Wingtech (600745): 2019 10-year performance increased 20 times higher than expected for the third consecutive quarter

Wingtech (600745): 2019 10-year performance increased 20 times higher than expected for the third consecutive quarter
Investment Highlights: Announcement: Estimated net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies for the year 2019 is 12.500 million to 15.0 billion US dollars, an increase of 1,949% to 2,358%; non-recurring profit and loss attributable to shareholders of listed companies is estimated to be 1 billion to 1.2 billion US dollars, 苏州桑拿网 an increase of 2315% to 2,798%. Due to the significant increase in the unit price of products and the value of non-customer-supplied raw materials, Q3 single-quarter revenue reached a record high, with a 87% increase over the years.Benefiting from the continued heavy volume of ODM business customers and orders, the unit price of mobile phone products and the value of non-customer-supplied raw materials increased, and Q3 achieved operating income of 104.4 ‰, an increase of 87 in ten years.09%, an increase of 59.44%, a record single-quarter revenue.Q3 achieved net profit attributable to mother 3.3.4 billion, a 118% increase from the previous quarter, and 79 million in the same period last year. In Q3, the gross profit margin increased, the expense ratio decreased significantly during the period, and operating profit exceeded expectations.Single quarter gross profit margin 7.63%, an annual increase of 1.83pct, a decrease from the previous quarter.66 points.Q3 R & D expense ratio 2.4% and financial expense ratio 0.7%, a decrease of 0% from the previous month.9ppt and 1.5ppts.Expected Q4 peak season effect, the expense ratio will continue to fall. Q3 recognizes investment income1.08,000 yuan, total operating profit3.9.9 billion, it is estimated that the operating profit of investment income increased by 115%. Significant increase in stocking and response to rising demand.As of Q3, the company’s inventory was 44.430,000 yuan, an increase of 173 in ten years.36%, mainly due to the high degree of prosperity of the ODM business. The company has correspondingly increased the procurement and preparation of materials, and it is expected that the incremental increase in income will be gradually realized in the future.Affected by this, the company’s net operating cash flow in the first three quarters11.4.5 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 38.71%, mainly due to the actual purchase of cash replacement, the current net ratio is as high as 2.2. Wingtech’s acquisition of Anshi went smoothly, and Q4 consolidated.AXA Semiconductor is a leading global semiconductor standard device supplier, focusing on the logic, discrete device and MOSFET markets, and has more than 60 years of semiconductor professional experience.In 2017, the company’s shares exceeded 1.3 billion U.S. dollars and its market share accounted for about 13.4%, the global rankings of market segments are among the top three.  Its products are widely used in automotive, industrial and energy, mobile and wearable devices, consumer and computer fields, and are expected to form synergies. Upgrade earnings forecast and maintain overweight rating.Due to the ODM business volume and profit exceeding expectations, and Q4’s consolidation of some of the results of Anshi Semiconductor, Wingtech ‘s net profit exceeded expectations for two consecutive quarters.According to the improvement of mobile phone ODM business and the consolidation of assets, the net profit forecast for the mother of 2019/2020/2021 will be from 7.6/9.2/11.5 million to 15/34/41 million, maintain overweight rating.

[How long the steamed rice lasts best]_How to make_How to make

钂哥背楗笉鏄█濂囦簨锛岀敓娲讳腑姣忓ぉ閮借鍋氱殑浜嬶紝璇寸畝鍗曞畠鍙堜笉绠€鍗曪紝钂哥背楗鏄擄紝钂稿嚭濂藉悆鐨勭背楗氨鏄棬鎶€鏈椿浜嗭紝涓嶄粎瑕佹妸鎻$伀鍊欍€佹椂闂达紝杩樿鐪嬫按鏀剧殑澶氭垨灏戯紝涓€涓嶅皬蹇冭繖绫抽キ灏辨悶鐮镐簡锛岃涔堝共銆佽涔堟按鏀惧お澶氾紝鍚冮キ鐨勬椂鍊What do you mean?1. 鏈€浣虫椂闂达細 寤鸿15~20鍒嗛挓锛岀叜楗殑鏃跺€欑◢绋嶅姞涓€鐐归绫崇殑璇濆懗閬撲細鏇村ソ銆傝嚦浜庣敤姘撮噺灏辨槸鎶婃墜鎸囦几鍏ワ紝鎰熻绫崇殑娣卞害鍜屾按宸笉澶氬氨琛岋紱鎴栬€呭皢鏁村彧鎵嬫寜涓嬪幓锛屾墜涓嶄細琚按鍏ㄩ儴瑕嗙洊灏卞彲浠ャ€傝捀绫抽キ鐨勫伐鍏风幇鍦ㄤ篃宸茬粡寰堝浜嗭紝鏈夌鮑 擜 咜 鐢 関 钌 钌 広 纴 纴 溑 浜 浜 揜 揢 撢 関 キ 镦 诧 溴 杩 樻 湁 镄 勪 勪 汉 鐢 愩 揮 嬮 欨 氨 鰰 氃 氃 氃 氕 氕 氂佸緢灏戠殑鏃堕棿浜嗭紝閭d箞楂樺帇閿呰捀绫抽キ澶氶暱鏃堕棿鍛紵涓€鑸剸8鍒嗛挓銆傛按鐨勯珮搴︼細绫崇殑楂樺害 =1锛?.2锛屽ぇ绫充笅閿呭悗锛屽姞鐨勬按瑕佹瘮澶х背楂樺嚭涓€鎸囧涓€鐐逛负瀹溿€傚垰寮€濮嬬伀瑕佸ぇ涓€鐐癸紝鍥犱负瑕佹妸楂樺帇閿呭唴鐨勬按鐑у紑锛岀瓑涓€涓嬬伀瑕佸叧灏忎竴鐐癸紝鏃堕棿涔熷樊涓嶅涓冨叓鍒嗛Weaknesses and weaknesses 2. The rules and regulations are very rugged, and they are very popular. They are very useful for you to read and write, and you will be able to read them, and you will be able to read them in the same way.デ cre 樼 靄 鍣  紒 鍙  镇 ㄨ Ranyu Umbrella 锲 涘 ぇ cre 杼 杼 杼 竴 瀹 簹 紃 氲 氲 雎 對 氃 氃 氃 氃 尃 氃 尃 氃戜滑鐢ㄤ竴涓鍣ㄩ噺鍑虹背鐨勯噺銆傛帴涓嬫潵绗竴澶х绫嶁€斺€旀礂绫筹細娲楃背涓€瀹氫笉瑕佽秴杩?唴 庡 悡 傛 炒 炒 哰 哰 傰 傆 3 娆 “悗』 Are you read it back and down, and it ‘s getting thinner, and you ‘re going to squeeze it, and you ‘re going to get rid of it.氬噺灏戙€傝浣忔礂绫充笉瑕佽秴杩?娆°€?绗簩澶х绫嶁€斺€旀场绫筹細鍏堟妸绫冲湪鍐锋按閲屾蹈娉?涓皬鏃躲€傝繖鏍峰彲浠ヨ绫崇矑鍏呭垎鐨勫惛鏀舵按鍒嗐€傝繖鏍疯捀鍑烘潵绫抽キ浼氱矑绮掗ケ婊°€傜涓夊ぇ绉樼睄鈥斺€旂背鍜屾按鐨勬瘮渚嬶細钂哥背楗椂锛岀背鍜屾按鐨勬瘮渚嬪簲璇ユ槸1锛?.2銆傛湁涓€涓壒鍒畝鍗曠殑鏂规硶鏉ユ祴閲忔按鐨勯噺锛岀敤椋熸寚鏀惧叆绫虫按閲岋紝鍙姘磋秴鍑虹背鏈夐鎸囩殑绗竴涓叧鑺傚氨鍙互銆傜鍥涘ぇ绉樼睄鈥斺€斿棣欙細濡傛灉鎮ㄥ閲岀殑绫冲凡缁忔槸闄堢背锛屾病鍏崇郴锛岄檲绫充篃鍙互钂稿嚭鏂扮背鐨勫懗閬撱€傚氨鏄湪缁忚繃鍓嶄笁閬撳伐搴忓悗锛屾垜浠湪閿呴噷鍔犲叆灏戦噺鐨勭簿鐩愭垨鑺辩敓娌癸紝璁颁綇鑺辩敓娌瑰繀椤荤儳鐔熺殑锛岃€屼笖鏄櫨鍑夌殑銆傚彧瑕佸湪閿呴噷鍔犲叆灏戣灏卞彲浠ャ€傜幇鍦紝鍙互鎻掍笂鐢碉紝寮€濮嬭捀銆傝捀濂戒簡锛岀矑绮掓髠 銮 墮 墧 嘃 忛 ケ 婊 ★ Do you want to smoke?. Meat hectometre 钂 钂 ぇ Aya Ink Ink Quan Ke Chán Cheng Quan Ke Chán Cheng arrowheads Ni only the problem Ni only the problem Dug Yue Yang Yi Right-Yumiao Chán Dug Yue Yang Yi Right-Yumao Chán Uu Shang Chaiyu Qu Jing adze Shen瘮濡傛墍阃夋嫨镄勮捀楗伐鍏峰拰钂哥背楗椂鎵€鍔犵殑鏉愭枡绛夛紝鍥犳锛岄€夋嫨涓嶅悓鐨勮捀楗伐鍏峰拰鏍规嵁涓嶅悓鐨勫彛鍛冲湪钂哥背楗椂鏀惧叆鐨勯鏉愮殑涓嶅悓锛岄兘浼氬奖鍝嶅埌钂稿ぇ绫抽キ闇€瑕佽姳璐圭殑鏃堕棿銆?

Heat and Spleen Lotus Root Cuttlefish Pork Soup

Heat and Spleen Lotus Root Cuttlefish Pork Soup

Lotus root rib soup is sweet and nourishing, spleen appetizing, and nutrient-rich, especially for women’s detoxification and beauty, anti-aging and metabolism promotion.

  The lotus root soup is most suitable for seasoning with a few seafood flavors, such as cuttlefish, mussels, and Yaozhu.

  Practice: 1.

Cuttlefish soaked in water for 3 hours after rubbing, until soft, peel off the black and creamy film on the surface, remove bone and slice; 2.

Wash the peanuts and soak them in water for 2 hours; 3.

Wash lotus root, pat it flat, cut into pieces; 4.

The ribs are washed and cut into pieces.

Boil water, add all the ingredients, cook for 20 minutes on Wuhuo, turn to a hot pot for one and a half hours, and season with salt.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and strengthening the spleen, nourishing and nourishing qi, nourishing blood and promoting breast milk, it is a health soup for all ages.

  ● Gourmet Science Academy Cuttlefish nourish female cuttlefish is a kind of seafood, fresh and dry can be added into the soup.

Fresh cuttlefish is also called flower branch. XO sauce pops often appear in Cantonese restaurants, and green flower branches are it.

  Dried cuttlefish, like dried squid and dried octopus, is a good ingredient for soup.

When it comes to these three seafoods, many people will replace them.

  Cuttlefish is also called squid, and squid is also called calamari. They belong to the ten-carpal order. The easiest way to distinguish them is to press the middle of the carcass with your fingers. If there is a hard feeling, it is squid. If it is soft, it is squid.

The octopus is also called octopus. The biggest difference between it and cuttlefish and squid is that it only has eight wrists.

  Cuttlefish contains 13% protein, while trace amounts contain only 0.

7%, it also contains carbohydrates and vitamins A and B vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin and other essential substances in the human body, which can be eaten regularly to nourish seafood, even obese or arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure,For patients with coronary heart disease, it is okay to eat in moderation.

Cuttlefish is an ideal health food for women.

  Li Shizhen called cuttlefish as “blood medicine”, which is a good medicine for treating women’s anemia and blood deficiency and amenorrhea.

A woman’s life must be menstrual, pregnancy, childbirth, breast milk, consumption of cuttlefish are beneficial, have the effect of nourishing blood, passing menstruation, abortion, beneficial birth, hemostasis, lactation.

  Cuttlefish can be fried, braised and soup.

Cuttleballs are also the best food for boiled soup and hot pot.

Strangely, it seems to be better known than squid balls.

  ● After the cuttlefish has soaked in the cuttlefish’s heart, the black film should be torn off, otherwise the soup will smell fishy.

Do n’t take coarse grains

Do n’t take coarse grains

Nutrition experts suggest that coarse grains should also be part of a daily supplement.

Coarse grains have two meanings: they refer to cereals and beans with less fine grinding, and cereals and miscellaneous beans other than white flour, including wheat, oats, corn, barley or red beans, mung beans, etc.

Insufficient “coarse grains” or whole grain foods can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, prevent constipation, moderately reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, and provide satiety for weight control.

But the cereals on the market are mainly refined grains, and whole grains only account for 10?

  Whole grains contain a whole grain-bran, germ and endosperm, but people often think that this is not processed food.

The refined grains became good food because of their good senses and good taste. However, the valuable supplementary fiber, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin B and other nutrients in the grain were removed during processing.You may eat nutritional diseases, so you don’t need to pursue “excellence” for the cereals you eat often.

  The “Guide to Food for Chinese Residents” issued by the Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that you pay attention to the thickness and thickness, and often eat some coarse grains and miscellaneous grains, preferably 50?
100 g.

You can use whole grains instead of some delicate grains, such as adding some flour such as rice, corn, oats, etc. to rice or porridge.

Good taste and good nutrition; or try half of whole wheat flour when making pasta; or choose snacks such as whole wheat crackers or whole grain crisps instead of unhealthy snacks.

Common topics for dad and son

Common topics for dad and son

Although everyone thinks that the son and the mother are closer, they also have to admit that certain topics are more suitable for discussion between “men”.

In order for his son to be physically healthy and grow into a masculine man, it’s time for my dad to make a contribution.

  One, gender consciousness. Some people say that today’s children are precocious. Only when they go to kindergarten do they know to please beautiful girls. Others say no!

A five or six year old boy will be clamoring to take a bath with his mother, which may actually be blamed on his father.

The Chinese have always been very taboo about saying the word “sex”, and now it is open and a bit of a rumor.

However, for a boy, as a same-sex dad, he should help him establish the correct gender consciousness from an early age: do n’t let his family dress him up in a decent manner; tell the baby that he is a boy and should standPee, and do n’t always think that you can take a bath with your mother; tell him that his mother will come out after going to the toilet, and do n’t have to lie in the crack of the door to monitor whether she will slip away . Every child has a period of about one year oldDuring the follow-up period, he will follow his mother as closely as a chicken, even if he goes to the toilet. At this time, the father should come forward to stop the boy ‘s behavior. First, find something else he notices to attract his attention.After the child grows up, he can tell him that “Mom is a girl. Boys can’t go to the bathroom with girls, but you can stand at the door to protect your mother and prevent bad people from coming in.

“In this way, children will feel very strong, and generally will not ask you” Why boys can’t go to the bathroom with girls “This kind of difficult question to fight.

  The most important thing to help your son build gender awareness is to make him know that he is a boy. The second point is to make him realize that boys and girls are inherently different in some places. There is nothing to be curious about.It is correct behavioral guidance and restricts children from watching children’s inappropriate TV series.

  Second, the sense of responsibility has always admired an advertisement for dairy products: the lightning flashed outside the window, the son was a little scared to stay alone in the house, he went to his mother’s room, apparently seeking protection, but also told his mother seriously “Dad said he doesn’tAt home, let me protect you!

“This talent can’t help thinking of how men’s sense of responsibility should be cultivated from an early age.

  The child is young, but dad cannot indulge his waywardness and shirk because of his youth. On the contrary, after helping him realize that he is a boy, the second step for the dads is to cultivate the boy’s sense of responsibility.

  As mentioned earlier, you can use various opportunities to describe the inconvenience of staying with your mother as “Mom doing something in it and not showing it to others. The baby is standing guard outside the door to protect the mother.”?

You can also tell him, “You are a boy. In the future, you are physically destined to be stronger than a girl, so you should protect the girl and be gentle with the girl.”

Just like father protects mother.

“Of course, these words are best not to be spoken in front of his wife, otherwise she may not admit that she is” protected “.

  In addition, you can try to say to your son on the day of returning late or on a business trip, “Dad is coming back tonight. You have to take care of your mother and protect her!”

“This will not only reduce the probability that his wife will be mischievous when he is bringing a child alone, but also prove the child’s heavy mission to the mind of the child, making him feel responsible and proud.

Although your wife refuses to admit that she is protected by you, you must consider the “protection request” that the little man has accepted.

  Cultivating a sense of responsibility also includes making the child responsible for all the consequences of his actions, making him do what he says and so on.

When it comes to the education of children, fathers generally like to use extensive management. This also determines that they can tolerate little setbacks and lessons without harming their children. As long as the subsequent words are in place, it is actually a kind ofVery different from mother’s education.

  Third, bravery may be because of the only children now. Parents are always worried that their children will be harmed in one way or another. This potentially inevitably restricts the children’s freedom of movement. Over time, we find that today ‘s boys are getting more fatThe thicker the guts, the less masculine.

If dads can pay more attention to the cultivation of boys’ bravery, the situation may be much better.

  For example, when you go to somersault, do n’t be as sloppy as your mother, and follow in step by step, and say 10,000 times “Beware!


Dads can take advantage of their responsiveness and strength, and adopt a liberal approach to allow children to play. Believe that most children’s playgrounds are safe and reasonable, and their abilities are alsoIt is impossible to overcome the possibility of happening when dealing with long-distance protection.

Think about it, how enjoyable we were when we were in the children’s playground when we were young. Why wouldn’t there be that thrilling dangerous action in the eyes of adults?

Too much protection will only inhibit the response of human instinct emergency mechanisms.

  Another is not to intimidate the child with the imagination of horror, help him overcome the fear of darkness, and try to encourage the child bravely. These are the things that dads should do.

  Fourth, parents who are away from violent boys are always concerned about one thing. If the child shows enough courage, he will start to worry that he will become violent.

In fact, as long as it is guided correctly, this situation can be completely avoided.

And Dad has a great responsibility in this regard!

Why do you say that?

Because dad is the boy’s first idol in character development, whether he adores you or resists, his son’s personality orientation will be more or less affected by his father when he grows up.

  Therefore, in order to keep his son away from violence, the dad himself must firstly never use violence, and do not inculcate the child with the concept of “control violence with violence.” In this regard, the power of personal training is far greater than word.

Of course, let your child realize that violence is not courageous. You must tell your child ‘s dad not to use violence to fight someone not because of cowardice, but because violence does not really solve the problem, and let the child foresee the serious consequences of using violence.

You can let your child imagine that today, because you were beaten by a child, you must ask Dad to help you pay him back tomorrow. What about the day after tomorrow?

Third, you should tell your child some correct ways to solve the problem.

Boys generally do not like to use “tell the teacher” in a somewhat feminine way, so you can teach your children some “man-to-man ways”, such as staring at each other with eyes, or persuading each other with just wordsWait, to convince the children that only through the use of civilized means can consensus be truly perfect.  Fifth, many people know that a man’s sense of position is inherently raped than a woman, so in order to let your son live up to this natural advantage, so that he won’t get lost from childhood, get lost, and guide his wife when he grows upDon’t go wrong, you need to cultivate his sense of direction from now on.

  When he was very young, you can take him to lie on the grass and watch the stars, and learn his son’s interest in astronomy; when he can walk, you can pretend to get lost and let your baby son take you home;You can teach him to look at maps and get familiar with globes.

Education is fun and education is not wrong at all times. You should take advantage of all available opportunities: when you are cool on the balcony, when you are walking in the park, when you are going to enjoy the mountains and water.Teach his son to distinguish between east and west and north and south. It is not the way to distinguish between “up north, down south, left west, right east”, but by the sun, the stars, the direction of the plants, and the compass and other tools when necessary.
… These things that usually make women “big” must be fun in the eyes of your grandfathers and children, and inadvertently coincide with the true meaning of education.

  Six, isn’t there a classic saying about football, called “football, let women go away!

“Although our national women’s football team has far more faces than the men’s team, most parents are still reluctant to practice their baby girls.

Boys are different. Playing ball is justified and watching the ball is inescapable.

Even if a woman claims that she likes football, most of them are just “pseudo fans”. Once the star she is fascinated with retires, she has no interest in the green field.

But men are different. He regards football as a war and a fight. He likes to study strategy and tactics, appreciates the skills rather than the stars. The aggressive decision in nature determines that men are natural fans, so from the birth of your son,There is a “ball companion”.

  There is no need to worry about your wife being stunned when you watch the ball late at night. You no longer have to worry about grabbing TV remote control. Even a lot of sports newspapers and magazines have increased by 100% because of absorption, and the surroundings are cheap.

Cultivate a small fan, and your family ‘s voting result in this regard will always be fixed at 2: 1, not to mention that it is not difficult, because the son is a male animal, he is a natural fan.


Nude hot yoga style abroad


Nude hot yoga style abroad

Guide: Maybe many people have heard of hot yoga, but naked hot yoga may not be known to everyone.

According to media reports, nude hot yoga has become very popular abroad recently, and in some courses, mixed gender teaching is also common.

Some experts say that nude high-temperature yoga can challenge people’s limits and inspire yoga lovers.

Everyone is not unfamiliar with high-temperature yoga. Would you repeat some yoga moves while you are bathing naked?

If the two methods of “hot yoga” and “naked” are combined, it is a new type of yoga course that has recently become popular abroad-nude hot yoga.

  For those who invented nude high-temperature yoga, the pursuit is a primitive ecology.

But you can call me old-school, because I still can’t stand showing naked people.

Not to mention that if someone doesn’t wear a sports bra, some of the constant shaking will definitely attract my attention.


It’s a bit.

.Too much.

  Obviously, naked hot yoga classes are still very popular for most men.

Now there are studios of this kind of nude yoga in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Salt Lake City in the United States. Some courses are mixed for men and women, but most of them are only male or gay.

Why practice yoga naked?

So-called, this can strengthen the yoga training, explore the limit that the body can bear, arouse the love of the practitioners, and at the same time strengthen the intimate relationship of the people in the yoga team (what intimacy?

(Gender relations are more reliable).

Those who have participated in person say that nude hot yoga is fun and great.

  You may think how embarrassing it is to keep touching the bare body of an adjacent book while doing yoga.

If the opposite happened to be a handsome guy with a hot or naked body.

.My goodness.

.How can I focus my attention on breathing and movement?

In addition, clothing not only protects exclusive rights, but also absorbs sweat and prevents your skin and pads from rubbing.

So obviously, naked yoga is not my dish at all.

But if it was you, would you sign up for such a nude yoga class?

  Message from the editor: Nude high-temperature yoga is popular all over the world. I believe that in the near future, the concept of changing the Chinese will gradually open up. Nude high-temperature yoga will also sweep China.

Abnormal love, degenerate my youth for ten years

Abnormal love, degenerate my youth for ten years

When she lived with him, she didn’t know that he was a married woman. After knowing the truth, she had suffered or even committed suicide, but she still didn’t leave him.

She was a “third party” for ten years and gave birth to a son, but eventually returned the man to his wife.

  Story: Jiayan (pseudonym) Gender: Female Age: 31 Education: Vocational high school Occupation: Individual writing: Chu Tianshi Daily News reporter Bi Yun, correspondent Wang Hanling Jiayan (pseudonym) wears a dark green skirt, with a very quiet temperament; she is very thinThe laughter was hearty.

坐定后,她语速很快地说:“你一定很希奇为什么我这个‘第三者’还可以笑出来吧,其实我为了这个错误,付出了很大的代价,我这几年是在Tears came over.

If I knew he was married, I would never be with him.

“It seems Jiayan is a very talkative woman.

  I was born in Chongqing and gave up my dream of art. Although my family was in the countryside, my parents saw me as the pearl of my palm and my mother was a kindergarten teacher.

At the age of six, the mother was unfortunately seriously ill and exhausted all her savings at home.

  In 1992, I was admitted to the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, but the tuition fee was too high, so I had to give up.

I was very sad. I went to the karaoke room to sing alone, and wanted to vent all the unhappiness in my heart.

The owner of the singing hall is a vocal teacher of the Conservatory. When I was about to leave, he stopped me, said that he would accept me for free as a student, and introduced me to the teacher college to repeat it.

I lived up to the expectations of my teacher and successfully passed the music department of Sichuan Normal University.

But the tuition for the music department was still too expensive, and I had to give up my ideals again.

Later, I became a singer in the karaoke room opened by the teacher.

  One night, when I sang Teresa Teng’s “Cloud River”, I saw a man sitting in the corner. The jeans on his body were dirty and he leaned weakly against the back of the chair.

No waiter is willing to bring him tea, because the waiter can tip the guests for tea, but he looks very downcast, who wants to take care of him?

I gave him a cup of tea after I sang the song, and kindly advised him not to come to such a high-consumption place. He looked at me silently and left without saying a word.

  The next day, I received the first call in my life. He called me. On the phone, I knew his name-Yonghao (pseudonym).

He asked with concern why I worked there.

I don’t know why, I have told all the bitterness of these years to this stranger who has only one side to meet.

  That afternoon, Yong Hao appeared in front of me again, and he asked me to go to him if he was in trouble.

I am very touched.

In the future, he will often call to greet me. When the weather changes, he will definitely call to remind me to focus on keeping warm.

Growing up this way, no one except my parents cares about me so much, and is considerate to me. At a young age, I slowly moved on him.

  First love, I fell in love with a husband and wife. I took Yonghao home. My parents liked him very much.

Yonghao told us: His father died when he was very young, but he was very upset and had a stable job in the city.

  We lived together after the flight.

One day, his fellow countryman accidentally said that Yonghao was married in his hometown, and had two children. I was so excited that I could not drink. I poured a bottle of white wine. After waking up, I found Yonghao staying at the bed.Arguing with him, he didn’t say a word.

I was so angry that I rushed out of the house without even wearing my shoes and jumped to the river without thinking.

Maybe I shouldn’t die, an old fisherman saved me.

  I went back to my parents.

I wanted to break this relationship, who knew that Yonghao repeatedly assured me that he had no relationship with his wife Fangping, and would definitely divorce his wife.

I had to go back with him first.

  Yong Hao and Fang Ping talked for a long time, and finally they decided to divorce, and I waited for them to return at Yong Hao’s grandmother’s house.

However, when they returned, they told me that the marriage was not divorced. Fang Ping took away all the belongings of me and Yonghao, and said to me, “Let ‘s go, I do n’t want this man.

“We were penniless and had to walk back from the village to the city on foot.

  Because of our business, Yonghao resigned.

Yonghao came to Wuhan to do fishing gear business with the help of his fellow villagers.I wanted to take advantage of this separation and completely replace him, and then I hid it. Later, I heard that he came back to find me for seven days and seven nights. I relented and met him again.

He knelt in front of me, crying, and asked me to come to Wuhan with him. I was moved again by him. In October 1995, I came to Wuhan with him.

  Jiayan no longer smiled, and was sad and despicable: “Actually, when I did n’t know he was a married woman, he really loved him. He was very tall, well-organized, and thoughtful to me.

For a girl who is only 21 years old and love is beginning, he is the “Prince of White Horse” in my mind, but this “Prince” has deceived the innocent “Princess”.

“Shameful, embarrassing triangle relationship. After we rented the house, we had no savings. We could only work in a fishing gear shop in his hometown. With the efforts of two people, we saved a little later.

In 1996, we started our own fishing gear business.

Business is good, life seems a little dawning, but Yonghao’s wife, Fang Ping, has found Wuhan. My life suddenly turned cloudy, and even worse, I was pregnant with Yonghao’s child.

  I decided to quit and let the couple do the fishing gear business together.

But no one dared to rent a house to a single pregnant woman in the field, but I had no choice but to return to Yonghao and wait for the child to be born. The three of them lived under the same roof awkwardly.

  In March 1997, I gave birth to a son. The child looks beautiful.

Despite my poor health, I wanted to leave with my child as soon as I finished confinement.

Surprisingly, Fang Ping didn’t agree, so she didn’t let me go.

  I said I couldn’t understand it. Jia Yan smiled bitterly and said, “Maybe it’s because Fang Ping has no culture. She is afraid that if I leave, this fishing gear business will not continue.

Fangping took a sum of money from home to join the store.

She said that as long as Yonghao did not divorce her, she would not care about Yonghao and me.

I think waiting until I teach her to do fishing gear business may be a little compensation for her.

  I taught her for three full years, the business in the store became very popular, and several stores around were forced to close.

Later, the daughters of Yonghao and Fangping also came to Wuhan after graduating from junior high school.

见她们母女俩学得差不多了,我就自己在外开了一个零售店预备和他们一家彻底分开,我对芳萍说:“以前是我做了‘第三者’,现在你们一家人团圆了I return you a complete home. I do n’t want a penny of property over the years. Even if it is my compensation for destroying your family, I hope you do n’t come to me again.

“I left Yonghao with my son, but Yonghao kept coming to me.

In October 2002, I asked him how he wanted to resolve this embarrassing triangular relationship, but he did not expect that he would say, “Just go through it, there is nothing bad, no need to divorce.

“For this man, I was completely desperate.

  I accepted my boyfriend Cheng Jie (pseudonym) introduced by my friend. He is very honest and willing to accept our mother and son.

But my relationship with him soon let Yonghao know, and he threatened me not to deal with Cheng Jie.

Later, Yong Hao took my son away from me and sent him back to his native village in Chongqing to prevent our mother and son from meeting.

  Now I am dreaming about my son. When I have a certain financial ability, I will take over my son. I have to cultivate him well. I did not realize the ideal. I hope my son can achieve it for me.

  Jiayan has always been calm, as if she was talking about other people’s affairs. This calmness surprised me. Has the suffering of life already worn away the last passion in her heart?

Before leaving, Jiayan sighed and said, “I really did not expect that the most precious youth time of my life was spent in this wrong love. The beautiful ideals that I had in the beginning could not be achieved. If I could do it again,我决不会做‘第三者’。Like all women, I long for a secure home.

“Reporter’s note: Improper” third party “listening to Jia Yan, I always have a kind of melancholy in my heart, I don’t understand that such a woman, looks, IQ, and character are not bad. Why did it end like this?

  Think calmly, Jia Yan’s love is bound to be a tragedy.

When she was familiar with Yonghao ten years ago, the tragedy began. Now she left Yonghao, and a long and tedious tragedy finally closed.

The cause of Jiayan’s tragedy is because she fell in love with a married woman, but was unable to become the other party’s legitimate wife. After ten years of affection and youth, she eventually got nothing but the name of a “third party”.

  To enjoy one’s love, but to bear more hate, the identity of the “third party” is really embarrassing, and the feeling of love and hate cannot be avoided.

The problem is that when it is inappropriate to be a “third party,” it is entirely possible for you to choose.

At the beginning, when the tragedy began, Jia Yan found that the people around her were married people and decided to leave. Will her life be brighter now?

If the two of them renamed and rebuilt their families according to law in the name of love, how could there be a deformed family of “three coexistence” in this world?

  Human civilization ultimately chose a monogamous marriage system, which makes sense, because it is the most stable and most in line with human nature.

If you fall in love with the people in the siege, you must choose again as soon as possible, and don’t put yourself in the embarrassing “triangle”.

[test]You play the role in double eleven


[test]You play the role in double eleven

Double eleven never came to the shopping cart full of the grass that was planted before. Summarize the double eleven. You may play the role of the following character. The secret observer is usually diligent and diligent, and there are not many things to look at.Once you are fancy, you must get the double eleven, and you may buy a lot of local tyrants. You are the shopper’s favorite shopper. You don’t have to worry about eating and drinking. If you like it, you can buy it for yourself. It’s hard to buy you.Will live, buy a thing will be considered again and again, generally can endure things double eleven discounts and then shot, will not be wrong to spend a minute and four good people are usually very busy, no sense of shopping and financial management, spending money is alsoIt doesn’t matter, as long as others feel good, it is easy to follow the trend and no matter which role you become, it is in line with the participation of the old Chinese medicine agent, because our discount is enough!

The price is low enough!

“Yuhui Double Eleven activities from November 1st to November 3rd, the old agent offers a 20% discount on the agent’s purchase of the agent’s authorization; each set of[7 + 23]sets a small amount of grain health powder for a new boxAgents offer new registered agents can enjoy a special offer to buy one get one free!

Offer collection method: old agent 1, scan code into the old Chinese medicine service number 2, click on the menu bar below to log in the agent and click the menu below[I]-[in-store mall]new agent scan code into the old Chinese medicine service number after applying for agent successPlease scan the code to contact the small customer service to register to buy one get one free to receive the qualification (not enjoying the old agent 20% discount at the same time) ps: Any questions are welcome to scan the code to small customer service oh?

Eat and drink coups to help you bring a small cold


Eat and drink coups to help you bring a small cold

People know that eating liquid diets that are easy to digest, such as vegetable soup, gruel, egg soup, egg tarts, milk, etc., also know that you should eat more foods that consume vitamin C and vitamin E.

But what people don’t know is that red foods may be carotene, such as tomatoes, apples, grapes, dates, strawberries, etc., which is also very helpful for the recovery of colds.

A cold is a common disease, and no matter how careful we are, we may always run into it.

If you have a small cold, we can improve it through some dietary diets. Of course, we must first understand the condition of diet therapy.

However, it is easy to get a mild cold. We don’t need to see a doctor because it is not very useful for treating colds. It can only slow down the uncomfortable state during illness.

銆€銆€In the early stage of cold: ginger ginger in ginger, ginger and ketone can sweat, drive away the heat accumulated in the body, especially the moisture of ginger, promote blood circulation better, add brown sugar to supplement.

However, ginger soup is only suitable for people with external wind and cold, and people who have a hot cold are not suitable for placement.

Moreover, ginger will promote blood circulation, if there is inflammation, venous bleeding, do not eat.

(Don’t think that the school can’t get it. Everyone has a pot of boiled water. You can put some ginger into it and cook it together!

銆€銆€Some people think that they should eat more fruits during a cold.

Liu Jianhui, a physician at Taiwan’s Tai’an Hospital, said that this depends on individual circumstances.

Eating more fruits can supplement vitamin C, but whether vitamin C can treat or prevent colds is still controversial.

銆€銆€Moreover, most of the juice or fruit is cold, which may cause the bronchi to contract, which makes the cough worse. In addition to fever, it is not suitable for eating during a cold.

Especially fruits with a lot of water, such as watermelons and pears, are cold and cold. If you have cough, runny nose, diarrhea, cold hands and feet, etc., it is easier to make your condition worse.

銆€銆€Eating fruits and vegetables because fruits and vegetables are alkaline foods, it is not conducive to the proliferation of microorganisms such as viruses after eating. Therefore, eating more foods that consume calcium, zinc and vitamins has a certain inhibitory effect on viruses. People know that eating liquid diets that are easy to digest,Such as vegetable soup, gruel, egg soup, egg tarts, milk, etc., also know that you should eat more vitamin C, vitamin E food.

But what people don’t know is that red foods may be carotene, such as tomatoes, apples, grapes, dates, strawberries, etc., which is also very helpful for the recovery of colds.

銆€銆€When choosing different drugs and foods, it is best to ask the doctor to diagnose or judge for yourself that you have a series of cold types: cold and cold, fever, cold, headache, itchy throat, general malaise, stuffy nose, runny nose, cough and vomitingThin white sputum, etc.; wind-heat flu is characterized by heavier fever, head pain, sore throat, thirst, cough, vomiting, etc.; the symptoms of the two types of symptoms are high fever, headache, dizziness, sore limbs, sore throatDry stools, etc.; symptoms of gastrointestinal colds are fever, nausea, headache, tired limbs, etc.

銆€銆€The following is a diet of the cold type: the treatment of cold and cold: should eat more sweating and cold food, such as pepper, onion, ginger, garlic, tofu, fresh ginger and brown sugar water.

Studies have shown that chicken soup can help people drive away the flu, and drinking chicken soup helps to excrete the virus.

Chicken soup contains a variety of amino acids required by the human body to effectively enhance the body’s resistance. Drinking chicken soup during a cold is suitable for people with weak body. However, people who are very strong and excessive should not eat foods such as chicken soup with warming properties.Otherwise, the condition may be aggravated.

銆€銆€Therapeutic treatment of wind-heat cold: It is advisable to eat more hot and hot foods, such as mung beans, radish, cabbage, cabbage root, mint, tea, etc., can be eaten with fresh pear juice and rice porridge.

During the cold, you should try to eat less or not eat high-fat, high-protein and spicy foods. Do not drink alcoholic beverages, otherwise it will easily lead to aggravation.

Pear is a cold-cold food in Chinese medicine. It is suitable for cough, chest pain, and phlegm caused by wind-heat cold.

銆€銆€Two types of diet in the table: the diet should be light and not greasy, not only meet the nutritional needs, but also increase appetite.

Such as eating more millet porridge, bean porridge and so on.

Also ensure the supply of water, you can drink more acidic juice, such as hawthorn juice, kiwi juice, jujube juice, increase appetite.

Sour vinegar, lemon juice, ebony and other sour foods also have obvious appetite for gastrointestinal-type colds: chrysanthemum, longjing tea, mung bean plus brown sugar on behalf of tea.

At the same time, eat more calcium carbonate, zinc and vitamin vegetables, fruits, such as radish, pear, kiwi and various mushrooms, can alleviate the symptoms of colds, should drink more water after a cold, because a sufficient amount of water can reduce the toxins in the blood,Accelerate the excretion of metabolites, thereby reducing the symptoms of colds and shortening the course of the disease.

銆€銆€Cold patients have some kind of taboo called so-called taboos, which refers to dietary contraindications in patients’ illnesses.

As we all know, food is as biased as drugs. For example, Jiangmi is sweet and mellow, sticky and sticky, and the liquor is spicy and hot.

Therefore, there are dietary contraindications, including ways to eat, the quality of food, the interaction between diet, the relationship between diet and physical or disease, and the inappropriateness of diet and medicine.

Dietary taboos in patients’ illnesses focus on the relationship between diet and disease and the inadequacy of diet and medication.

銆€銆€What is the taboo of a cold?

Let’s talk about the right amount of food.

After a cold, the appetite is often diminished, and when there is fever, it is more prominent.

Modern medicine believes that various digestive enzymes are destroyed or have low activity when fever occurs, resulting in patients not wanting to eat.

If it is hard to eat more often, it will often show signs of indigestion such as abdominal distension and fullness, which will increase the burden of digestion, which is not conducive to the concentration of strength of the body to resist external evils. It may delay the recovery of the cold and even aggravate the condition.

Therefore, it is better for cold patients to eat less.銆€銆€How to control the degree of eating less should be reduced by ensuring the body’s energy supply.

This has the quality of the diet.

Patients with colds advocate eating more light, digestible food, some rice porridge, noodles, etc., avoid eating fried, greasy food.

Some people even put forward “fasting therapy”, that is, stop eating after a cold, drink only soup, and sometimes receive unexpected results.

Of course, this method is not suitable for everyone. For patients who are usually physically strong and have a cold, they can try it.

Please don’t forget to have enough energy to keep it, otherwise it will backfire.

銆€銆€Finally, it is important to talk about the cold should avoid the food.

This aspect is related to taking medicine, that is, after taking medicine.

At the same time, we must pay attention to the relationship with the condition.

In the early stage of a cold, if it is the feeling of coldness and coldness, when it is used to dispel cold medicine, it is fast and greasy when it is fasted. If it is a warm evil, it is in the stage of clearing up at the beginning, and it should be eaten cold, once it is evil.Do not go, stay strong, then thirsty, irritability, constipation, at this time, need to help the fruit, you can serve pear juice, orange juice, watermelon, stem rice soup, mung bean soup, etc., avoid eating cold, greasyProduct.
銆€銆€The above is mainly about the principles.

Specifically, during a cold, avoid eating or avoid eating more duck meat, pork, lamb, dog meat, turtle, oysters, vinegar, persimmon and other foods.

Because the cold is a disease of exogenous, treatment should be based on evacuation.

The duck meat is cold, nourishing and honey stagnation, easy to slip the sausage and conge, the pork is fatty, help the wet oysters, move the wind and wet; the mutton warms the heat, prefers warm and warm, and has astringent evilDisadvantages; dog meat is also warm, easy to help heat the fire, it is for the heat syndrome; the turtle is moist and greasy, there is a convergence of evil; 铓? also known as river 铓? nature cold vent, have the power of nourishing yin, eat moreThere are obstacles to the evil evacuation; vinegar, taste acid convergence, easy to stagnate after eating; persimmon nature is cold and stagnation, more food is easy to converge evil.

Therefore, the above food can be a taboo for colds.

Ingestion or eating more often is not conducive to the evacuation of external evils, and sometimes can even aggravate the condition and needs attention.

8 major considerations for summer decoration


8 major considerations for summer decoration

Note 1: The summer decoration safety is higher in summer and summer, the climate is dry, and the materials on the construction site are stacked. From the safety point of view, the materials are placed in a cool place to avoid the internal fire due to the lack of air and the temperature is too high.

Summer materials should also be minimized at the construction site, which can reduce the hidden dangers of accidents. In addition, the electrical appliances and tools should be kept at a distance from the materials during the operation. Try to keep away from the materials when working. It is best to make the working area and material area aReasonable division.

銆€銆€Note 2: Service ventilation, prevent pollution caused by decoration In order to avoid damage in the 鈥渉igh-risk period鈥?of summer decoration pollution, in addition to trying to choose non-toxic and less toxic decorative materials, please do not need to install the home improvement company.Good renovation of the room for ventilation and air purification.

If possible, allow the room to be ventilated as much as possible; if not, use indoor ventilation and an air purifier that reduces harmful gases in the room.

銆€銆€Note 3: moisture-proof, anti-explosive summer purchase of wood products including construction main material large core board, accessories white wood strip, Yin corner line, door edge line, window frame line and skirting board under the wall, etc., need to detect the gap of wood productsrate.

In the building materials market, general wood products franchise stores should have a measuring instrument for the slenderness of wood.

According to national regulations, the volume ratio of standard plates should not exceed 12%.

Experts suggest that when purchasing materials during the rainy season, it is appropriate to choose a dry one. When the material comes into the field, it will be placed for a day or two, so that it is the same as the surrounding humidity, so it is more suitable to use.

銆€銆€In addition, the board should be protected from strong sunlight; if it is wet in rainy days, it should be protected from moisture and deformation when stored.

Do not put the plates and wood in a room exposed to direct sunlight, and the sun-exposed wooden products decorate the paint and glue to accelerate aging.

It is also necessary to prevent the wooden products with excessive rain from causing swelling and deformation, and even mildew, so pay special attention to daily life.

銆€銆€Note 4: Wallpapers, paints should be natural dry paint and wallpaper is a commonly used wall material.

In the spring, because of the air circulation, in order to allow it to dry as quickly as possible, the doors and windows are wide open and ventilated.

Summer is different, because it is dry, so the wallpaper should be soaked in water before being laid, and then brushed.

If you want to open the doors and windows at this time, let the wallpapers that have just been paved blow “wearing the wind”, the wallpaper will shrink and deform due to the rapid loss of water.

銆€銆€Note 5: Remove the musty smell In the home decoration, you will often encounter latex paint because it is slow to dry, and it will be mildewed and odor in hot and humid weather.

The general method of the decoration company is to open the air conditioner to dehumidify and remove the moisture in the air; the furniture cabinet door is not closed and kept ventilated.

After the renovation, there will be problems with various odors that will not be able to go out, affecting people’s health.

The decoration company’s suggestion is to put more green plants after the decoration, or put two or three lemons, oranges and bananas in the room to achieve a quick taste.

銆€銆€Note 6: Rainy days do not paint experts suggest that for wood products, whether it is brush varnish or mixed oil, remember not to brush in the rainy days.

On rainy days, please ask the construction team to do some other work first, or even temporarily stop working for two days, and don’t do paint work on rainy days.

銆€銆€Note 7: Step by step, do not rush to repair the spring air humidity, wall, floor, wooden furniture contains more water.

In the summer, the air gradually becomes dry. At this time, some problems may occur due to seasonal changes, temperature and humidity. For example, the wooden floor shrinks, the gap between the board and the board increases; the wall and the door frame are different materials.The shrinkage rate is different, there is a gap; the wall is cracked. These are the normal phenomena that appear in the conversion conversion.

At this time, the water will continue to volatilize and the wall may continue to crack.

You should wait until the wall moisture and the outside climate are suitable for another repair, so the effect will be better.

銆€銆€Note 8: The heating sheet should be considered inside. Although you will not use heating in the hot summer, you will feel the importance of heating in the gradual living.

And the home renovation project is “non-repeatable”, so you should take into account the replacement of the heating whenever you renovate.

In the current home decoration, replacing the traditional cast iron radiator with a new type of steel tube radiator with good heating effect and beautiful appearance has become a popular trend.

However, you should greet the relevant departments.