attention to proportion and try not to make others embarrassed.

  ”Snacks” that reject colleagues Colleagues bring some snacks such as fruit, sunflower seeds, sugar, etc. to the office and eat them during breaks. Do n’t push them, do n’t just refuse to feel embarrassed.

Sometimes, some of your colleagues have won awards or been awarded professional titles. Everyone is happy. It is normal for him to buy something to treat, so you can actively participate.

You don’t sit cold and don’t say a word, let alone give it to you, but you reject it, showing a look of disdain or rareness.

People give away enthusiastically, but you often refuse, for a long time, people have reasons to say that you are lofty and arrogant, and you find it difficult to get along.

  There are several people in the office who often “bit their ears” with one person. You should try to maintain balance for each individual, and always be in a state of being in constant contact. Therefore, do not be particularly close or alienated to one of them.

In normal times, don’t always whisper with the same person, and don’t always be with one person in and out.

Otherwise, you two may be close, but you may be more alienated.

Some people think you are working in small groups.

If you often “bit your ears” with the same person, and other people come in and don’t say it, then others will inevitably have the idea that you are talking bad things about others.  People who are keen to listen to family affairs can say, don’t dig it if they can’t.

Everyone has their own secret.

Sometimes, people don’t pay attention to the secrets in their hearts. If you do this, you shouldn’t listen to it, and don’t want to ask what it is.

Some people are keen to listen, they want to know everything clearly, and they want to figure it out. This kind of person is to be looked down upon by others.

You like to listen, even if there is no purpose, others will avoid you.

In a sense, it is an immoral behavior to love to listen to people’s private affairs.

  I like to take advantage of the mouth. In the treatment of colleagues, some people always want to take advantage of the mouth.

Some people like to tell other people’s jokes and ask others for their cheapness. Although it is a joke, they will never end with their own losses. Some people like to argue, they have to reason, and they must fight for three points.It ‘s still a daily matter. Whenever you see a flaw in the other party, you just hold on to it, and you must let the other party defeat. Some people also want to contend for the unsolvable problem; some people oftenTake the initiative to attack, they do not say him, he always said first.

Beware of civilians’ 10 longevity killers

Beware of civilians’ 10 longevity killers

Be alert to the daily life of the top 10 longevity killers in the daily life that seem to be very normal and harmless, but may have an impact on health.

The US news media recently published a text summarizing the “10 amazing discoveries that lead to longevity”, reminding people to beware of the “10 long-life killers” for the time being.


Love to eat popcorn The latest research released by the US media found that the paste of popcorn comes from the chemical diacetyl.

Eating popcorn regularly can cause excessive intake of this substance, increase the risk of severe lung disease, and change lifespan.


Macho America reports that studies have found that men who are stubborn and insist on macho (somehow, prominently “outside the male lead, inside the female lead”, etc.) have a 46% lower chance of longevity than relatively easygoing men.

The reason is that the former makes it easier to choose unhealthy lifestyles and therefore the consequences of the danger of premature death.


Breasts that are too big The latest research published in the British media found that women with too big breasts can shorten their lives by 5 years.

The reason is that overweight is more likely to cause joint pain, headaches, plastic surgery, obesity and the risk of diabetes.


A new study released by the American Network of Premature Retirement found that compared with the 65-year-old retired population, the 55-year-old retired population has an 89% increased risk of death within 10 years.

The researchers analyzed two key reasons: significantly reduced physical activity and loss of life goals.


Obvious Dental Health A new study from the University of California, Berkeley found that infrequent cleaning of teeth with dental floss not only increases the risk of dental disease, but also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, which can lead to a 6-year life span.


Taking a sleeping pill A new study published in the British newspaper found that patients who regularly take sleeping pills have an increased risk of premature death than those who do not take sleeping pills.

6 times.


Watching too much TV According to the Guardian, a new study published in the British Medical Journal on sedentary behavior has found that watching TV on the couch repeatedly increases the risk of premature death.

Watching TV for 2 hours a day will result in a long life.

4 years.


According to US media reports, a 6-year sleep study involving 1.1 million patients at the University of California found that people who sleep 8 hours a night are at a higher risk of premature death than those who sleep 6-7 hours a night.


Long-term riding or driving New research in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine supplements found that continuous riding or driving to and from work every day can cause a variety of diseases and health problems, shortening life.

Stress and sedentary caused by long-term driving or driving are most likely to lead to thicker waist circumference, increased blood pressure and increased body mass index.


Eating too much red meat According to the ABC, red meat or processed meat for at least 4 seconds (about 114 grams) per day can increase the risk of premature death by 30%.


5 Xingzizi prescriptions for treatment of acute mastitis with soy juice

5 Xingzizi prescriptions for treatment of acute mastitis with soy juice

Cocklebur, also known as Hu Lizi, cattle lice, freesia, etc., temperature, taste, bitterness, small poisons, enter the lungs, liver meridian, with scattered wind, dampness, analgesia, nasal pass, insecticideEfficacy can be used for complications such as cold headache, rhinorrhea, runny rhinitis, pruritus, and dampness restraint syndrome.

Modern pharmacological studies of cocklebur seeds have shown that cocklebur seeds contain cocklebur compounds and leaves contain cocklebur alcohol, isoxanol, and cocklebur esters.

Xanthium in vitro test has an inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus. Xanthium tincture can enhance the respiratory movement of frogs, and large doses can inhibit breathing.

  There are many clinical effects of cocklebur seeds, but this drug is toxic and used with strict caution: for chronic rhinitis: 160 grams of cocklebur seeds, 16 grams of Xinyi, 1000 ml of sesame oil.

After warming the sesame oil, add the crushed cocklebur and Xinyi, soak it for 24 hours, and then boil it with a gentle fire until it boils to about 800 milliliters, cool, filter, and bottle for later use.

Nose drops three times a day, two drops each time.

  Treatment of diseases: 100 grams of fresh cocklebur, washed and smashed, fry with water for 15 minutes to remove residue, beat eggs 2?
3, cooked, take the liquid medicine with eggs before elimination, can take 2?
5 agents.
  Treatment of acute mastitis: with cocklebur 7?
8 capsules, put in a bowl, pour a bowl of boiled soybean juice, drink soup.

  Treatment of toothache: 6 grams of cocklebur, roasted and shelled, grind into fines, mix well with an egg, not put oil and salt, and cook it.

Take 1 dose daily, and even take 3 doses.

  Treatment of lower extremity ulcers: Cocklebur 60?
120 grams, stir-fried yellow ground powder, add hog suet 120?
180 grams, mashed like mud, wash the sore surface, apply a paste after drying, and apply a bandage.

How does the baby’s spit milk performance need to be treated daily?


How does the baby’s spit milk performance need to be treated daily?

Dear Bao Da, Bao Ma, do you know why you spit milk, what are the specific manifestations of your baby?

How do you care for your baby’s daily spit?

Let’s take a look at the following.

The performance of the baby spitting milk 1, the baby will cry constantly in the newborn, many mothers will always feed the baby immediately, then absorb a lot of air, when the air overflows from the stomach, it will bring the milk out2, the baby’s milk is more redundant, the baby is too much milk when sucking milk, the swallowing action is accelerated, which will re-inhale the air, causing spit milk; if it is artificial formula, the hole in the nipple is too largeIt can also cause the baby to drink too fast; 3, the baby in the feeding process for some reasons to flip the baby, improper feeding posture, put the baby too flat will also lead to spit milk; 4, too many feeding times, or feeding timeLong, this will cause the baby to eat too much will also lead to spit milk; 5, the artificial intervention of the baby in addition to the above reasons caused by spitting milk, will be because the temperature of the blended milk is too high or too low, causing spit milk.

How to care for the baby to spit milk daily, the upper body maintains a raised posture. Once the vomit enters the trachea, it will cause suffocation.

Therefore, when letting the child relax, it is best to put a bath towel under the child’s body and keep the upper body raised.

If the child spits milk while lying down, we can put the child’s face to the side.

2, pay more attention to observe the child’s condition when the child is lying, the child’s head should be raised, or simply hold the child upright.

After spitting milk, your child’s face may not be good, but as long as you can recover later, there is no problem.

In addition, depending on the situation, the child can be properly added with some water.

3, the water should be added 30 minutes after the spit milk, the child will spit milk, if you immediately add water to the child, it may cause the spit again.

Therefore, it is best to try to give the child some white water with a spoon a little bit about 30 minutes after the spit.

4, promptly replace the discarded contaminated clothes, the milk mixed with the stomach acid will give off a slightly pungent smell, these smells are bad for the baby, it is easy to continue to cause the baby to vomit, should be timelyClean up and give your baby a clean and comfortable environment.